It is said that it is difficult to serve the old car. It is not reliable to buy this C200 for 150,000?

Hello everyone, the editor of the car inspector is here again. Today’s itinerary makes Xiaobian a little excited. Why? Because the boss deliberately arranged a “flight journey” for the editor today. Dear officials should not laugh at Xiaobian. For those old drivers (colleagues) of the company, the editor is still a newcomer, so the first time he was a little excited. However, the “desperate little leopard” is not screaming in the company. On the experience of car repair and testing experience, there may be few people who dare to say that they are more experienced than Xiaobian.


(This was taken by Xiaobian’s adventure. It is too spectacular to overlook the earth from 10,000 meters high. At this time, you can really realize what is small.)


The destination of Xiaobian’s arrival this time is Chengdu, and Chengdu is also the first time I have gone. “The Kingdom of Tianfu” has heard of it, and Xiaobian is also curious about this mysterious fertile soil. If it is not surprising, Xiaobian can take a fake or something after completing the task, and be excited to think about it. At about 11 o’clock in the morning, Xiaobian arrived at Chengdu Shuangliu Airport. The customer was already at the entrance and waited for the editor. The client said that in order to pick up the editor, he also personally opened the new Volkswagen CC of his friends. Touched, happiness came too suddenly. Below, let’s take a look at the condition of this Mercedes -Benz C200 today.

Model: 2011 Mercedes -Benz C200 GCI elegant model

New car guidance price: 348,000

Seller offer: 1680,000

Factory date: November 2011


Show mileage: 82737km

Let’s talk about a question first. The customer originally wanted to see the C180. After arriving at the detection site, the seller said that someone was watching the vehicle. It was 5 minutes earlier than us, so there was no way to wait for others to finish it. But after half an hour, the seller said that the vehicle was bought by others. Customers can only show no fate, and then find this white C200. It is not too late to detect from its paint surface:

For the comprehensive inspection of the appearance of the vehicle, the purpose is to detect where the vehicle has had sheet metal repair and the window glass has been replaced to determine where the vehicle has occurred, and then the severity of the accident is judged according to the test results. After the first inspection of the first lap and the second round of re -inspection, the editor found that except for the big top, the remaining places had different degrees of sheet metal spray paint traces. However, there are not many scratches and traces of the body.

The weather said that it rained. Xiaobian just opened the cabin cover to spread the leaf board and raid the rain. This photo was temporarily captured. In this way, the cabin is quite tidy, and the components are quite regular. Let’s see if there are traces of movement.

The fixed screws of the cover pages have obvious disassembly traces. The fixed screws of the cover and the left front leaf board have traces of paint, indicating that the fixing screws of the cover and the left front leaf board are twisted, and then look down.


(Light problem plus the mobile phone pixel is not good, the editor’s shot is relatively vague, you all look at the officials of the officials)


The production date of the right front headlight and the left front headlight label is in December 2016, so the headlights have been replaced.


The battery power is insufficient, but you do n’t need to replace it. You must charge the battery first, and then observe whether there is no car in the later period. If this is the case, the battery needs to be replaced.


The water content of the brake oil is high and needs to be replaced. The brake oil is absorbed. The water in the air will penetrate from the breathable holes of the brake oil pot, which will cause the brake oil to exceed the standard. The boiling point of the brake oil will be reduced, which will affect the braking effect. In addition, if it is not replaced for a long time, it may corrode the braking system, bringing certain safety hazards to driving, and then look down.

The production date of the front windshield is August 2015, which is obviously replaced. Next, check the interior and the functional buttons inside the car for a test.

The interior is not the original. The red trim is modified by the original owner. Combined with the appearance of the wheel and the brake split pump. It seems that the former car owner still likes to modify it, and then look down.


There are marks of obvious rust of rust of the main driving seat, which can be detected down. However, Xiaobian carefully observed the bottom of the seat and found that the cable beams, the motor and the seat slide rails were not rust and sediment. For the sake of insurance, Xiaobian lifted off the pads, and the nose was close to the carpet and smelled it. There is no odor, and the cigaretteer mouth is not rusty, so it can be determined that this car is not a water -made car. However, Xiaobian also found a small problem, and there was a problem with the gray cylinder head.


The main driver’s door decoration board above can see that there is a slight paint. The picture below is the central armrest box. After opening it, it is found that there are slight wear. Then look down.


The front and rear adjustment keys of the co -pilot seat fail. This needs to be maintained. The editor found that the seat was moved and one card was moved. The editor suspected that the motor was broken. This needs to be replaced by the motor and then look down.


The leather of the left back door is loose, which shows that the packaging process of the later modification is not good. Except for the above problems, the other parts of the interior are normal, each function button can be used normally, and the wear of the seat and steering wheel is within the range of normal kilometers (the mileage 82737km).


The welding joint of the trunk structure is normal, and there is no deformation repair traces. Give a praise.

(Considering safety issues, take pictures during the road test. If you try the photos, please make up for everyone)


During the road test, the heavy rain just stopped, and the stagnant water on the road was very serious, but the editor still found a problem. When starting, the engine had a slight jitter, which was a bit unscrupulous. It is said that the BMW 3 Series is the best control. In fact, the C200 is not bad. Whether it is accelerating the deceleration or cornering, the turning of the car is very stable. And the brake braking of this car is also very spiritual. As long as the brakes are gently stepped, the car will stop immediately. The following is the most important detection link.

This on -shelf point is relatively closed, and the light is not very good. When the car rose, Xiaobian tied his head under the body.

At a glance, the chassis is pretty neat, but it is covered by a large aluminum alloy sheet, so you must remove the engine and gearbox.

The bottom guard is a bit dirty, but no traces of oil traces and antifreeze were found, and it was praised.


The production date of the condenser was in 2010, which is in line with the original state. It is initially excluded that there are no major accidents in the front of the car, and then look down.


The front collision beam is intact, without any deformation and no repairs.


The chassis is slightly supported, and the coverage is lost and damaged.

There are traces of cutting and repairing the exhaust. The editor was carefully observed and found that the former car owner modified the bilateral dual exhaust.

The front brake pads and brake split pumps have been modified. Four tires and wheels have been modified. The wheels are changed to AMG’s exclusive wheels.

According to today’s testing situation, we will make a car condition summary: there is no safety accident in this car. The car paint paint paint is used to varying degrees except the top. Replacement, the water content of the brake oil is high, the front windshield is replaced, the interior has been modified, the main driver’s seat fixing rack is rust, the ash cylinder head has problems, the main driving door decoration plate is slightly painted, the central armrests of the central armrest, the central armrests of the central armrest, the central armrests The box is slightly worn slightly, the front and rear adjustment key of the co -pilot seat fails, the motor needs to be replaced, the left rear door trims of the leather are loose, the engine and gearbox have no leakage oil seepage marks, the front -anti -collision beam is intact, no deformation and no repair marks, and the exhaust is available. The traces of cutting repair, the chassis slightly supports the bottom, the front brake pads and brake split pumps, and the four tires and wheels are modified.


The following is based on the car condition detected today to make a valuation for the vehicle:

Based on the overall car condition, the final valuation made of about 151,000, while the seller’s offer was 168,000. The reason is that the car is the first -hand car, and the number of kilometers is not long, so the use intensity is not large. However, it is good or three -handed car. Although the car has not had any major problems, the minor problems of this car are really dare not compliment, and the car has been modified. The wheels and interior are changed. This will make some buyers unacceptable. In the later period, Xiaobian learned that the car was bought by the car. He bought it later. The customer said that he was not willing to accept except for interior modification. I negotiated with the seller for a long time before they agreed to conduct discounts. In the end, 150,000 transactions. I personally believe that the price of this car is reasonable.

The following is the price of the same model of the used car home for everyone to make a reference:

Most of the online quotes remain between 160,000 and 175,000, but when you go to the store, you will find that there is still a lot of room for preferential space. The premise is that you have to bargain, and the seller will not loosen less than a certain extent.

Well, this is here today’s testing homework. If you also want to test the vehicle you like, please pay attention to the WeChat public account “Checkpiece”, we must provide you with the most professional testing service, thank you! Pay attention to the public account “Checkpiece” more exciting used car content first!


Praise if you like it, spray if you don’t like it. Xiaobian, I have a lot of car repair, less reading, not well written, everyone should be treated. If you are optimistic about the future of the used car industry, or you also want to have a housekeeping ability, then you can follow our public account! You can also learn to learn art!

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