In the fourth round of winter, the cold wave came to the first windbreaker down jacket, and the peak 2.0 down jacket was sold in Jingdong clothing

Recently, Bosideng released the first half of his financial report. According to media reports, since the strategic transformation in 2018, online sales have been one of the key concerns of Bosideng, and the brand down jacket business has increased by 35%year -on -year. Bosideng has systematically constructed the brand, products, channels, and terminals. Based on the existing online channels, this year, and other channels have been added.

As a brand focusing on the development of down jackets for 45 years, Bosideng has continuously innovated in terms of down, fabrics, craftsmanship, and version. Each Posho down jacket has undergone more than 150 craftsmanship. Its high quality and warmth have been recognized by consumers. Essence This year, Jingdong 11.11, Bosideng performed very well, and many explosive products were selling well. Data show that during the pre -sale of Jingdong Clothing 11.11, Bosideng was favored by consumers. 5 minutes before the opening of Jingdong Clothing 11.11, the turnover of the Pozi Deng Long Plug jacket was 10 times more than daily. The British classic trench coat design perfectly combines with the oriental down jacket and has both the “style” and “temperature” Poziden’s first trench coat down jacket 10 minutes before the opening of the door. It has become a new choice for business people. It can be seen that in this winter, Boshuri down jacket has become a hard -cooled hard core equipment for many “fear of cold stars”.

Bosidin’s first windbreaker down jacket

The cold wave this winter continues. On November 29, the Central Meteorological Observatory issued a cold wave of blue warning, which is already the fourth round of this year’s winter that affects my country’s large -scale cold wave weather. Affected by cold air, most parts of my country will usher in 6 to 8 ° C to cool down, and the cooling range of local areas can reach 12 ° C. In the previous three waves of cold waves, the second wave of cold waves on November 4th was fierce and strong, which caused a tide of warm -fitting clothing. The sales of black technology down jackets such as extremely cold down and peak skiing represented by Bosideng were particularly eye -catching. The Poisido down jacket has also become the most popular trendy item for consumers. On November 25, Bosideng released the newly -full of black technology climbing 2.0 down jacket, which was developed by more than a hundred experts including the China Mountaineering Team and the Antarctic Examination Team. , Can resist extremely cold weather at -30 ° C. The fourth round of cold waves came fiercely.

入冬第四轮寒潮来袭 波司登首创风衣羽绒服、登峰2.0羽绒服在京东服饰热销中

Bosidin Peak 2.0 down jacket

The pursuit of quality and continuous innovation, perfectly integrate the sense of fashion and technology, so that Bosideng has won the favor of consumers under the wave of consumption upgrade. Boshibu Peak 2.0 down jacket, Poser’s first windbreaker down jacket, and other Bosideng stars, fashion rookies, light warm series and other high -quality down jackets have gathered in Jingdong clothing, waiting to accompany you to be happy to pass warm winter!

入冬第四轮寒潮来袭 波司登首创风衣羽绒服、登峰2.0羽绒服在京东服饰热销中

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