The thinnest mechanical watch, the thinnest quartz watch, the thinnest light kinetic watch, ultra -thin are also complex functions

It has the “Guinness World Record” in the ultra -thin watch industry. Of the 35 movements manufactured by the count, 23 were ultra -thin movements, and 12 of them were the movements that broke the world records at that time. In the 1960s, the Earl launched an ultra -thin bracelet movement 9P and became the thinnest movement at that time.


Earl 9P movement, the most movement at the time


Earl watch with the count 9P movement

The Earl ALTIPLANO hollow ultra -thin watch has two world records, the world’s thinnest automatic string hollow watch (5.34 mm) and the world’s most slim automatic string hollow movement (2.40 mm).


Earl 900P was the world’s thinnest robot watch

With its latest ultra -thin 900P, the count once again defended the title of the thinnest robotic watch producer in the world again. The 900P watch in 2014 refreshed the record. It is the thinnest mechanical watch as a whole, with the overall thickness of the watch is only 3.65 mm. The movement has a unique structural design, which is integrated on the case.


The Master Ultra Thin Squelette of Jaeger -LeCoultre was launched in 2016 and refreshed the record of the 3.65mm of the 3.65mm of the Pearl 900P.








Shengying movement is ultra -thin



In 1969, Seiko launched the first quantitative quartz watch in the world, so major manufacturers ignited war in this new field. It was also the county that recorded the holder, and the 1976 Earl 7P movement came out to be the smallest quartz movement at the time.


The quartz crisis and the financial crisis of the same period accelerated the centralized reorganization of the Swiss watch industry. The most important event is the birth of ETA.

In 1976, a project from the Swiss government helped enterprises to achieve employee technology conversion projects allowed workers to produce mechanical movements to be trained in the production of quartz movements. ETA can produce a 3.6 mm thick quartz movement, Flatline, with analog pointer and date display function.

In 1979, ETA and ASSA merged into ETA-AS. At the Baselworld in 1980, ETA-AS launched the thinnest watch Delirium at the time, with a thickness of only 1.98 mm. It was used by Concord at the time. Later, the Delirium II watch produced by the emperor watch was only 1.5 mm thick. The emperor watch has long given high -end jewelry brand foundry precious metal watches.

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In 1981, the final centralized ETA launched the ELEGANCE 210 movement. The thickness of this quartz movement was even less than 1mm, which was stunned. Today, radar and seiko have also launched a quartz movement with a thickness of about a millimeter and a brand new “ink watch” to pay tribute to their predecessors.

The thinnest 2.98mm light motion watch watch in the world

West Rail City Optical Power flagship “Eco-Drive One

In order to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the development and production of the West Rail City Optical Energy Technology R & D and produced by light -powered watch, the optical energy flagship with a thickness of only 1.00mm and a case of only 2.98mm in 2016 -Drive One (only for design specifications, due to the existence of tolerance, the actual specifications may be 0.22mm thicker than the design specifications). The watch has become the thinnest watch watch in the world (according to the survey of February 2017 in the West Railway Time Turbine Corporation). The slim and exquisite design perfectly interprets the essence of the watch as an elegant jewelry, and also shows the leadership of the West Rail City in the field of optical energy watch technology and watch production.

West Rail City launched three ECO-Drive One new watch at the 2017 Basel International Watch and Jewelry Exhibition in Switzerland. The strap and bezel are made of leather and metal ceramics, respectively to reflect the two seemingly contradictory characteristics of “thin” and “solid”. Pink and silver metal ceramics


The gloss is even more beautiful. In order to make the watch more wear-resistant and richer in color, the stainless steel case of the new ECO-Drive One uses the proprietary surface hardening technology of West Rail City-Duratect




The elegant silver Duratect DLC was also adopted for the first time. These two pink bezel silver Duratect DLC (models are AR5024-01E and AR5025-08E) watches, which fully demonstrates the simple and fashionable characteristics of Eco-Drive One.


Among them, the white dial new watch (model is AR5026-05A), which uses pink metal ceramic bezel and dark brown crocodile leather strap, which can be called the classic style of the new watches.

Charging Parallen for 12 months

In order to develop new ECO-Drive One, West Rail City has re-examined the structure of all components of the watch in order to embed all necessary components in a limited space. Eco-Drive One can continue to run for nearly 12 months after full charge.

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