My mother -in -law always bought a “strange” toy for the baby, saying a quarrel, not talking about hurting the baby, the “heart plan” is critical

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As the saying goes: “October in October, once childbirth.”

For the vast majority of Baoma, the baby from birth to birth does not mean the end. After the birth of the baby, the baby has an endless heart. What makes the mother most tired is that this kind of worry is not only reflected in the baby himself On your body, you must always pay attention to the preparation of his in -laws “fighting wisdom”.

Especially the “conventional relatives” of the elderly often “break” the perfect plan of their scientific parenting in the name of good children: “break”:

The clothes on the roadside stalls, the snacks of the mother and baby shop, the net red toys seen in the live broadcast room

Essence Lin Lin has bought a bunch, and does not consider comfort, safety and practicality at all



Faced with the gifts bought by her mother -in -law “kindness”, Baoma often has suffering:

心 said: The mother -in -law was disappointed, and the quarrel became inevitable.

的 Don’t say: The hidden dangers of children’s growth are hidden in these gifts.

Bao Ma often can only open one eye and close one eye.

My mother -in -law always bought a “strange” toy for the baby, and the daughter -in -law declined to be stunned: Can I still hurt the child?

Some time ago, my friend Xiaojia was in a bad mood. After asking, I learned that the problem appeared on a lot of toys bought by her mother -in -law out of “good”.

It does not consider whether it is suitable for children, and it is purely “IQ Tax”.

Take it last week, and bought a small army drum for the child to the market for the long time to show Xiaojia: “See how beautiful me to buy this drum, the granddaughter must be handsome to wear.”

But in Xiaojia’s view, this little drum is “dangerous”, and there are some sharp convex around, even the frequent drumsticks may hurt the child.

Xiao Jia didn’t say it, and the scene was cold after that. The mother -in -law didn’t speak at the time, but kept holding her face.

Xiaojia saw that there were some sharp convex on the little military drum. I was afraid that when the child was playing, I scratched the skin and told her mother -in -law.

My mother -in -law didn’t speak at the time, but she kept holding her face.

After a while, the mother -in -law gave the child a little drum,

I taught my children to talk to themselves and talk to themselves


: “My granddaughter is smart, and we knock on the face without drumming.” Xiao Jia’s heart is not a taste, and it is not easy to say anything.

Just yesterday, Xiaojia found that her mother -in -law bought a “Xueque car” for her daughter after returning home from get off work. The daughter was sitting happily in the walking car. Xiaojia quickly stop: “Mom, learning walking cars can easily make children get rid of legs. Some experts have banned children from using it.”

The mother -in -law is unwilling to show weakness and recall Xiaojia:

“Blindly, I can still hurt my children? I read that this is to prevent the legs from the legs, and the sales volume is more than 10,000. Can there be so many people to buy it?”

In fact, Xiaojia understands that her mother -in -law buys toys for her child loves children. However, the older generation takes her baby to think stubbornly. She thinks that children can be happy to have fun. Mother -in -law generally scoffs about modern scientific parenting methods.

Coupled with the “natural contradiction” between mother -in -law and mother -in -law, my mother -in -law felt that her daughter -in -law would not let this, and she would not let that, “picking things every day.”

“Good words to persuade each other”


“Strive according to reason”

It’s not suitable for resolving the contradiction between the baby and the baby between mother -in -law,

Bao Ma needs to use some “special” methods for her mother -in -law to accept her parenting concept.

I don’t want my mother -in -law to be “exclusive” during the parenting process.

Mind 1: “Look at the essence through the phenomenon”, interpret the mother -in -law’s “true heart”

There are some obvious and controversial children’s toys, and my mother -in -law will still buy it for the children.

Bao Ma should calm down and analyze what the mother -in -law’s true mind is.

In most cases, my mother -in -law did not rose for a while. As far as the mobility car often bought by the mother -in -law, they also hope that the baby can liberate their hands under the protection of the scooter, so that they can free up more time to busy their work.


After understanding the true heart of her mother -in -law, Xiaojia can take the initiative to tell her mother -in -law

“Talking in the heart”

, First explain that the academic walk can help her mother -in -law bring their baby, and then supplement the learning ride that is not conducive to children’s health. It should be used less.

Feeling that the mother -in -law who was “understood” naturally, she would naturally agree with Xiaojia’s “suggestion”, and this controversial problem can be easily solved.

Mind 2: Grasp the mother -in -law’s psychology, take “refuse first and then refuse”


In fact, some mother -in -law’s frequent psychology for children to buy toys only originated from “petting” for children.

The focus of frequent purchase behaviors is “buying”, not “practicality”.

Baoma can grasp the mother -in -law’s “simply display” psychology and adopt the method of “refusing first and then rejection”.


Essence He first expressed his affirmation of what the mother -in -law bought, praised the mother -in -law’s intentions for the child. After the mother -in -law satisfied her vanity, she forgot the child after using it a few times for her freshness.


At this time, Baoma can put toys that are not suitable for children, so that the mother -in -law is satisfied and protects the child’s health.


Bringing a baby is a very tired work, and the mother -in -law will have dissatisfaction due to tiredness after taking a long time.

Usually, my mother -in -law showed her face in person for face, and after a long backlog, she would care about some small things.

When Baoma saw that her mother -in -law was in a bad mood for a while, she could take her children during the holidays, let her mother -in -law go out to travel to relax, and give money appropriately.

When the mother -in -law is in a good mood, helping to bring the baby will feel a lot more happy.

It is not easy for mother -in -law to get along with each other. Mother Baoming uses more “mental schemes” to be a high -emotional business daughter -in -law.

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