Five dresses that must be entered this year’s early autumn, but also cover the meat without picking up, you are the goddess


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After the autumn rain, the weather gradually started to cool down. As soon as I changed the season, I felt that I had no clothes to wear, right?

Looking at the small skirt in the closet, it is no longer suitable for autumn. At this time, we need a middle -length dress to wear more comfortable to wear.

Want to take care of




When we choose a dress, we will have a lot of effort on the collar. I found 4 types of collar dress and see which one is suitable for yourself?


1. Shirt neck dress

Shirt neck dress

, I think it is the dress that does not pick up the occasion, the collection



It is one of them, you can wear it at work and leisure, and it is not easy to make mistakes.


When I received this shirt skirt, I first conquered me. The feel is a little glutinous in the silk. It was very strong, and it was not easy to make folds. It was really a must -have for lazy girls.

This shirt skirt can easily wear a straightforward effect. There are two symmetrical ones on the waist

Belt design


, Tie behind them at will, waist is thin.


Under the background of the waist design and the big skirt, you show your fine waist. The version is a bit loose, and the slightly fat body does not have any pressure to control it.

This one



The fabric, the version is particularly good, thin and covered with meat. The slightly thick denim fabric, whether in the air -conditioned room or the morning and evening temperature difference, is better than it.

At noon, the temperature rises, you can roll up your sleeves, and add the buttons intimately, and it will not seem too casual.

There are hidden in the waist


Drawing line design


You only need to close it lightly, you can pull out the thin waist, too intimate, the girl of Apple’s figure can try it.

Why is the dress that is the best clothes? Because it is easy to match, such a shirt collar dress upper body, only need to wear a pair


canvas shoes


Just work, don’t worry about wearing anything.

2. V -neck dress


The skirt of the shirt is the dress that is the least pick -up, then


V -neck dress

It should be the dress that does not pick the neck. And V -shaped collar mouth

Small face, small chest, thin, thin

The advantages.


Rippling element

Gives a cute and playful feeling, who is not a cute woman in such a V -neck dress?


V -neck can also bring more matching space, such as



Two necklaces, not only fashionable, but also show your combination. As a exquisite woman, there are no watches.


The A -shaped skirt can help you cover the flesh on your hips and thighs. Pear -shaped girls must wear.

After the short model is shared, there is another long V -neck dress. The light background is embellished with floral florals. Although it enters the autumn, the floral can continue to be worn.


The seven -point sleeves have a lot of details, wrinkles on the shoulders, and thin bubble sleeves. The cuffs are irregular fish mouths and are very eye -catching.

The key to this dress is also very versatile, matching


Small incense coat

You can wear the taste of a celebrity. Are you not tempted to see here?

3. Fang Ling dress

The collar type that can have the same effect as the V -word collar should be


Square collar

Then, it has increased the opening area on the basis of ordinary collar, and its folding bone is its greatest charm.


Wearing this

Fang Ling Dress

You can show your charming clavicle lines. If you feel empty, you will decorate a necklace, and the role will not be said.

The waist is tight, the meat is thin behind the upper body, and it will not be diarrhea at all, and it also emphasizes the effect of the waistline.

Large umbrella skirts are easily hidden in various legs, and absolute Tibetan meat is thinner. And my favorite bubble sleeves, covering the meat is sweet and beautiful!

For girls in the south, the tea break skirt is still the main force. The material of chiffon is drooping and light. The middle and long skirts have a split blessing, and they are very sexy.

4. Doll collar dress

Doll neck dress

It has always been a fashion representative with a fairy and femininity, so it has always been favored by many girls.

The doll neck dress I want to recommend is really a small and unsightly masters. In addition to the basic design of not picking people, the place that attracts me is the fold design of the waist. Meat!


This season can be worn alone, and the weather is cold again, just wear a small jacket or windbreaker. Large doll collar, there is a circle of lace edges, especially girls.

Step a pair of black loafers on your feet, and black socks. After this wave of operation, the first feeling to me is

Age reduction




That’s it for today’s sharing. What do you want autumn items? Welcome sisters to leave me a message below!

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