Spring bottoming shirt is matched, it is recommended to learn the picture below like this, the temperament is fashionable and young, the thief is beautiful

Spring flowers bloom, the most happy way is to come to a self -driving tour with friends or loved ones. At this time, you must match a suitable size to make it high and low.


Anyway, you can’t lose your face, so don’t miss such a thin “T -shirt”, not only fashion, you have to face it. T -shirts have always been a magical existence. It is different from the sweet and greasy skirt, the noble and elegant in the small shirt, but it seems to be plain, but it is actually resistant to versatile. Fat women do not have a T -shirts spring. It is a beautiful season. Spring is strong in spring, flowers are blooming everywhere, and the sun is shining.



The bottoming shirt is also fashionable. This is not a self -esteem and self -esteem, trying to point the protagonist’s halo. Although it is only the word of the bottom, it is not only the heaven that it changes, but it may also be the venue. The random transformation of the character is the bottoming shirt that takes off the jacket. Without girlfriends, he can still have a long face. If there is no three -dimensional carving that flipped by lotus leaf,

Even though the body shape is unable to describe the endless charm and enchanting, after all, there is still a lack of poetry and painting. It may only be the heartbeat caused by the straightforwardness, and the lotus leaf pretty play is elegant.

There is a high -value jacket in hand, but she is suffering from a bottoming shirt that is not matched with it. How can I go out? This kind of scene is simply crazy. Good horse needs to be equipped with saddle, flowers need green leaf lining, lacking a suitable bottoming shirt, what is the use of jackets to be beautiful? The two side by side can be invincible. How can the bottom shirt be reduced to a supporting role? It is just wearing it inside. It does not mean that its role can be ignored. Even a seemingly common solid color sweater has unusual beauty, super versatile, so it is practical and compatible with many coats.

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