The advanced jewelry customization of Louis Vuitton (LV) takes you to understand different color gems

As the world’s luxury giant LV, not only has its own jewelry, but also high -end private customization. It is precisely because of the vastness of big -name resources, so it has absolute advantages in design and gem resources.


The two classic logos of Louis Vuitton’s advanced jewelry fusion brand: Monogram flowers and V -shaped patterns. Today we will understand that these high -definition jewelry covers three bright necklaces and more than sixty jewelry full of mystery. It is the essence, and it is even more beautiful.


From the first draft to the inlaid finished product, every detail in the design drawing is fully considered. The main stone is the emperor jade that symbolizes the weight of 37.07 carats to connect between V and diamond flowers. It is more soft and charming, and the harmony of color is naturally natural.

The emperor’s jade is also called the emperor Topa. After listening to this name, it feels unusual. Yes, this main stone is one of the most beautiful and rare gems in the world. It can be found in the mine, and it is also a rare gem in the domestic market.

Its brightness and charm can even be comparable to diamonds. All the color tones in the sun can be found in the emperor’s jade, so it is worthy of this big name. More interesting things are amazing. With the different shades of purple, pink, pink, big horse fish color, peach color, cherry red and yellow, etc.

The texture of the pearl and the tourmaline complement each other. I am afraid that only the big -name jewelry can be cleverly combined, showing the charm of Louis Vuitton. The main stone is a 54.30 carat blue tourmaline. This design is like the decoration of a large commemorative medal, becoming a lucky symbol of the soul.


Blue tourmaline is probably a rare variety in tourmaline. It is known as “Brazilian sapphire” in Brazil. The pure blue tourmaline is really rare. Its blue is bright and bright, which is comparable to the most beautiful sea sapphire or sapphire.

Most of the blue tourmaline produced in nature will be more or less green. At the same time, due to the bilateral properties of tourmaline and strong internal stress structure, only a few gem cutters can fully show the be tourmaline blue side. Once the cutting direction is wrong, not only the color cannot be displayed, but it may also cause gems to suddenly be broken into useless small pieces during the cutting process due to internal tension.


This main stone is inlaid with 16.82 carat Mada Gaskay, which is generally very atmospheric and is also an irregular design style.


The origin of garnet is almost all over the world. The garnet in Madagascar has distinctive characteristics. Darmus is produced in the province of Tulial, southwestern Madagascar. Manganese aluminum gaducums are one of the garnet. Red to brown red, rose red, with a gravity of 4.26 and 7 hardness, which is the best and most popular among red garnet.


The most charming gemstone is unparalleled in addition to the color. We have seen a lot of color gems, but the high -quality big carat color gem market is rare in the market. It is basically acquired by big names. Colorful rare gems.

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