Wearing bottom pants in spring, please don’t be stupid! Professional “leggings” wear analysis, refuse a sense of cheap

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How to wear the pants & socks in spring? How to wear a sense of advanced? Today, let’s talk about it!


Every spring skirt season,


Or the bottom socks have also appeared, becoming a beautiful landscape of women’s scenery. With the twist of light steps, the curve of the slender calf is outlined, making the skirt swaying more.

Not only the skirt, but also in the long windbreaker jacket, there are also sexy hiding with leggings as shy and coquettish. They add a bit of a woman’s charming state to a chic gas field.

If the emergence of leggings and bottomings, bring a charming charm to the women in spring, it is undoubtedly worthwhile. However, some women with very different forms, regardless of their thick legs, legs bending legs, bloated, and boldly and enthusiastically put on the “limelight” of the leggings, it is a bit of the scenery.


Bottom pants, as the name suggests, just for



And life. Abandoning the bottoming function, any other added value has lost its support. Of course, wearing the leggings purely, I want to say a blog, I have to say that this fashion is somewhat “cheap”.


In addition, the excessive self -cultivation dress is also contrary to the popular wind direction in recent years. It is always a bit old -fashioned and incompatible. It ’s more comfortable and relaxed, emphasizing that the natural chIC after mixing is the fashion king.

So what is the correct way to wear for leggings? In this sharing, Luowei takes you to analyze one by one.




Base pants wearing background analysis


Belo pants, also known as: leggings, which means leggings and legs. Raced in Europe and the United States, and he was flourishing in Japan and South Korea. It was between pants and socks.

The youthful and vibrant girls use it to show their deliberate love for fashion trends. The elegant and stable mature women use it to achieve a seamless connection between the change style and the temperature. Every time the season is changed, it is its high time.


Based on the background of the above wearing, the main points of the leggings are as follows:

1. Select; 2. Match

First: How to choose leggings?


You have to clarify your needs. For example, do you want to wear the trend of the girl Fan with leggings, or do you want to show the style of sports? Or do you want to make it matched with the skirt and wear elegant and decent?


If you want to make the leggings occupy the upper hand, wear a new style, or in


It reflects the sense of fashion, and the exaggerated color and material can be selected as much as possible, such as colorful colors, and various bright silk and blingBling materials.

However, this kind of wear is only suitable for specific occasions or girls, not mainstream. If you want to merge the leggings into the clothing and wear the decent elegance, please keep in mind the following points:



The most textured and versatile leggings, please use it

Basic color


Mainly. Common black, white, gray, denim blue, wine red, dark green, dark brown, etc. are all good, and it must be matched with clothes.



Sale is an important secret to choosing leggings. In the case of fully exposing the leg curve, add a thin and careful machine to resolve the natural shortcomings of the pants. How to be thin, it can be caused by

Material and style




Or soft material, please choose

Vertical line pattern

The blessing style, the subtle vertical lines can also create the details of the material and enhance the fashion.


If it is a smooth material or a similar elastic pants material, try to choose the shape of the hem or the design of a small highlight. Don’t underestimate their fashion power, small changes, sharing the impact of bottoming pants on the calf belly, making it thinner.

Small splitting by the trousers is a soft and feminine revealing, and this is particularly important in the dress of mature temperament women. The high -level sexy, the silent immersion and aftertaste are far more clever than the intentional exposure of the curve.



No matter what material and style of leggings, please choose

Nine points or very

Essence Five points and seven points, click directly, even if you wear a five -point black leggings for sports, do not invite the wardrobe. Of course, home service.

Especially in the summer of the past few years, I don’t know where the popularity of the popularity. Many women have long tops+five -point/seven -point leggings. Today, this kind of wear is not popular. Too old and too old.

Of course, the popular “five -point bottom pants” now has changed the new term:


Daddy Middle Pants


Essence it takes


Leading can reflect fashion. The style here can refer to the temperament of people, and it can also refer to the trendy faction that is highlighted.

If you don’t create a style, don’t try it easily. ↓


Seven -point length

Can I choose? Of course not! The contrast between the color difference between the leggings and the complexion will make the calf break, destroy the coherent and complete of the calf lines, showing the short legs and thick legs, so that the lower body will become a heavy disaster -stricken area.

Even Miyada Satoshi, who is as beautiful as flowers and has an excellent figure, is difficult to escape the misunderstanding of the illusion. ↓

Second: matching of leggings

The seemingly basic leggings also have little -known matching skills. It appears, decides


The landscape, and the ankle is

Four windows

(One of the necks, cuffs, waistlines, ankles) is the key details of whether they are fashionable or not.

The focus of its match is:


And the harmony of color matching with the overall clothing.

底 skirt+leggings

Together with skirts, skirts and leggings, appear in the spring and autumn season. At this time, the stockings were too early, and it was the time when the leggings that kept it warmed.


Regardless of the color of the clothes, as long as it is guaranteed


Belo pants and shoes are the same color

It won’t be difficult to see where. ↓

The common windbreaker in spring, with various elegant skirts inside, with a pair of black leggings below, with the light breath of spring, and at the same time, the warmth of warmth is not lost. From skirts to all blacks in the shoes, they cleverly expose the ankle complexion, novel and unique and fashionable.

T -shirt skirt+leggings


: The gentle and pleasant beige T -shirt skirt, the cotton is hard and the texture looks casual. In order to break its too single impression, with a pair of wine red leggings, it uses mellow and mature colors and the youth to achieve harmony.




When attached to the leggings, don’t have a lightness, which is a reflection of femininity.


White or gray leggings


It is completely different from the red style of wine. They are more clean, and they are the best combinations with dark skirts, especially brown, making this sense of high level.





With changeable fashion styles, put them in the T -shirt


Choosing leggings is logical. The length of the medium -length shirt can cover the embarrassment of the waist and hip parts caused by the slimming, which is in line with the season and wears chic.

Just remember the color of the shirt and the color of the leggings and shoes.

Conventional shirt+leggings


: When the shirt is conventional length, it can also be combined with various leggings. The calm black black can be matched with any bright leggings in principle. But for the occasion of the occasion, this kind of match is the best home.

When you are leisure at home, when you are at home on holidays, when you are walking in the community, you should wear good -looking and scenery.

Like a light blue shirt+gray leggings, the length of the shirt is just below the hips, which looks playful and youthful and sunny. At home, leisure is decent.

Shirt skirt+leggings

: Compared to the leisure method of the top shirt, the shirt skirt with the bottom pants is directly promoted to the mature intellectual ranks. A pair of exquisite high heels and a personalized bag is a password that starts style conversion.

Green long shirt skirt gently tie the belt, seal neutrally in the waistline, presents the curve beauty of women’s talents, matches it

Bright yellow leggings

It is also enthusiastic about spring light, keeping the same color as high -heeled shoes without losing weight.

If you also have a blue shirt skirt, when it is accompanied by black leggings, add a pair of silver single shoes. Special silver makes ordinary clothes shine. Eternal

silver Gold

It will always make people move in accessories.

In the following set,

Brown shirt skirt


With a black top, with gray leggings and black short boots, the color matching of the whole body is controlled in the balance of dark colors+light colors, wearing a calm atmosphere.

Conversely, this set can also wear light and bright pleasure, replace the black shirt with white or beige, gray leggings to black, and shoe to small white shoes. The style immediately reverses.


For the instantaneous sweaters, its existence makes the full spring life more vigorous. The thick sweater fabric is still a chill against the guards. How can you miss it in spring?

Put on

White sweater

At that time, choose a pair of light -colored leggings such as beige or pale pink to match it. Just remember the length of the sweater to cover the hips, the shoes are the same as the leggings.


Brown sweater+dark gray leggings

: I like the tea style brown brown. The elegance after the fermentation of time is like coffee and mellow and charming. Compared to the innocent of white, the bitterness of brown contains is the true taste of life.

Choose a pair of dark gray leggings, do not want black ordinary and boring, and then double brown canvas shoes. Anyway, the fashionable atmosphere you want is all here.


Wine red sweater+black leggings

: The material and version of the sweater are slightly different, and the style changes. The wine red sweater in the figure below is obviously “childish”, which is very different from the brown in the picture above.


Use black leggings and black shoes to increase stability,




Always wear the rules of winning.

Black sweater skirt+dark green bottom pants

: If the sweater is longer, the hooded is missing, and it will become a sweater. The obvious leisure attributes are coordinated with leggings, highlighting the beauty of women’s unique curves, making fashion everywhere.

The special dark green is just a pair with black.

Brown sweater skirt+deep coffee leggings

: When the skirt is peeled off the leisure attributes, it is more and more feminine, and the more obvious its style characteristics. With some leisure and literary tone, it is particularly liked by a lightly mature woman.

Just please highlight its temperament, so that it is fashionable, otherwise it is a disaster.




There is a class of black leggings that can be worn outside, also known as

Small black pants

Essence It is more like pants than pure leggings, suitable for bottoming. If you want to make them fashionable, please pay attention not to be too tight, appropriately loose, showing a sense of relaxation.

Secondly, with Oversize sweater or top, use the silhouette to wear a good look. If you pay attention to exposing the contrasting T -shirt or shirt, it will undoubtedly make the overall image more divided.


Suit+denim blue bottom pants

I have to say that the current printing and dyeing process is too advanced. In the leggings,

Imitation denim color

The style can always stand out. If you don’t look closely, they are not comparable to real jeans.

This kind of classic blue bottom pants with false fakes can be combined with short jackets such as suits to reproduce fashionable style. The only thing to pay attention to is:

Leg -shape perfection

Don’t be stubborn if your legs are thick. However, it can be paired with a long jacket or a long coat. For leggings, the thoughts turn around and everything.


Well, the above is the sharing of today’s leggings. As the most unique landscape in spring, I hope it can add icing on your cake, not “disaster presence”.

I hope today’s sharing is a little inspiration for you!

I am Luo Wei. I use image management as my homework that I have done in my life, and use a beautiful image and a beautiful mood to welcome the blooming every day in my life.

I not only share wearing, but also hope to help you establish your inner aesthetic system and spiritual nourishing system. Both internal and external cultivation are beautiful!


If you are confused, you can make a private message. Welcome to leave a message to discuss. We grow up together on the road of beauty and be strong together!





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