This is currently using the most nice ground machine! IROBOT M6 Rubbing Robot Experience Evaluation

Summer is here, and the air conditioner feels hot and sweaty with such weather. The bear children in the family like to step on the floor most, cool and comfortable. There are often biscuits, jams, tomato sauce, etc., and occasionally dripping on the floor. After the bear children’s light feet are stained, they climb into bed and play. That picture really wants to cry! I bought a sweeping cleaner in the house before, and the vacuum was good, but I always felt very ribbon, and I couldn’t clean it deeply.

这是目前使用过最赞的擦地机!iRobot m6擦地机器人体验评测

In many comparisons, I have recently started the IROBOT Brava Jet M6 rubber robot. IROBOT, as the originator of the scanning robot industry, has developed a history of nearly 20 years. How does this M6 rubbing robotic ground have an effect? Hope the detailed evaluation below can make you better understand it!

1. Small square, cleaner cleaning

这是目前使用过最赞的擦地机!iRobot m6擦地机器人体验评测

Different from the common circular sweeping machine, the IROBOT M6 rubbing robot is a square small design with a width of the fuselage (269mm) × (254mm) × height (88.9mm). The refreshing white body, above A circle of golden round cover, the overall appearance is elegant and stylish.

这是目前使用过最赞的擦地机!iRobot m6擦地机器人体验评测

In addition to the machine is square, its rag is also square. Compared with other machine oval mop, the trailer and the front section of the fuselage are wide, the coverage is larger. Clean more thoroughly.

这是目前使用过最赞的擦地机!iRobot m6擦地机器人体验评测

The rag loading is very simple. It can be installed on a light card; after use, the dirty rag can be popped up through the front of the fuselage, which is very convenient.

▲ The square design can better wipe along the corner furniture

The M6 ​​rubbing robot is wiped along the water and the wall spraying on the side. The small body is very flexible. The square can fit the wall more. The water spray range does not exceed the sides of the fuselage.

The charging base of the IROBOT M6 rubbing robot is composed of a base and a detachable drip water disk. It is also convenient to store it when not in use. When it is charged, a pale golden disc was light up, such as when the water tank water is not enough, it will display red, and it is full of technology.

这是目前使用过最赞的擦地机!iRobot m6擦地机器人体验评测

▲ Various icons on the front of the ground robot

这是目前使用过最赞的擦地机!iRobot m6擦地机器人体验评测

▲ Various icons on the back of the ground robot

这是目前使用过最赞的擦地机!iRobot m6擦地机器人体验评测

The introduction of the M6 ​​to the ground of the robot can be seen in the picture, which is delicate and small but very high -tech.

Second, dry wipes and wipes to deal with stubborn dry stains, it has a wonderful effect

这是目前使用过最赞的擦地机!iRobot m6擦地机器人体验评测

As a professional landing machine, its experience is different from the sweeping machine I used before. What is its ability to wipe the ground? Let’s take a look at the three differences between it and other sweeping all -in -one machines.

1. Different water tanks

这是目前使用过最赞的擦地机!iRobot m6擦地机器人体验评测

Its water tank is designed in the metal cover above the machine. This is a removable water tank. The water injection port is at the tail and it can be opened. Its water tank capacity is 450ml large water tank. Compared with a lot of water tanks on the market, there are only 100ml and 200ml of water tanks. Its wet wet covers a lot of wet coverage, especially like our family’s more than 100 square meters. It will not use water for a while.

2. Different towing cloth

▲ Starting on the left: dry rubbing → disposable drying mop → wet trailer → disposable wet mop

Different from other sweeping machines, there is only one trailer. The function of the ground is very limited and monotonous. The M6 ​​rubbing robot packaging box brings a piece of water to dry and wipe, wet water, and two disposable wet wipe cleaning pads.

Put the trailer card into the bottom of the machine. The machine can automatically recognize whether it is installed with dry or wet cleaning pads, and then select the corresponding cleaning mode. This is very intelligent.

3. Different cleaning mode and method

这是目前使用过最赞的擦地机!iRobot m6擦地机器人体验评测

Different cleaning mode:

The M6 ​​rubbing robot has two types of cleaning modes: dry and wet rubbing. The wet rubbing is divided into three preset modes: fine cleaning, deep cleaning and expanding cleaning. It is enough to choose meticulous cleaning like me. If the family feels not very dirty, expand cleaning. There are more oil fumes like kitchen, I set it as a severe cleaning mode.

这是目前使用过最赞的擦地机!iRobot m6擦地机器人体验评测

Different wet rubbing methods:

这是目前使用过最赞的擦地机!iRobot m6擦地机器人体验评测

Other robots that sweep the trailer are wet through water seepage, and the M6 ​​rubbing robot is wet wet through precise water spraying. Witting in the wet wiper mode, the dry rubbing mode will not spray water. Waste the bad wooden floor.

① dry rubbing test:

▲ Biscuits are easily adsorbed away

Dry cleansing pads are used to adsorb dirt and dust with static electricity. You can clearly see that the biscuit crumbs are quickly adsorbed away through the video. It is no worse than the screen, and the dust does not fly everywhere when wiped.

② Wet rubbing test:

▲ Precision water spray water

▲ Soy sauce is wet and wipes super clean

In each wet rubbing mode, the M6 ​​rubbing robot will move forward to determine whether there are obstacles ahead. When they are familiar with the surrounding environment, they will retreat and wipe water at a safe distance. You can see that it is mopped by imitating the kneeling of the ground, so that the wipe is cleaner and wipe again, it is equivalent to dragging three times a piece of ground. It is cleaned for stubborn stains such as soy sauce stains and tomato sauce.

这是目前使用过最赞的擦地机!iRobot m6擦地机器人体验评测

Third, 98%clean efficiency, 99.9%sterilization rate

这是目前使用过最赞的擦地机!iRobot m6擦地机器人体验评测

▲ Maternal and infant certification evaluated by Zhidian Laboratory

There are children like our family, especially worried about various bacteria, basically the family drags at home every day. Now with this M6 rubbing robot, 98%clean efficiency, 99.9%sterilization rate. Let it scrub us every day at home. Children step on the ground barefoot, and then climb the bed and climb the sofa at all.

What makes me most like is that when it wipes the ground, the sound is very small, and it can almost ignore its existence, so that the baby at home will not be awakened by noise.

这是目前使用过最赞的擦地机!iRobot m6擦地机器人体验评测

Fourth, the APP sets the mode, the automatic recharge and other functions are very good

Download an iRobot Home APP, connect to WIFI to set the grounding mode and adjust the water spray volume directly on the phone. It can also be cleaned at the designated place, and the virtual wall can also be set to limit the range of its activity. The M6 ​​rubbing robot will first draw a map at home. You can operate on the app. According to the different floor types and clean needs of the home, the water spraying amount of precise water spray in the wet wipe mode is very humane.

这是目前使用过最赞的擦地机!iRobot m6擦地机器人体验评测

It also has an automatic charging+breakpoint battery life. The power is not automatically returned to charge. After the charging is completed, it will continue to be cleaned again.

这是目前使用过最赞的擦地机!iRobot m6擦地机器人体验评测

If you have an IROBOT I series or S series sweeping robots at home, you can also use it to use it first, then scan and then drag, and clean it in depth. For parents in the workplace, you can relax when you go home at work, reduce the unnecessary housework such as sweeping the floor, and have more time to accompany your children. This M6 rubbing robot is currently a very good ground machine. I hope this article can help you choose.

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