After watching the trick of cleaning the carpet, she couldn’t help but give her a thumbs up, which was quite practical!

Many friends now have carpets in the decoration of the house. The texture of such ground materials is very good and the decorative effect is very good. However, carpet cleaning is not as convenient as tiles and wooden floors, especially with a lot of stains that are difficult to remove, and it is more difficult to clean. And the experienced aunt told me a few very simple ways to clean the carpet, which is quite practical!


Cleaning the magic movement of the carpet


1. Vinegar

Families to laid carpets will find that the carpet will appear after a period of use, especially those with pets are more likely to have odors. So the best way is to use vinegar. It can not only prevent the ductive of the carpet, but also prevent fading. It is not a problem to eliminate the odor.

2. Clean the carpet


Like ordinary carpets, the most important thing for cleaning a large area is to use a vacuum cleaner to vacuum the carpet on a regular basis. If the carpet is reversible, the double -sided vacuum is double. This can remove the gravel and dirt that may wear the carpet, but be careful not to clean the edge of the carpet with a vacuum cleaner. When using a vacuum cleaner, you may leave pet hair. At this time, you need to remove the hair with a hard hair brush and brush the hair in the direction of the carpet. If the carpet is small enough, you can take it out, shake or slap it, so that it will remove dirt and gravel, but some areas are about prohibiting outdoor rugs, so please understand your local regulations.

3. Clear glass residue

The glass residue is scattered on the carpet, and the naked eye can be visible. You can use a sticky tape to stick it to the remaining powder glass residue. You can use cotton dipped in water, or sprinkle some rice. Scan it, make it adhere to the rice grains, take the rice grains, then use a vacuum cleaner to suck.

4. Wool carpet clean

The fluff with the daily clean carpet with a vacuum cleaner is easy to accumulate, especially the fluffy with wool carpets is relatively long. The vacuum cleaner is a good helper to deal with the dust collected in the carpet.

First clean the carpet with a vertical vacuum cleaner for the first step of dust removal; then use the handheld vacuum cleaner to carefully handle the ash under the coffee table, the corner, the edge of the bed, and the carpet edge. Cleaning thoroughly.

To clean the carpet with a vacuum cleaner, you must regularly quantitative and persistent! If the dust is not cleaned for a long time, the surface of the carpet will be discolored and deteriorated.

5. PVC carpet clean

The main material of the PVC carpet is a chemical resin material, which is made from multiple combination processes. There are many advantages of the PVC carpet. The pattern flower case is very beautiful. It is not easy to ignite by fire and is not easy to change the tide. At the same time, it is both slippery and waterproof. Take care of the PVC carpet to use a vacuum cleaner or a special mop. If stubborn stains appear, you can use cleaner, soapy water, etc. to wipe hard, or use bleach to eliminate fungal antivirus in water. Do not use any chemical preparations or strong acid and alkaline solutions except the detergent. The price of PVC carpet is much cheaper than hand carpets, and because of its many characteristics, it can be used on many occasions, such as various service places such as shopping malls and shops.

6. Protect the re -raised area of ​​the carpet

If your carpet extends to the area where the front door, kitchen, or other regions often pass, consider using small carpets or plastic protection pads to protect these areas. In this way, you don’t need to use a vacuum cleaner every day to remove large pieces of soil and grass roots.

There is an additional benefit of plastic carpet protection pads, that is, the carpet can be seen through clear plastic. This is an inconspicuous method that protects your carpet from dust.


Use channel carpets in the corridor because more people go.


The carpets at home need to be cleaned, so use these good methods above. We remember to clean up the carpets at home regularly, otherwise the carpet can easily breed a large amount of bacteria, and it will directly affect the surface of the carpet and become no longer so beautiful.

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