Is there a good recommendation for men’s spring casual pants?

Today, I want to introduce a fashionable and worry -free match -shirt+T -shirt. Some people may ask: Is there any difference between shirt+T -shirt and single shirt?

The difference is that if you wear a shirt regularly, it is easy to make people look old -fashioned, but if a T -shirt is added, it will be more age -reducing and fashionable, no matter what age stage Men can try, let’s talk about the matching skills ~

1. Primary version


When choosing a shirt, we need to choose a loose style instead of slimming, which will look too formal, not suitable for matching with T -shirts. T -shirts are best to choose round necks or V -neck. Pay attention not to be too low in the neckline, otherwise it will look very stingy.


After selecting the styles, you can match it. Pure -colored shirt+white T is a choice that will never be wrong. Under jeans or suit pants are very OK, the overall refreshing and simple feeling.

A denim shirt with a person with a person is also very suitable for white T. It is also suitable for beige casual pants and leather shoes to give people a feeling of Easy Chic. Essence

Wang Junkai was wearing this vertical striped shirt. The splicing design on the chest was very distinctive. He stuffed the corners of the clothes into jeans and put on a pair of youth invincible canvas shoes to create the image of a big sunny boy in minutes.


2. Advanced version


The printed shirt is a difficult item that is difficult to control. It will be more tacky and old -fashioned when you accidentally wear it, but it will be much better if it is equipped with a pure -colored T -shirt to balance it. It will be OK to put a black jeans. You can wear a printed shirt safely.

In addition to putting on the shirt open, you can also put it up and put it into the trousers. It is not a dream with a long leg of one meter eight.


If you want to dress boldly, you may wish to have a bold printed shirt, a fashionable pattern T -shirt inside to create a full vacation style, with a simple black trousers and small white shoes below. Balanced overall shape, making people look not too much.

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