In August 2021, the configuration scheme of the assembly machine contains entry to high -end computer configuration orders

The configuration single is divided into two parts: Intel and AMD. Each price section is written with a more representative configuration. From the most entry -level writing, the accessories are currently available for sale.

2021年8月组装机配置方案 含入门到高端各类电脑配置单

Note: Because AMD’s graphics card has a small amount of goods in the retail market, the configuration of this article is mainly NVIDIA graphics cards. Users who need A card can refer to the graphics card ladder chart to select the model corresponding to performance.

1. Intel platform computer configuration single

Intel desktop processors are divided into series such as “Saiyang, Pentium, Core i3, Core i5, Core i7, Core i9”, which are positioned from low to high. Both Cyan and Pentium have built-in integrated graphics cards. From the Core i3, it is divided into a collection and no set display.

2021年8月组装机配置方案 含入门到高端各类电脑配置单

Generally, the Cyan and Pentium series can be used for ordinary office;

Play games with i3, i5, i7, basically no need to consider i9

i9 is generally used for professional productivity such as rendering, video editing.

1. Saiyang G5905 installation configuration form

2021年8月组装机配置方案 含入门到高端各类电脑配置单

The Cyan G5905 belongs to the lowest -end series of Intel, 2 cores and 2 threads, the main frequency is 3.5G, and the built -in integrated graphics card. This configuration can be used for ordinary office, Internet access, movies, chess and card games.

2. Pentium G6405 installation configuration form

G6405 belongs to Intel’s Pentium series, 2 cores and 4 threads, main frequency 4.1G, and built -in integrated graphics card. This configuration can be used for ordinary office, Internet access, movies, chess and card games, 2D online games. With a suitable independent graphics card, you can play games such as Tencent’s family buckets.

3. Core i3 installation configuration form

i3-10105F belongs to Intel’s ten generations Core i3 series, with the main frequency of 3.7 ~ 4.4G, 4 cores and 8 threads. This specification is equivalent to the four generations Core i7. The maximum suggestion of the graphics card can be matched with RTX2060. The configuration of this set is the middle -end GTX1050Ti. Tencent’s games can be eaten almost all. It is also possible to run chicken to eat chicken under medium special effects, including some large single -machine games.

4. Core i5 installation configuration form

I5 Plan ①: i5-10400F+GTX1650

i5-10400F belongs to Intel’s tenth-generation Core i5. It is currently the mainstream product and 6-core 12 thread specifications. For most games, there will be no obvious bottleneck problems. This configuration scheme is undoubtedly a solution for high U and low graphics cards for the eyesight of “CPU and graphics card balance”, but after all, not the price of the mid -to -high -end graphics card that everyone can bear, which can be rationally matched according to their actual situation. I am in the question of balanced performance of CPU and graphics card. I am “

How can the CPU and graphics card match the maximum performance?

“This article has a detailed explanation.

2021年8月组装机配置方案 含入门到高端各类电脑配置单

This set of I5-10400F+GTX1650 solutions can meet most mainstream games at present. If the resolution and special effects are not high, they can also run a part of large stand-alone games smoothly.

I5 plan ②: i5-11400F+GTX1660

If the budget is not very tight, you can consider the latest 11th generation i5-11400F (the motherboard needs to be paired with the B560 series). Compared with the 10th generation i5, the 11th generation i5 has further improved the single -core performance, and the number of game frames will perform better.

I5 plan ③: i5-10600KF+RTX3060 Ti

I5-10600KF belongs to the Intel Ten Generation i5 series. The suffix with “K” means that the main frequency is higher, and it supports overclocking, such as i5-10600KF and i5-11600KF. Essence The 11th generation i5-11600KF is currently too high. Catching up the Ryzen 5600X of AMD next door. If you want to pursue the ultimate performance of the game, it is better to directly consider the Ryzen 5600X, and there is a related configuration form in the AMD articles.

Here we need to explain the problem about the motherboard. Generally, when you see the CPU with the suffix “K”, many people will tell you “to match the high -end Z series motherboards, such as Z490, Z590”, because only the motherboard of the Z series supports overclocking. Of course, there is no doubt about this, but according to my observation, many users have bought the K series processor and paired with the Z series motherboards. As a result, they have been used frequently. Why do n’t you have a problem? Answer, “What kind of ghost is overclocking? How to overclock?”. Therefore, instead of choosing a lower -priced B series motherboard, today’s CPU performance has been squeezed almost when the factory is released, and there are not many overclocking space left to users. Of course, if you are sure to overclock the CPU, you must choose the Z series motherboard.

2021年8月组装机配置方案 含入门到高端各类电脑配置单

Although the 8G memory of the RTX3060 Ti does not seem to be as majestic as the 12G of the RTX3060, for the game, the 12G video memory is very wasteful. The RTX3060 Ti is more cost -effective with a higher GPU performance with reasonable 8G memory. (12G RTX3060 is more suitable for productivity work such as video editing and graphic rendering). If you plan to engage in a top game configuration, the graphics card can go to RTX3080 or even 3090.

Memory frequency also has a certain impact on the number of game frames. It is recommended to use 3200MHz memory. The capacity is recommended to 8G or 16G, which depends on the requirements of the game configuration.

5. Core i7 installation configuration form

Starting from the Ten Generation Core i7, the CPU specifications have come to the 8 -core and 16 thread. This is already a ceiling for the game. At present, only a few sandbox games need such high specifications. The game is more open. Therefore, the configuration in the back is basically a professional application for productivity creation. Of course, there is no problem with you to play games with i7 and i9. There is no way to make money.

I7 solution ①: i7-10700+GTX1050Ti

From the perspective of the so -called “performance balance”, the i7 with GTX1050Ti is indeed a head heavy configuration. But I still say “matching hardware according to needs”.

This set of configuration is suitable for applications that mainly calculate the performance of CPU. For example, 3DMAX’s later period is mainly relying on the CPU for rendering. Although 3DMAX now supports GPU rendering, its rendering accuracy does not have a high CPU. There are also graphic design software of PS class, which almost depend on the performance of the CPU.

I7 Plan ②: i7-11700K+RTX3060

Here we have to explain the problem about the motherboard again. As mentioned earlier, the processor with k with K, if not overclocking, use the B series motherboard. And if this configuration is not overclocking, can you choose the B series motherboard?

For the 11th generation i7 with the suffix K K, even if you are not overclocking, it is not recommended to choose the B series motherboard. Because the 11th generation Core has not changed the process process, it has greatly improved the single -core performance. At the same time, it brings the improvement of the CPU power consumption. Although from the surface parameters, the power consumption of the 11th generation i7 and the 10th generation i7 is the same, but the power consumption of the 11th generation i7 in the actual operation has increased a lot.

Therefore, for the 11th generation i7, especially the suffix with the suffix, the Z series motherboard is recommended. Under normal circumstances, the main board of the Z series is stronger than the B -series motherboard. Of course, there are also individual crazy stacking B -series motherboards that may exceed the power supply design of the Z series motherboard, but the price of such motherboards is not cheap.

Although the RTX3060 is a younger brother in the 30 series graphics cards, the 12G large memory is very friendly to the productivity applications such as rendering and video editing. In the face of high -resolution materials, large -capacity video memory has a very important role. Compared to the higher -level 30 series graphics cards, the price of RTX3060 is also easier to accept. If you have higher requirements for graphics performance, you can replace the graphics card with a model with RTX3070TI or more.

6. Core i9 configuration scheme

Although the single -core performance of the 11th generation i9 is strong, two cores have been cut off, only 8 cores and 16 threads, which is a reflux of performance for productivity. Therefore, for productivity, it is recommended to choose 10 generations i9.

This set of configurations uses Ten Generation Core i9-10900X, 10-core and 20 threads, and the CPU interface is LGA 2066. You need to match the X299 motherboard.

At present, the price of i9-10900X is much cheaper than the price of i9-10900K, and the price of boxes is only about 2700, but the price of X299 motherboard with it is more expensive. But in general, I think it is still more cost -effective for the 10900X platform, and the X299 motherboard is equipped with 8 memory slots, which is more in line with the needs of large productivity.

2. AMD platform computer configuration form

The AMD processor is divided into a series of old architecture APUs, Speed ​​Dragon, and Ryzen. Among them, R3 R5 R7 R9 branches are divided into three branches of R3 R5 R7 R9, which correspond to entry, mainstream, mid -end, and high -end.

For the AMD platform, everyone is important to pay attention to the Ryzen series. The other two series only have some demand for low -end installation.

The AMD configuration order no longer explains the graphics card and other accessories. You can refer to the configuration of the previous Intel.

AMD configuration solution ①:

A6-7480 belongs to a very low-end APU, with only 2 cores and does not support overliner. The CPU base frequency is 3.5GHz, the boost frequency is 3.8GHz, integrates the Radeon R5 core display, the maximum frequency of the core display is 900MHz, TDP 65W, and supports DDR3 memory. Although it is an old -fashioned product, because the Ryzen series does not involve low -end models, such old price products are still producing and selling.

For ordinary office, the price of this CPU is very cheap, and there is no need to match an independent graphics card. In addition, because it is an old architecture CPU, you can easily install the Win7 system.

AMD configuration scheme ②:

Speed ​​Dragon 200GE is a 2 -core and 4 -thread APU product. It has a built -in Radeon Vega 3 core display. There are 192 stream processors. In addition to cope with daily office, you can also play games such as LOL.

In order to make this configuration integrated graphics card play its maximum performance, two -channel memory is selected here, but now 4G 2666 memory price is relatively high. For machines that are originally entry -oriented, it is not cost -effective. If you do not pay much attention to game performance If you can replace it with a single 8G memory.

AMD configuration scheme ③:

The Ryzen series comes from AMD processors is completely another grade, especially the third -generation Ryzen and the fifth -generation Ryzen. (The first generation, the second generation of Ryzen has been discontinued)

Note: There is no built -in graphics card with a “G” suffix without “G”. And the models of Ryzen 3200G, 3400G, and the latest models of 5600G and 5700G are currently priced that the price is too high. Individuals do not recommend using these models of CPUs. Unless you are determined to use independent display, but you hope the nuclear display performance will not be possible So weak chicken, and multiple core processors.

This configuration uses the Third Generation of Ryzen R3-3100 with a 4-core and 8 thread specifications, and the I3-10105F of Intel. However, due to the production capacity of this model, the current price / performance ratio is not high. This is just a choice for users who like AMD platforms.

AMD configuration solution ④:

2021年8月组装机配置方案 含入门到高端各类电脑配置单

Ryzen R5-3600 belongs to AMD’s third-generation Ryzen, with 6-core 12 thread specifications, and I5-10400F of Intel. At present, the price of these two CPUs is basically the same. However, because the three generations of Ryzen can support higher memory frequency, and the entire system supports overclocking, if the configuration is proper, the overall performance is higher than the i5-10400F.

AMD configuration scheme ⑤:

The Ryzen R5-5600X belongs to the fifth generation of AMD, and it is also a 6-core 12 thread specification. 5600X is the strongest performance in the current 6 -core CPU.

However, in terms of price, the Ryzen 5600X is also the most expensive among the 6 -core CPU. The price of the box has almost catching up with the Ryzen 3700X of the 8 -core 16 thread.

AMD configuration solution ⑥:

The Ryzen R7-3700X has 8-core 16 thread specifications and belongs to the mid-range product of the third-generation Ryzen of AMD. As mentioned earlier, the CPU is exactly enough for the game for the game, and it is more service for professional productivity users.

Ryzen 3700X’s polynuclear performance is undoubted. Single core performance is still a bit insufficient than Intel’s eleventh generation i7. If you want to have a more perfect 8-core processor, you can consider the fifth generation of Ryron R7-5800X

AMD configuration solution ⑦:

12-core 24 threads of Ryzen R9-5900X, whether single-core or multi-core performance, have dropped Intel’s pairing products. With excellent single-core and multi-core performance, it can provide more efficient use for professional productivity users to use more efficient use. Experience.

Summary: In August 2021, the configuration plan of the assembly machine includes entry to high -end configuration orders

Due to the many DIY accessories models, the configuration sheet cannot be covered so the accessories model. However, these configurations in this article cover almost all kinds of configurations of various price sections and different uses. Some details can be modified slightly according to your specific needs (pay attention to the [Computer Configuration Network] headline, and the author of the private letter tailor -made for you to customize it for you. Configuring single)

2021年8月组装机配置方案 含入门到高端各类电脑配置单

2021年8月组装机配置方案 含入门到高端各类电脑配置单

2021年8月组装机配置方案 含入门到高端各类电脑配置单

2021年8月组装机配置方案 含入门到高端各类电脑配置单

2021年8月组装机配置方案 含入门到高端各类电脑配置单

2021年8月组装机配置方案 含入门到高端各类电脑配置单

2021年8月组装机配置方案 含入门到高端各类电脑配置单

2021年8月组装机配置方案 含入门到高端各类电脑配置单

2021年8月组装机配置方案 含入门到高端各类电脑配置单

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