Big red rosewood blessing from the sky to close the ancient rack

In the elegant and solemn Qing Dynasty furniture series, the Bogu frame belongs to the study of the study and the living room. It is very practical and decorated. In modern Chinese home improvement, Bogu frame also occupies the hearts of many Chinese decoration styles. To arrange a Chinese -style home with cultural taste, Bogu frame is definitely indispensable.


If a mahogany Bogu rack is placed at home, it not only adds the quality of the home, but also reflects the taste of the owner. It is not only a kind of internal eaves decoration, but also an indoor furnishing furniture, or stands against the wall, decorates the room, or partitioned space, and acts as a barrier. It can also be furnished with various antiques and embellish the space to beautify the living room.


The Bogu frame partitions are widely used in today’s decoration. There are office partitions, hotel partitions, and restaurant partitions on the public decoration. Family decoration is often used to do door porch partitions, living room partitions, restaurant partitions, bedroom partitions, kitchen partitions, etc. The partition plays a role in distinguishing the space, and can also play a decorative role.


[Product Name] Big Red Sterilizer Blessing from the sky from the sky

[Product Material] Big Red Stanpiries (Jiaozhong Dalba)

[Product specifications] 119 × width 57.5 × desktop height 85 × pass height 204cm

[Product description] This Bogu shelf is fired in the shelf, with a lot of engraving, and it is beautiful. Watching its bright grid design, different sizes, different lengths, the back panel is the moon cave door, supplemented by various types of card flower decoration, sparse and spiritual show, and the four corners are filled with scattered scattered patterns, especially unique. The middle embossed [Fuchen Tianzhang] picture, rolled and stretched lines to knead and advance Ruyi elements, turning into a favorite elf, seeing it danced between the clouds, just in the good words: Fu Flow from the sky. The middle of the three drawers, the drawer is a cabinet, a hard squeeze door, the door is embossed [Berrying on the branches]. The composition is vivid and the carving is fine. The arrangement of this cabinet is changing and orderly, the square is rounded, the reality is reality, the carving is complicated and beautiful, and it is the good system of the Qing -style Bogu frame.


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