How to choose the color of the living room curtains? 4 major selection taboos cannot be committed

As our usual hospitality space, the decoration effect is the first impression of the visitors, so you know

How to choose living room curtains

What? What are the taboos of the living room curtains? What color is good? Or let’s take a look at how to explain the renovation net.

How to choose the color of the living room curtain

1. Select according to space lighting

The color of the living room curtains can be selected according to the lighting of the living room. If the light in the living room is warm, it can be paired with some lighter curtains, such as white, light green, etc. to make the space look more coordinated. If it is a neutral light, the color of the curtains is relatively large, but it is not advisable to choose curtains with too deep colors, and the effect is not good.

2. Select according to the ground color

The color of the living room curtains can also be selected according to the color of the ground. If the furniture in the living room and the color of the ground are darker, the color of the curtains should not be selected too deep. The decorative effect of space is more three -dimensional. In addition, in the matching, it is necessary to consider seasonal problems. If summer, it is recommended to choose light -colored curtains with thick materials, which not only effectively shade, but also the overall combination of home furnishings will be more prominent.

Living room curtain color feng shui taboo:

1. The color of the living room curtains does not need pink as much as possible, otherwise the quarrel in the family will inevitably happen.

2. The curtains and then the ground avoid the color of red and green, green and orange, red and blue, yellow and purple.


3. Dark facing the north room, the neutral biased tone is applicable; the red or yellow curtains are selected, and the strong light is adjusted into a soft astigmatism to coordinate the yin and yang.

4, the curtains and the wall surface and furniture try to avoid similar colors as much as possible. The wall is yellowish. The curtains are beige and apricot yellow; the wall of light lakes uses the middle green curtains, the color is unified, giving people feel cold.


Best color of living room curtains


1. White

The best color of the living room curtains, white is a color that many families first choose, because white gives people a sense of heart, making the entire living room look elegant, generous, and bright. At the same time, the white generosity will also bring a hazy beauty, which is easier to decorate in the living room. The majority of owners like it.

2. Purple

The purple curtains in the living room are also very good. It is thought that purple gives people a very romantic and elegant feeling, with strong decorative effects. However, purple curtains have certain requirements for indoor decoration. If the interior decoration is old, the effect will be greatly reduced.

3. Gray curtain

The dark color of gray is more suitable for families with smaller area in the living room, because gray curtains have excellent shielding effects, so that outside people cannot see the situation inside the living room. If you like simple and low -key people, then then Choose gray curtains to make you look more simple and low -key.

4, coffee color

The use of coffee curtains in the living room is also very good. The brown brown can filter the sunlight and make the sun more gentle when the sunlight is illuminated to the living room. At the same time Essence

The above is the relevant knowledge about living room curtains, I hope to help you.

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