Answer to 2021: We still believe in the power of reading

It is the last day of 2021. Maybe it was 2022 that you opened the article.

For most people, this may not be easy and extraordinary. Perhaps you have been shocked, angry, sad, and have joy and joy. Perhaps you have too many differences, even conflict, or find resonance with friends or anonymous netizens on the Internet. You expect your views on this world by thinking and reading.

We are like you.

In this year, the book review weekly public account released 4 contents (a single or two on holidays), and a total of more than 1,400 original content was pushed. There are 5 more days on the “Culture” channel on the Beijing News APP client, which follows the latest cultural news at home and abroad at any time. And every Friday, we will release the first phase of paper book review weekly in the Beijing News B stack. In addition to text reports, we are also continuing to explore audio and video transformations to expand the media. You can meet listening and watching book reviews. If you pay attention to the event, you may also watch a series of online live broadcasts launched by our “Cultural Living Room”.


2021 is a year of commemorative significance. The 200th anniversary of the birthday of Tothevsky, the 140th anniversary of the birthday of Lu Xun, the 200th anniversary of the birthday of Podlair, the 120th anniversary of the birthday of Liang Sicheng, the 150th anniversary of the birth of Prince … We either through a newspaper, or through a single special manuscript, Tribute to these thinkers in history.

The process of finishing inventory is also a process of memories. From January 1, “2021, what new books are worth looking forward to? “To the last article at this moment, it emerged in 2021. Following this process, let’s relive the thinking and emotions of the past 300 days.


The following is our inventory. (The article is relatively long, with a total of 21 categories. The first half of the content is the topic of the topic, and the middle part is everything about the book. The second half is the column. Friends can choose according to their own interests.)

Organ | Book Review Weekly Editor Luo Dong

1. The most watched article

Stills of the movie “Under the Gas Light” (1944).

At the end of the year, we launched the annual observation of gender events like previous years.

This year’s theme is “Repeating our story”. “Repeating Our Story | Observation of Gender in 2021” reviews the structural inequality of gender from the entertainment industry, family and fertility and personal safety. At the same time, the article also pays attention to the advancement of domestic gender equality: the draft amendment of the Women’s Rights Protection Law is requested to review the meeting of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress. The unit should take prevention and prevention measures for sexual harassment. The annual observation of gender events has become one of our most watched articles in 2021. There are 100,000+friends read it.

This year, there are also 100,000+friends who have read it, including our articles such as social science translation and reflection:

60%of Chinese translations are not worth reading? Yan Kewen, Liu Suli, Tang Xiaobing talked about social science translation chaos

“Black dialectic”, of course, is not deep

Jia Qianqian’s poems caused controversy: Is this public opinion storm, or is it a vicious vent?

Articles about the “Translation Chaos” resonate with the translation industry, scholars and readers after publishing, and once again make people reflect on topics that translate each reader. We talked about “liberal arts black words”, calling for every expression to notice that in the field of humanities and social sciences, “black words” are eroding our expression. In addition, when Jia Qianliang’s poems were just controversial at the beginning of the year, we discussed the storm of public opinion through an interview with poets and other poets.


2. Character commemorative: pay tribute to the thinkers

Memorial articles, as always, are our main topics.


September 25th is the 140th anniversary of Mr. Lu Xun’s birthday. Lu Xun’s shouting, hesitation, and dagger -like essays were like solid and deep roots like weeds, capturing the souls of generations of Chinese.

However, the reason why Lu Xun is fascinating is because of his strong dramatic colors. His anger and rationality, his enthusiasm and calmness, his love and hate, both expressing such a fierce expression and so implicit. His essay is not only full of mountains and magnificent power, but also can be like the gentle stream under the shade of the tree shade. Essence Both are pure and complicated, both hot and solemn -so opposite and so harmonious, split and round, people can’t help guessing that his body and mind are also born in different places? “Living in the dark gate, shouting in the iron house” and other commemorative special articles reviewed Lu Xun in Shaoxing, Beijing and Shanghai.

This year, we also commemorate them:

My soul, like a comet quietly gliding, commemorates the 90th anniversary of the birthday of Rannstrom

“The tribute of the young poet makes me scared like a dog” 丨 200th anniversary of the birthday of Podlair

Passing through the troubled times, the world is still April | The 120th anniversary of Liang Sicheng’s birthday

Yu Hua: Doom gives him the real writing

Prove: The only real paradise is the paradise for people to lose | 150th anniversary of the commemorative birthday

The language of love is actually the natural veil of his philosophy | Dante’s 700th anniversary

Pioneer of Chinese Civilian Education | 130th Anniversary of Tao Xingzhi Birthday

Slim and sharp soul: 200th anniversary of the birthday

3. Popular culture: the meaning of trend

Station B 2020 Barburning: Grandpa Qinghui.


If the basic way of commemorating the characters is facing the past, then we also focus on the current nature of the topic, emphasize vertical analysis, and understand the historical context of a phenomenon. Popular culture is one.


In this year, the popular cultural phenomena we are concerned about include the popular “Grand Youth Back”, variety shows on intellectuals, young people who save money, double -speed chasing dramas, autism, and so -called “abuse” culture of wine tables.

The nostalgic wave of “Grandpa Qing Hui” is no longer thinking about the romance of the past.

From “The Story of Qi Qi” to “Tucao Conference”: Will variety shows make intellectual kitsch?

From “running and buying foundation” to “gathering the door”, why is this young man obsessed with “money”?

X times chase the drama, x minutes after watching, what else did we lose in addition to losing patience?

Loneliness becomes popular, maybe a trick

The “abuse” culture of the wine table under face and power

It happened in the present,

There are also literary events, cultural events


4. Literary events at home and abroad: several types of vomiting

The picture comes from the Nobel official website.

On October 7, Abdul Lazak Gulner became the Nobel Prize winner in 2021. The award -winning word is: “No compromise and in -depth exploring the influence of colonialism with empathy, and concern the fate of refugees that are mixed in culture and geographical cracks.” This English writer from Tanzania won the award, completely beyond everyone’s. It is expected. Our “What is the Nobel Prize this year?” It believes that this year’s Nobel Prize winner may confirm the previous readers’ vomiting -in this era of no master, the Nobel Prize is the same.

In fact, it is not that there are no masters in this era, but the Nobel Prize this year’s choice is a bit overkill. After all, since the Nobel Prize storm, the Nobel Prize judges will promise to pay more attention to the results of the diverse selection. Essence

At the moment of the Nobel Prize in Literature, we also found the domestic study of Gulner’s literature as soon as possible, and pushed the author Zhang Feng (the English University of Beijing University of Foreign Languages).

This year, our other articles about the Nobel Prize in Literature include:

How does foreign media look at the Nobel Prize in Literature in 2021?

Wandering between the center and the edge: the stream of the Abdul-Razak Gulner

2021 Nobel Prize in Literature Forecast: Milan Kundera fell to the end of the odds list, Murakami Haruki reached the top again


And the Booker Award and the novel creation controversy:

2021 Booker Awards: Why does the Booker Award look better than the Nobel Prize?

If you are written as a despicable villain by a writer friend: a creative morality in a real event

5. Cultural events: several reflections


Stills of the movie “Party A B” (1997).


In entertainment gossip news, we often see a statement called “occupation of public resources”. When a star artist responds to a controversy, questioning, or other “negative events”, he often says “Sorry to occupy public resources” or “I don’t want to occupy public resources” at the beginning of the copywriting. Or the parties do not say, netizens will say “don’t take up public resources.” If they are tired of the gossip news of an artist, they may also say “don’t take up public resources” to express dissatisfaction.

In the incident of Wu Yifan, both the complaint or the accusation of the complaint is mentioning “public resources”, and the article “Wu Yifan Incident: Why is it not” occupying public resources “after the incident has caused heated discussions? “It is believed that in the incident, due to the publicity of the topic itself, it is actually not” occupying public resources. “

This year, the cultural events we are concerned about also include:

Yu Hua’s “guidance” college entrance examination composition: When literature encounters capital, who will be “collected”


Xu Zhiyuan’s “Cultural Tucao” searches on the hot searches.


Isn’t the narrative of “migrant workers thinking about Heidegger”, isn’t it like to know each other?

6. World Observation: From popular culture to “cancel culture”

Cultural events or phenomena that occur around the world also cause reflection.

After Nathan Evan’s boat song became popular on Tiktok, the British Library had advanced the publishing plan of the seafarers’ cultural books in advance.


At the beginning of the year, a Scottish postman uploaded a video of the British seafarer in TIKTOK, and unexpectedly swept the English country. This British rural music enthusiast named Nathan Evan recorded a 19th -century New Zealand seafire “The Wellerman” at the end of last year (meaning “Weller’s employment”). The lyrics are about sailors waiting for Australia to catch Whale company Weller Brothers provides tea, sucrose and rum. But why is it a seafarer? Why is it now? This is “Why does this net red song make young foreign people so” up “? 》 Observed. The historical and music nature of the seafarer, coupled with the accident of epidemic and media updates, jointly spawned the sailor of the Internet to return the soul of the sea, and the return of the title is also the unique interpretation of the epidemic situation and the live broadcast culture.


This year, we also discussed the following events or phenomena. Most of the articles are from the “Books” column.


When Trump supporters use “God” to mobilize the masses, what are they talking about?

Accompanied with books, unmarried people in life

The 20th anniversary of the “September 11”, what are the media around the world paying attention to?

One year after Freud was killed, did American society get better?

Dr. Suss’s work was recalled. Is he the victim of “canceling culture”?


South Korea’s “Room N” co -conspirator: outside the law, within the “humiliation” mechanism

The newborn in the new crown period is facing a challenge that cannot be gently visually


The curtain of an era: “That girl” is called Merkel

7. Image: expect and disappointed

Of course, there is also an observation of images.

Animation “Tianshu Qi Tan” 4K commemorative version poster.

In early November, an animated long film “Tianshu Qi Tan” shot 38 years ago once again triggered a film watching. The strange Tianshu was locked in the stone gate of the heavenly court. It was clearly “selfless, spreading in future generations”, but was hidden by high beams. So Yuan Gong, who guarded Tianshu while the Jade Emperor went to the Yaochi Xianhui, stole the heavenly book and engraved on the stone wall of the world. He wanted to benefit the world, but caused the next world of storms in the world, to the three religions and nine streams, and the emperor of the senior officials. All, all of them are the characters in this storm.

“Tianshu Qi Tan” 4K version is released: the historical story behind it is more exciting than animation “analyzes this animated film, which is also the story behind this. “Tianshu Qi Tan” is an animation for children, but the story was originally “San Suiping Demon Biography” is an adult reading. Although in this real history, Yuan Gong, who did not steal Tian Shu, did not have three fox demon who studied spells, and there was no cute egg. But this real historical version of “Tianshu Qi Tan” is not as exciting as cartoons.

This year, the re -screening movie we are paying attention to is:


“Avatar” rewriting: After 11 years, why does it still cause a movie viewing boom?

“The Rings King” rewriting: Is this a classic masterpiece, or is it “stinky and long”?

This year, we pushed a total of about 30 film reviews, covering most of the popular or unpopular films throughout the year (there are also some TV series).

Some film reviews are as follows:


“My Sister” (2021) stills.

“My Sister”: When a woman becomes a “sister”, it is destined to be a “dedicor”

“Above the Cliff”: Qualified spy war films, unqualified Zhang Yimou works?

“Sweeping the Storm” is hot: It is not far away that really makes us fear, but nearby murders

“Squid Game” (2021) stills.

“Squid Game”: How far is the distance between ordinary people and evil?

“Lanxin Grand Theater”: Very Lou Ye, very not Lou Ye

“First Furnace Fragrance” collapsed: a pre -public Waterloo

From “Hamlet” to “Little Red Riding Hood”: Why does the classic description of women’s perspective rewriting?

“Lion Boy”: It appeared in the market in a state of “streaking”, and the audience lost its coordinates

8. Dialog


In addition to observation and comments, we have also used an interview to start a dialogue on books or issues with scholars, writers, and artists in different fields.

Yellow lanterns, authored “A relatives on the earth: a rural picture in the eyes of a rural daughter -in -law” and “My Two Students” and so on.

In April, the “Notice on the Admissions Work on Doing a Good High School in 2021” pointed out that maintaining a high school education post is roughly comparable. In June, the draft of the Vocational Education Law was first submitted to the meeting of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress for review. The draft proposed that vocational education and ordinary education have the same important position. In the past few months, parents have understood this policy as “diversion in high school entrance examinations, 50%of children can only go to high schools and can only go to vocational schools.” They have continued and extensive discussions on social media, showing anxiety and panic.

In the summer, we interviewed the author of the author of “My Two Students”. She has been at the front line of education for a long time, and is currently taught at Shenzhen Vocational and Technical College. She cares for the state of young people in China, has an in -depth exchanges with students, and also cares about the proportion of students’ social relationships, native families, and personal actual ability in employment quality. In “I hope all students can read the high school before choosing the direction of life”, she combined with teaching experience and life experience, telling some of her views on secondary vocational education.

This year, we interviewed these writers:

Tobin’s topic “Corm Tobin: Feng Yin Irish” cover.

Interview with Shihei Yixiong: Love is a weapon to resist death, but the love of robots is a tragedy

After two bad books, I became a real writer 丨 Interview with Huan Basque

When writing, I want to take the cat from the neighbor’s house 丨 Tombin

“Birth” is a privilege for some people, but it is a curse for others | Interview with Sasha Stanisic

The 10th anniversary of commemorating the death of Mu Xin: Chat outside Mu Xin | Talk about Chen Danqing

And these scholars:

Margaret McMilun (left), a historian, a professor at Oxford University. Michael Sander (right), a political philosopher, a professor at Harvard University.

Why is the Enlightenment first a business? | Interview with Robert Darneton


“Let the United States great again” mobilize the people, but is it the abuse of history? | Interview with McMilon

A century novel, a Chinese story in a century | Interview with Xu Zidong

Interview with Liang Zhiping: The law is not only the system, but also the meaning of the meaning behind it

Interview with Michael Sander: Is it just a society that can succeed as long as you work hard?

No matter what ways we think, in fact, there may be gender dimensions behind most stories or analysis. The difference is only whether we consciously aware of its existence. and

This does not affect our gender alone as a topic.

9. Women: Rebove gender story

The second season of the TV series “My Genius Girlfriend” (2020).

“Dr. Female is the third human …”

“History proves that the academic world is not a woman’s site …”

“What is the use of reading, girls always marry people …”

When a woman decides to engage in academic career, she faces everywhere. During the higher education stage, voices such as this try to prevent women from entering the door of scientific research. However, even if we have continued to be degraded and suppressed, we still see that more and more women are engaged in academics and flow into academic communities. For them, academic research is not only a career and hobby, but also a way of understanding themselves and finding ways to get along with the world. We launched the “Female Scholar Interview Series” for this year.

He Guimei: New World, Old Language

Zhang Li: Women’s writing, remove the word “female”, and retrieve the word “female”

Huang Yingying: A sociologist who studies “sex”

Lu Yan: “Visible” is the first step in the construction of social identity

This year, we also paid attention to these women’s issues:

Stills of the movie “Fragments of Women” (2020).

Breast milk or milk? For women as a “mother”, it is never a simple choice

After becoming a mother, she wrote the other side of her mother


Yang Yan’s endorsement British was removed: Who is making “men and women”?

Crful Britney, release Britney: a war that gets rid of control and recapture himself

As a woman who is seriously ill, “I” still have the right and the ability to choose to be alone

72 -year -old like a 27 -year -old girl? It is these praises that have created new appearance anxiety

The cartoon “Family” (2017) stills.

Afghan women, between the past and the present

When a man surrender, women are still fighting: What does war mean for women?

The British public initiated to find women’s sculptures and break the gender inequality in artistic creation

“Ali employees are sexually assaulted”: no -beyond the sectarian system that is not allowed

10. Men: another dimension of gender

“Daddy” (1993) stills.

If you recall it a little, the descriptions of the delivery rooms and fertility, except for the pain of a woman as a wife, are mostly excited to wait for the husband next to it. Of course, he may also embrace all the gratitude to his wife for this, and then turn around and look at the child, showing the joy of joy.


However, what can be seen in “After coming out of the delivery room, he suffers from depression” is that this is not the reaction of all men. A “daddy” named Mark Williams was in depression for a long time. There was a picture of the day in his mind: after experiencing almost a whole day of delivery, his wife was very weak to push the delivery room. The doctor cut her belly with surgical tools. He wrote all this into the book “Daddy’s Stagging”. After the introduction of translation of the book in China, we talked to him about his experience and the feelings and thoughts brought about by the incident of becoming a father.


This year, we still have these thinking about men:

What kind of sexual education does boys need for sexual violence cases?

The method of bringing a baby on the rivers and lakes is not as good as the dad’s self -made faction.


From Wu Yifan to Zhou Xuanyi: Women who are hunting and the male opinion leader who is hunting


“Prevent male teenagers from feminization” proposal: Why do different cultures be dedicated to defining “masculinity”?

11. Urban culture: Quanzhou, Tokyo and Beijing

In 2021, the successful application of Quanzhou, the Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo, and the Beijing Olympic Games were prepared for the Winter Olympic Games, making these three cities also the focus of attention in the world. In this year, we pay attention to their past and present from a cultural perspective.

Xingtong, city flowers in Quanzhou. (The picture comes from the documentary “Return to Tongcheng”)

During the Song and Yuan Dynasties, the nickname of Quanzhou Port was called “Strang Tonggang”. At that time, it was the crossroads of the world. A large number of merchants are gathered here, and the goods are piled up like mountains, and the grand occasion of buying and selling is unimaginable. After experiencing a brilliant “Quanzhou era”, the Ming Dynasty Sea Road closed, Quanzhou Port ushered in a fatal blow, and gradually faded out of the historical stage. At the time of the successful application of Quanzhou on July 25, we invited scholars He Shubin to write “Quanzhou’s application success: small town full of thorns, once the crossroads of the world”, presenting this high time in Quanzhou history , Explore the oriental colors in the history of marine civilization.

Mount Fuji and Tokyo Tower, the University of Tokyo, Ueno’s cherry blossoms and the department stores of Ginza -Tokyo is a city walking between modern and tradition. It has both flashy and splendid and restrained yin. It has a variety of faces, facing different people, blooming with a changeable smile -like smile, and also puts out its snow -like contemplation of Mount Fuji. The picture above shows the special cover of “Tokyo”.

As usual, we have been reading Beijing in the column “Jinghua Story”, looking for writing about the city from the book, there is a history here, and there is a life here.

Bell and Drum Tower. “Beijing: History becomes geography” illustration.

Those who disappear old Beijing service


Is the “North Drifting” buying a house or renting a house during the Qing Dynasty?


Is the “well” of “Wangfujing” in the end or an alley?

Beijing City’s former Time Center: The Time Philosophy of the Bell and Drum Tower

“Beijing” or “Peking”, why are the English names of Beijing different spelling?

12. Academic: The distress of published

“Professor” (2018) stills.


In 2021, academic publication became the focus of attention.

“If you do n’t publish, you will go out for less.” With the halo of the highest education, young teachers in colleges and universities seem to have more anxiety and confusion than young people of their peers, and their paper indicators assessment (including the “non -rising or going” system assessment that has been discussed in June this year) Stress is unable to compare when young and elderly teachers in colleges and universities are in youth. The discussion was their paper publishing.

We interviewed 4 young teachers with different backgrounds for this. We talked to the four liberal arts teachers in colleges and universities. “These personal stories cannot reflect the overall situation, but personal stories may also express some important aspects. s reason. At the same time, we also interviewed the journal editor and person in charge to push “Interview” Journal of Tsinghua University “Zhong Weimin: Journal of Journal, Review, and the Future of Young Scholars”.

Regarding academic publication, we also paid attention to the following topics:

When a university becomes a company, it is difficult for college teachers to escape “Academic KPI”

The thesis free download website SCI-HUB unsealed, how far is the “open knowledge” from us?

This year, we took academic research and writing as the problem. We also did two subject topics. One was the historical “The Old Man in Shan Hai”, and the other was the “Sociology and Society” of sociology.

The four historians of Luo Xin, Wang Di, Xie Yan, and Hu Cheng followed their footsteps to represent the four directions of north, south, east, and west respectively to cross the mountains and walk on the ancient road of history.

Sociology specifically describes and explains social phenomena in a structural description and explanation of social phenomena, and any phenomenon that can be observed (or under a probability) may have its structure. But there is a distance between sociology and society.

“Genius Catcher” (2016) stills.

Next, let’s follow the book.

Book is the most basic content of book review weekly. In the recent “Book Review of 2021 Book Review: From” Squeezed Journal “to Douban” One Star “, we found that in recent years, due to the influence of academic assessment and influencing factors, the academic journal Yue Yue Yue Yue The more they are unwilling to publish book reviews, and there are fewer scholars who write book reviews. Reading magazines and media supplements published book reviews as usual, but high -quality book reviews are still scarce.

The following is our book review in 2021, as well as observation of the book version and book publishing industry.

13. Book review: The value of the book discovered the book

Carlo Ginzburg’s “Cheese and Magphy” was introduced to China this year. Since the beginning of the edition, this book has been considered a classic of micro history. Kingzburg uses the archives of the religious referee to construct a soul history of a small mill owner of a remote mountain village in northern Italy. This small mill owner regards the universe as a cheese that is bitten by a maggot, and the title of the book comes. “Wang Di Reading” Cheese and Magisa “: Why is this late classic worth waiting for 45 years? 》 From the concept of micro history itself, the root cause of the thought of micro history and re -discovery of ordinary people in history.

This year, we publish 2-3 book reviews per week. Here are some book reviews.

“Wush Eagle Flying Crossing the City”: self in multiple mirrors


Paul Celan: Convert the reality of the ashes into a glorious word | Book review

Yu Hua’s “Wencheng”: I did not return to the pinnacle of “Living”, and it was still mediocre

Outside the law: the “minions” in Pakistani Prefecture of the Qing Dynasty

Crossing Wang Mang, died of “puffer fish poison” of “Xiangrui”

Suddenly, “The Great Song Palace Ci”, suddenly “Zhen Huan Biography”, the academic theory of this harem secret history is really unusual

He Huaihong: In the relay of modern thoughts

On the way lead to happiness, is “modernity” and “sacredness” that disappear?

Bookstore is like people: the mental space of being nostalized

14. Book version: history and information


In the book publishing market in 2021, there are five versions of a book for the first time being introduced into the country. This is the original version of the ideological history of Anti-Intellectualism in American Life. The original version of the book was in 1963. “Hommeter Intellectuals”: A journey of anti -intellectual tradition in American society “returned to the publication of” Anti -Intelligence in American Life “, and since then, it has followed its thinking and the social changes behind it. The book can still provide a powerful explanation for the current anti -intelligence phenomenon to reflect on people’s arrogance, prejudice and hatred in the digital age.

This year, we also provided these books on these books:

“My Neighbor Totoro” picture book was first published in China. Why does “My Neighbor Totoro” swept the world?

George Orwell’s copyright expires, and it is expected that his work will be published in large quantities this year

The copyright of “Great Gatsby” expires, and a large number of adapted works will be published this year


The four -volume English translation of “Heroes of the Eagle” is completed, and discussions have been caused by the accuracy of the translation.

“Don Quixote” returns again: Lin Shuzhong’s translation “The Legend of the Magic” was translated into the Spanish version and released simultaneously in China and Western

15. Publishing industry: adhere to and controversy

Beijing’s opening volumes in the first half of 2021.

2021 is a year of embarrassing book sales. On the one hand, the booming live broadcast and cargo under the epidemic brings new ways, and on the other hand, with the discounts such as online online stores, it has brought great dilemma through book discount sales, and even caused it to cause it to cause it. Many controversy. “Sales of Children’s Books, Traveling in Discounts” takes Tongshu as an example. It is found that from 2000 to 2020, the proportion of the children’s book market has risen all the way, and the number of marketing varieties also shows a trend of year -on -year growth. However, the discounts of children’s books have continued to increase. In the first half of 2021, the children’s book discounts on the video platform had reached 3.3 % off. Even some practitioners lamented: Anyway, the books are all sold at the end.

This year, we also paid attention to the following topics of the book publishing industry:

Translators can’t make money, editors can’t sell books, readers are still expensive: Where is the issue of the publishing industry?

In the rainstorm in Henan, the rescue process of the book industry

Afghanistan issues have attracted attention from the publishing market.

Books that are frequently resisted: Is “canceling culture” a crisis in the European and American publishing circle or turning?

In order to help independent bookstores compete with e -commerce, France requires online sales to charge the minimum postage

16. Tongshu: Children’s heart is poetry

In 2021, we specially added attention, reports and comments on children’s books. For example, let’s take a look at a Tongshu review “Let the Duckling -How to Reshape the Real World”.

“Let Lu to Duckling” Chinese version illustrate.

“Let Lu to Duckling” has been printed continuously since the first publication. As of 2003, more than 2 million copies have been sold. This book was introduced and published in 2009. It tells a duck couple. In order to find a suitable living environment, they are not afraid of hard work, and they get the help of many people after caught in a busy city. The whole process revealed the will of the harmonious coexistence of humans and animals, and conveyed respect for life. The book review discusses that the fictional art is in the final analysis of why the “real” world is transformed.

This year, we also paid attention to the publication and reading of children’s books:

An unusual thing happened in an ordinary day

Cultivate a good child -moral observation from a kindergarten

Child is a magician who has become clever language

“Evil mediocre” in campus bullying: When they were bullied, they all “pretended not to see”

Go to the bookstore to walk the baby, how to visit the most efficient?

This year, we also continue to use the column method

, Reading with you provide a variety of forms of content. There are interpretations of reading poems, comics, and inference novels, and in addition to text, there are also podcasts and videos.

17. Reading poems on weekends

(Update time: Saturday)


Zhou Wenju’s “Xizi Huan Sa Tu”.


Why is Li Bai and Wang Wei’s eyes so different?

Fate to leave hometown: I thought it was temporarily left, but I couldn’t go back later

Gently walk into the good nights in Tang poetry

We need a Mid -Autumn Festival, sit in the moon, talk to the moon for a while


You urged “Reading Poems on the Weekend” physical book, here

18. Fools Paintings

(Update time: Friday, push every week with “suspicion of suspense”)

If you have any troubles, get it under the sun

Is this unfortunately

Cove up for a good night on Friday night

Party A never knows what it wants

The puppy’s charging method is to insert the head into the owner’s slippers

19. Suspense suspicion


(Update time: every Friday, push every week with “Fools Painting”)

“When Praying” (2018) stills.

Who is the best male lead in Higashino Keigo?

Maybe it’s love: Holmes and “That Lady”

How good the Ben Ge reasoning is not the killing incident

The 6 most popular inference novels in the first half of the year


Reasoning novels are the game that enjoys losses | “Suspense” year -end talk

20. Reverse popularity (podcast)

(Update time: Tuesday)

Talk to Dapeng “North Drift”: Is life really retreat?

When people reach middle age, have Jia Zhangke changed?

Wildlife frequently “enter the city”: How do we imagine the new future of people and animals?

Is it over -marketing in summer?

People who have no social media are not sad?

21. Luo Dong Time (video)

(Update time: Wednesday)

People with messy desks, more likely to pick up knowledge

The problem of “being moved” in the report of sexual assault crimes requires a reflection

From “Lover’s slope” to “Insurance Road”: Love and rebellion in the university name name

Those who cancel J.K. Rowling, and those who are not allowed to use “Tongguan Meat Clear” are actually “society”

[The 18th Anniversary of the Beijing News “Positive Youth” special plan]

Language, currency and foreigners: “Buy sesame cakes” with economist Weisen’s vegetable market

At the end of the inventory is our annual book selection

What will it look like in the future? We cannot predict this issue. However, in the future, how we will recall the present, this is something we can influence. Although there are different stages of life and years, they are not an isolated compartment. In one stage after another, too many small details and memories, forming invisible silk threads, will be scattered in the age of age to re -intertwine the time of time Together.

Memory is the key we open these silk threads, and text and books are where we collect memory keys. In a blink of an eye, another year has passed. In this year, there may be a lot of new books slipped from your side without leaving a trace of excess traces, but there will be a lot of becoming a bookmark. In the page number. And what we do every year is to share these books that can become the page number of readers.

Perhaps, in the feedback of some books, our ideas are not the same. It is our most sincere starting point.

Adhering to this principle, we have selected 82 books worth reading from this year’s publication, which covers all aspects of literature, history, social sciences, art, children, economy, and life. When in the future, we recall that this year, these good books will become a reef inhabiting the sea of ​​memory, and with this ending point, our future memory will be clear, so as to follow these reefs and move towards more exploratory explorations. future.

We will announce the final recommendation list in the “2021 Beijing News Annual Reading Ceremony” on January 15, 2022 (generated from the 82 books). Please look forward to it!

Farewell to 2021, let’s see you 2022!

Author | Book Review Weekly Editorial Department


Organize | Luo Dong

School pair | Light Zhuo

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