The son -in -law can be Eve, how does Noah become a son -in -law? The difference is too big

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First read the first one of the “Talking about the State of Etiquette” (3) -ono Nuwa, Eve and Naia.

This article, you “

Compared with the seven aspects of the son -in -law of the son -in -law and the flood of Noah


I saw the similarity of two records

Your conclusion is: “

The son -in -law created the prototype of Eve, and the son -in -law refining the stone to make up the sky with Noah as the prototype

I am very envious of your knowledge of the knowledge of the group books and the five cars, and I also admire the research methods that you can combine east and western culture to analyze and compare.

Effective and drawing on your ideas and knowledge will definitely make me benefit a lot.

Of course, combined with my own Xiang Yiyu, I also believe that the analysis of east and western cultures must first be based on the characteristics of the east and western culture.

Only by seeing the differences between east and western culture first, and then seeing the same between each other, so that the whole picture and details of the entire east and western culture can be seen comprehensively and specific.

This is in line with the basic thinking of seeing from the part.

First of all, I saw the same east and western culture, and then to find the differences in it, so that the existing thinking of the same thinking will make the study have no sense of direction. I don’t know. I don’t know. Different western culture.

East and western culture are obviously different.

First of all, the sources of Nuwa, Eve, as the source of their names, is the same?

In addition to the obvious fictional figures of the Jade Emperor, Queen Mother, and Guanyin Bodhisattva, our Chinese mythical characters are mythicality of real characters in history.

Their names are pursuing nicknames based on their historical achievements or characteristics.

Ru Ren’s name was named because he invented the “drilling wood”; the nest was named after the invention of “building the nest”.


So, what about the son -in -law?


We analyze the word “girl” of this “son -in -law”, which is “female+呙”, and the “呙” in it is the mistake of “鬲”.

“鬲” is a kind of pottery, which is the prototype of the later bronze tripod.

Bronze Ding is a ceremony to worship the ancestors and the gods. Therefore, “鬲” is also a ritual to worship the ancestors and the gods.

So, “是” is the ceremony of worshiping ancestors and gods?

Through archeological discovery, we know that “鬲” is the last type of Yangshao culture -a typical pottery in the type of Majiayao culture.

Therefore, “是” is a ritual in the Majiayao cultural group to worship their ancestors and gods.

Moreover, the sound of the “frog”, and “frog” is the totem of the Majiayao cultural group.

In this way, we must be sure that “Guan” is the ancestor of the Majiayao cultural group.

A “female” in the “dong” means that the Majiayao cultural ethnic group has entered the parent society, and the “dong” is the ancestor of their matriarchal society.

As for the front of “Grandpa”, a “female” is added, which is “son -in -law”, which shows that the personality characteristics of this “son -in -law” ancestor are somewhat feminine and peaceful, and they are more feminine.

Let’s see Eve and Noah, how did their name come from?

Because Eve and Noah are Western myths, their names cannot be analyzed from the perspective of our Chinese characters. We can only find the source and significance of their names from their Western mythology themselves.

God created Adam, and Adam’s original meaning was man and red earth.

Is this implied that the place where Adam lived was a red land, and Adam was the owner of this red land?


God took a rib from Adam and created Eve.

Is this implies that Adam and Eve are two primitive tribes. Eve is a part of the survival tribe who has taken part of Adam to invade Adam?

Snakes are more cunning than everything.

Under the temptation of the snake, Eve eaten the banned fruit in the garden, and gave Adam to eat it. The eyes of the two of them were bright, and then they knew they were full of body.

They took the leaves of fig trees to make skirts for themselves.

God knew that they had eaten the forbidden fruit, and cursed them, driving them out of Eden, and in the east of the Garden of Eden. the way.

Here, the snake is evil in the eyes of God; however, the evil of the snake is from its wisdom.

Many of our oriental nations use snakes as totems, and because of admiring the wisdom of snakes.

Therefore, whether Eve is seduced by snakes and eaten the forbidden fruit, is it implying that Eve is from the East and a tribe of the Totem in the East?

Also, does Eve’s pronunciation indicates that Eve claims to be Xia, and she is a branch of our Oriental Xia nationality?

God drove Adam and Eve out of the Garden of Eden, and set up Kijiro in the Oriental of Eden, and turned the sword on all sides.

Is this implies that the threat of the Garden of Eden comes from the East, Adam and Eve, which is oppressed by the oriental forces and has to migrate to the West?


The son -in -law is based on Eve as the prototype

“In this judgment, what about the historical truth in east and western myths?

From the historical facts of the Majiayao cultural group with “frog” as a totem, we can imagine that the so -called “son -in -law created” is just the Majiayao cultural group, and hopes to quickly develop the population of their ethnic groups.

They are fantasizing that their ancestors have “divine power” and can help them quickly create many people like “making people”.

Let’s look at Noah again.

Noah is called Nuha in the “Gulan”, and translated Nuhai, with Adam (Adam), Ibrahim (Abraham), Musa (Moses), Er Sa (Jesus), and Mohammed, and called Allah. (Jehovah) Six Masters.

He was the son of Lamai. He gave birth to three sons at the age of 500, one named Flash, one called Han, one named Yaver, and lived 950 years old.

God believes that he is a righteous man and chose his family as the seed of the new generation of humans, so he asked them to build a Ark to let his wife, son, and daughter -in -law enter the Ark.

In addition, it also brings a clean animal seven -male and seven mothers; unclean animals and one mother; the birds in the air are left as seeds and will be breed on the ground in the future.

In Noah’s 600th birthday, the huge water columns were ejected from the ground, and the heavy rain kept day and night, and the full 40 days and nights were reduced.

Animals who breathe lungs on the dry land died, and only the Ark and animals were safe and sound.

From this story analysis, Noah gave birth to a son at the age of 500 and died at the age of 950. Then he was neither human nor God, but a group.

This ethnic group was differentiated into three tribes after 500 years, and after 950, the ethnic group disintegrated and became three new ethnic groups.

A huge flood occurred in the Noah ethnic group in 600 years, which destroyed humans, leaving only three tribes in the Noah ethnic group.

The cause of human destruction is not only floods, but also the retribution of nature that human beings have suffered.

So, when is the floods encountered by the Noah ethnic group?

Is the son -in -law “refining the stone”, is it a prototype of Noah?

We need to know that the Chinese mythical son -in -law’s “refining the stone” occurred in the case of “the Gonggong’s head can’t touch Zhou Shan”.

The “Gonggong’s head does not touch Zhoushan”, and it happened in the case of war in the Gonggong and Zhu Rong, or the war, the emperor, and the Shennong.

So, what kind of people are Gonggong’s and Zhu Rong, 颛顼, Emperor, and Shennong?

Why did Gonggong fight with those people?


The original intention of “co -workers” is actually a slave. He is the descendant of the people.

The Lord is the owner of Pei Ligang culture in the Central Plains region.

In other words, the Cycles and Gonggong are indigenous in the Central Plains.


At 7000 years ago, Pei Li Gang culture was destroyed. Fuxi, the owner of Zhao Baogou culture in the Northeast region, entered the Central Plains and became Zhu Rong’s.

“Zhu Rong” means the ruler and slave owner.

So why Gonggongshi “

Take the wood with water, but fight with Zhu Rong

“Woolen cloth?

He just wants to resist the oppression of Zhu Rong’s and return to his master.

Because Zhu Rong’s is Fuxi, so they all use dragons as totems.

Later, the emperor and emperor were all “dragons’ heir”, so they also fought with the Gong Gong’s.


Only Huangdi is friendly with the Gonggi.

Huangdi’s protector is “Tianzhang”, which is a turtle dragon.

The turtle is the totem of the Gonggong family, and the dragon is the totem of the Yellow Emperor.

It can be seen that Gonggong is the most loyal fan of Huangdi.

So, the son -in -law’s “refining the stone” occur during the war of the Gonggong and whose war?

Of course, it happened during the war between Gonggong and Zhu Rong’s.

Because Zhu Rongshi is Fuxi after the Central Plains, and the son -in -law is a contemporary person with Fuxi, and the opponents of other common Gongshi are different.

We need to know that while the son -in -law is “refining the stone”, it also “


Cut the tadpoles is enough to stand the four poles, kill the black dragon to Jinji, accumulate the ash in order to stop the prostitution water

From her “

Kill Black Dragon to Jinji State

“We know that she helped the Communist Party to defeat Zhu Rong’s.

And her “

Cut the tadpoles to stand up to the four poles

“It is to formulate rules for the world, thus creating the era of Shennong.

So, what does the son -in -law mean? How did she “refine the stone”?

To figure out this issue, we must know that the original “five elements doctrine” is a bit different from our current “five elements doctrine”.

Because there was no metal at that time, of course, the concept of “gold” could not be produced. Therefore, there was no “gold” in the “five elements doctrine” at that time, and the corresponding concept was “stone”.

In other words, it was “

Shishengshui, aquatic wood, wood raw fire, fire raw soil, soil -raw stone;

Why does the Gonggongshi “

This is because of the Fuxi (sacrifice) “

On behalf of the people, the king of the people

“After that, I thought that the people were”

Water virtue

“, They themselves”


“, They replaced the people’s family”

Aquatic wood

“So, they are self -referendum”

King Modh


Muju in the east, Lord Spring

“So, they want”

Note spring order

Dongfeng Taishan

And they are in “

“At the time, I encountered the indigenous people in the Taishan area.”

Taishan Stone Dare to Dang


“, They are with the Turkish Turkish people”

Longma spirit Haihezi

“It was evenly matched for a while and could not win.

At this time, the outbreak of floods was encountered.

Water God

“, The outbreak of the flood is their”

“Help and bless their tribes to defeat”


“Zhu Rong’s.

That’s why they “

Although they “

Be angry

“, They are still”

The head is not touching


Not Zhou Mountain

“, Is Zhu Rong’s Jiangshan.

Because Zhu Rong’s Jiangshan needs their “

Wooden god

“Blessed, and because of the indigenous people of the Taishan area”


“Not going well, their”

“The east is not returned to the top of the top of Mount Tai, so the blessing of their tribes is not enough, which will cause them to wish Rong’s Jiangshan”


“,This is”



The son -in -law “

Refine the stone

“It was because the flood at the time was not good for them and caused a great disaster, so the son -in -law had to be held”


“The ceremony, try to stop”

Stone water

“, To achieve the purpose of stopping flooding.

Nuwa’s “

Jacking reed ash to stop sexual water

“, Also to be held”


“The ceremony, to achieve”

Soil water


“the goal of.

From the perspective of the son -in -law’s active response to the flood, and trying to alleviate the disaster situation, the floods encountered by the son -in -law and the floods encountered by Noah were not an equal order at all.


The floods encountered by Noah were almost the same as the sea soaking when the Liangzhu culture of the Taihu Basin in China in 4300 years.

So, is the son -in -law “refining the stone”, is it based on Noah?

Obviously not.

Due to the problem of length, other problems in the masterpieces, we will not discuss it here, let’s talk slowly after staying.

In short, I have benefited a lot from the masterpieces.

The open thinking needs to communicate with each other to achieve it. We now have a good start.

I wish us a common progress!










Take the wood with water, but fight with Zhu Rong


Take the wood with water, but fight with Zhu Rong

“Woolen cloth?

King Modh


Dongfeng Taishan

Dongfeng Taishan

Taishan Stone Dare to Dang

Water God


Not Zhou Mountain

Wooden god

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