“Ugly shoes” today, who remembers it?


To sum up the trend of shoes, “

The more ugly, the more weird you can attract attention, and the more you can arouse the desire to buy

“, Young people want to make their feet” excellent “.

We can easily find the answer from various DAD Shoes and Hiking Shoes. Under the retro style, the shoe -shaped shoe body is increasingly exaggerated. It can also be said that it is the same as ugly, but it does not have much freshness.

This can’t help but remind Ye Zi from the previous trend “

Ugly shoe originator




Who is it?

In the spring and summer 2019 series released by Supreme, in addition to the joint names with Nike, the king of the street also chose to cooperate with the British classic shoe brand Clarks, bringing a new joint Wallabee shoes.


This slightly weird shoe type, coupled with the retro Bandana print, may be a bit unacceptable to us, just like life shoes.

But if you have a little qualified shoe fan, he must be familiar with the prototype of this pair of shoes. Maybe the first pair of ugly shoes he put on was it.


So yes, the “ugly shoes originator” we are talking about today is Clarks Originals



, Also the “


Speaking of the glory of this pair of kangaroo shoes, Supreme and Clarks have a total of 9 times (including this year). The items released 4 of them are it, which is evident.

There are also shoe types released by many brands behind. You can also see the shadow of kangaroo shoes, and even some brands are directly “copied”, such as Bape’s Manhunt and Visvim’s Polke.


▲ BAPE Manhunt



However, the grand occasion of kangaroo shoes is not only reflected in the impact of several joint names and design on the design of the shoe type. Its dominance in the trend field is rarely achieved by all kinds of dad shoes.


From second culture, to film and television music, to retro

It is a well -deserved “ugly shoes originator” in the trend


Wallabee is the classic shoe type of Clarks Originals, the old Clarks retro series of British shoes. It was born in the 1960s and was inspired by Indian soft leather shoes. It is a classic Makhun shoes.


Many people think it was designed by Clarks, but it is not.


Wallabee’s predecessor was originally designed and produced by a German shoe brand SiOUX, and named The Grassshopper. Later, Clarks signed an agreement with Sioux and obtained production permits.

And renamed Wallabee Kangaroo shoes, when the brand decided to enter the United States.


It is worth noting that the “kangaroos” referred to by Wallabee is not actually the kangaroo (Kangaroo), which loves boxing, but another kind of sand kangaroo (Wallaby).

After that, Wallabee was registered by Clarks, and gradually became its own brand shoes, and the relevant designs were improved, and there were kangaroo shoes in the population.

We all know that Clarks also invented desert boots. From the appearance, it can be seen that Wallabee is somewhat similar to the shoe type of desert boots. This is because the brand uses the same type of cricket to make.

At first, Wallabee’s positioning was a cheap, comfortable and light casual shoes, from the slogan “

The Most Comfortable Shoes in the World

“(The most comfortable shoes in the world) can know one or two.


But the 1960s and 1970s were the peak of European and Asian culture, and Wallabee ushered in its identity change.

In the 1960s, a large number of tooth namples were poured into the UK. These tooth buyers liked Clarks’s production shoes, which were cheap and durable.

There are also Thunder Music with immigrants. This novel music genre has attracted a large number of young people in England, especially the descendants of the working class and the respect of the descendants of World War II. The famous Mods family.


They riding the SCOOTER small motorcycle, they regard the M51 Parker coat, Fred Perry’s POLO shirt, Clarks’ desert boots and kangaroo shoes as their own necessary equipment.

Later, the MODS culture was extended into a broader trend, pioneer lifestyle. So far, Wallabee has also officially opened its fashion trend.

However, such a choice is not the initiative of the brand, often “selected.”

In the 1970s, the wave of immigrants of Jamaica went to New York, and Wallabee, who brought together, also had a long -term impact on the local young hip -hop cultural wardrobe. By 1996, the prestigious rap group Wu-Tang CLAN in the United States released kangaroo shoes on the cover of the “Ironman” album, and the status of the single product was close to the hip-hop “sweater” at the time.


▲ “Ironman” album cover


Until now, despite the decline in influence, kangaroo shoes can still be seen as the identity of rapper, including Lord Kan, Drake, etc. are all loyal fans, especially Drake. Clarks has created joint shoes.


▲ OVO X Clarks Wallabee

Throughout the 1990s, the “achievement” of kangaroo shoes in the field of music is very eye -catching. It is not only one of the most representative shoes of British rock and jazz culture in the hip -hop field in the United States. The symbol of symbols, the scenery is unlimited.

▲ The British Oasis band is wearing Clarks Wallabee


In addition, it can also “kill the Quartet” in film and television dramas. In the famous American drama “Desperate Poison Division”, Lao Bai is wearing kangaroo shoes.


▲ “Desperate Poison Division” poster


It can conquer different cultural fields. In addition to wearing and comfortable performance, the unique appearance must also be a great choice for pioneers to express their own personality.

The kangaroo shoes were made of suede at the beginning, usually with ankle height, with 2 ~ 3 rows of shoe holes, and the heel of the desert boots. In fact, we can completely treat it as a boot, but now it has developed low. Gang and light surface style.

However, the inspiration from Indian soft leather shoes is also doomed to the style of kangaroo shoes that are not very clever.


The biggest feature of the structure of Moksin is two layers (or above) edges. The manual stitching method is used to make the leather material wrapped to the soles. Such shoe system can allow leather to include the foot to the greatest extent, bringing stronger comfort.


But the obvious car line and the prominent edge make the upper look less concise, coupled with the iconic natural gum bottom, and the closed tongue heels, although it can prevent sand from entering the shoe, but it can It also created it very abrupt, and it looked slightly awkward.

How to quibble the governance must admit that from the current aesthetics, kangaroo shoes are indeed not shoes that can make people fall in love at a glance.


However, this does not hinder the ugly handsome it. It has a long time with you.

Ye Zi thinks that the most classic and most soul kangaroo shoes must be suede material with raw glue base, it is best to color the color matching such as khaki, and do not have a low -top style. Rough and generous, eclectic “rough man” personality played out, allowing the style and texture to cover up its clumsy look.

If you want to control it well, you must not cover the upper with your trousers long. You need to protect the boots as a whole. With the level, you will not make it more procrastinating.


It is necessary to add double socks leaves. The tattoo texture on the socks can echo each other with the velvet particles of the shoe body, so that the delicate texture becomes full and rich, and it adds a little delicate to the original dull shoes shape Feeling.


In terms of style, it is one of the most appropriate choices with retro military uniforms and workers. The corresponding overall as a whole has a more significant Vintage rough style.

But this does not prevent you from using a suit to mix kangaroos, and put the retro simplicity with the elegance of the gentleman together, which is even more unique.

Compared with the hot boots and Sneaker who are fried to the sky now, kangaroo shoes have a more unique recognition. Although it is not very consistent with the current mainstream aesthetics, if you are a “niche patient” or retro fan, believe it, believe it It can also meet your taste needs, and it is more cost -effective.

In fact, the trend attributes of kangaroo shoes are no longer in the past, and more of them are just as unpopular retro shoes in the Vintage circle.

Due to the brand’s own reasons, even from 11 years, the relevant co -branded series of kangaroo shoes every year have been released every year, but it is indeed “old” and it is difficult to reproduce glory.


▲ Beam X Clarks Wallabee

In terms of status, looking at the development process of street culture and Sneaker, it is really difficult to find such a classic work that runs through different areas of different trends. Perhaps this result is not a bad thing for kangaroo shoes. The trend is wrapped in, so that we can “miss” from time to time.


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