Haier Smart Lock: Not only smart hardware, but also an open solution entrance

Haier Smart Lock: Not only smart hardware, but also an open solution entrance

Haier is mainly provided by smart door locks mainly for family door lock solutions. In my opinion, Haier’s smart door lock is not a separate smart hardware, but the entrance to an open smart home life solution, which truly interprets the nature of “connecting everything” in the Internet of Things era. Innovative cloud technology continues to move forward on the road of pioneering innovation.

The smart door lock in the entire smart home plan is a high -frequency entrance, and it can gradually form an ecosystem. By linking with smart home products, Haier smart door locks can also expand online and offline services to the entire family and communities. , To build a smart door lock ecosystem, including products, cloud security, community services, etc. For example, smart cat eyes, smart cameras, security products, and smart intercom can achieve the docking of the scene, so that it can impress users. It is possible that this lock will become a starting point of a smart family, and it will not involve wiring. It is very convenient for the use and communication of end users. Development brings unlimited imagination space.

Scenes and functions around smart home applications

海尔智能锁:不仅是智能硬件 更是开放性解决方案入口

Haier’s latest iteration is the world’s first IoT door lock with NB-IT technology, namely Haier’s smart door lock · cloud lock is very representative. Based on NB-IoT technology, a wider coverage and a stronger signal receiving rate, the equipment connection rate can reach 100%, which can greatly enrich the access method and bring richer application scenarios. With the help of NB-IoT technology, the access methods of products such as smart door locks are enriched, and all smart life scenarios can be connected to family security, community security, entertainment, and living, which helps smart families and smart communities. The scene of the scene.

It is precisely because of these technologies that make the product achieve interconnection that Haier’s smart door lock · cloud lock is the entrance, which has built a “safe, secure, convenient” smart life scenario for users. For example, when you work or travel in the company or go out, you can check the situation of the home at any time through the intelligent monitoring system. If the smart door lock is opened in an unusual way, and someone invades illegally, the smart security system will notify you as soon as possible At the same time, the video will be preserved so that the police can obtain evidence, as well as remote unlocking, opening cloud records (visible), reminders of forgetting to close. In addition, when the water and electricity in the home can be leaked, the security system can also be automatically alarm through the security system. Not only that, in addition to smart home scenes, Haier U-HOME will also link community properties and create smart community scenes. In the community access control system, you can open the door with your mobile phone. At the same time, you can share the QR code to friends. Friends can also enter the community by scanning the QR code to ensure the safety of the community. It can be said that in the smart security system, the unique application scenarios of smart door locks can not only ensure user home security, but also create a new experience in smart life.

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