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Archimedes said:

Give me a fulcrum, I can leverage the earth!

This is the great idea of ​​scientists. In reality, can we “pry” the earth? can! At least, if you have a globe, you can not only “pry” the earth, but also “turn” the earth.

With the Earth’s reference, people in the world are divided into two types:


People without Earth and those who have the Earth.

Because everyone’s vision is limited -from this perspective, if you want to better understand our world, everyone should have a dedicated earth.

Many people are not unfamiliar with the earth:

The bracket supports a rolling sphere, which depicts and portray the world map. There is a tilted rotor in the middle.

It is the model and microcosm of the earth homeland where we live, and the indispensable teaching aids in geographical classrooms.

| Newlobe new satellite remote sensing globe |

But do you know? The Earth is not so simple. The energy it contains is beyond your imagination. This is exactly what we need it.


It is the messenger through history

The birth of the earth is first established and disseminated from the “Earth Yuan Theory”. When people are more and more realized that the earth is circular, the earth is the basis of birth. On the eve of the foundation of geography, the first batch of globes came out. The globe promoted the navigation operations of Columbus, Magellan and others, and more navigation practice promoted the development of the earth.

Subsequently, wherever the footsteps of navigators, explorers, colonists, and missionaries come, the globe will arrive there as shadows. Later, during several changes and other changes in the Industrial Revolution, the Earth also became the carrier of technology applications, and thus witnessed the development of human science and technology history.

| Two large globes of the Austrian Earth Museum |

It was a symbol of status status

The development of the earth has gone through the process of rare to common, from the upper level to the public.

The production of the early Earth was first from scientists. For example, most people who produced the Earth in the record were scientists in the field of astronomical, geographical or navigation, such as Idry, Sitto, Makato, Beiham and so on. The globe of this period was a veritable scarce product. They make the earth and often dedicate to the pope and king as valuable gifts.


At the end of the Ming and early Qing dynasties, the missionary Circus, Matteo Ricci, Long Huamin, Tang Ruowang, etc. who came across the ocean to China, all dedicated to the Chinese emperor at the time as a gift. Later, the globe brought by the Magali Mission was also a gift to Emperor Qianlong.

In Europe, Elizabeth I, Napoleon, and others all “in the same frame” with the Earth in important occasions. First, use the earth to express the conquest of the world with the help of the Earth, the symbol of the Earth as power, and it also illustrates the rarity of the earth from the side. Among the many European paintings since the Renaissance, the globe often appears.


17th century Holy Roman Emperor Charles V and Earth


Earth in the famous painting

Earth in the Kangxi period of the Qing Dynasty in China

In the end of the Ming Dynasty in China, the globe made by the missionary

It, the new favorite in the collection field

At the Map Expo held in London, the United Kingdom, an anonymous collector bought an ancient globe, which was connected to the two -half ostrich eggs. Therefore, the northern hemisphere of the earth and the southern hemisphere include the round bottom of the organic egg shell. Through testing and research, the age of this globe was between 1500 and 1504 AD, and there were newly discovered American maps discovered by Europeans in 1492. Later, the earth was moved to Belgian scholar and collector Stefaan Missine.


The Earth is collected as antique arts, and it is no longer a secret. In the 17th century, the Gelast of the famous Dutch map and the Gelast manufacturer of the Blau family was sought after at the time. At that time, the wealthy people in Europe were proud of the Blau’s brand Earth. Today, the globe of the Blau family was a sought -after goods on the auction.

In the 16th century, a globe made of ostrich eggshell

The Gem Earth Gelasi of the Iranian Museum

The leader of the global collection Earth is the Gelast Museum, which was officially established in Vienna, Austria in 1956. It is the only museum that is opened to the public in the world. Most of the 200 exhibits were before the 1850s.

It, new elements of home decoration

In addition to collecting, antique globes are often applied by designers in the field of decoration.


Saf Waterman, the director of a specialty store in London, said: “Earth is a talking antique.” Martinwaller, the director of an international design company, said: “In each library I have designed, it will be equipped with an antique globe. Their existence will exist. , Let the right -angle rooms have round and agile rooms. The ancient earth instrument has a nostalgia, and people can experience the romance of human exploration of the world from it. “The real antique globe can not be required. Therefore, the antique -style globe, because of the more economical cost, has become a alternative commonly used in interior decoration.


It, the best carrier of the earth’s knowledge

Although there are multiple roles, the original purpose of the Earth’s intention is to reflect, recognize the world, and spread scientific knowledge. The founder of ancient geography, Ptolemy, defined geography in the “Guide of Geography”: it is reproduced to the known world image. The globe is a way to reproduce the world with images. The projection method proposed by Ptolemy has also become the theoretical basis for the birth of the earth.

The earliest existing globe, “ERDAPFEL” produced by German astronomer and map scientist Beiim (German “Earth Apple”). Although there are various shortcomings, the Earth Gelast is an important turning point in the development of geography and map science. It appeared during the transition period of the dark medieval and geographical discovery. And the level of geographical knowledge. Following the path opened by “ERDAPFEL”, the most important function of the map instruments in the past, regardless of whether it is practical or for furnishings, is to show the latest geographical knowledge at that time.

Matteo Ricci, Tang Ruowang and other missionary (the middle instrument is Earth)

Gelast made by German Martin-Manheim in 1492

How to have an ideal globe?

Knowledge carriers, classroom teaching aids, antique collections, furnishings … With the development of the times, the content of the earth is becoming more and more exciting and rich. So, is these properties integrated?


Here, the Great Geographical Museum specially recommends a high -quality globe


Fun Globe series. This brand

Founded in 1983, from the Treasure Island of the Motherland, they have only been the Earth in 40 years. They have produced spheres for more than 19 countries in the world. Various brands of various brands in China in China have been founded by FUNGLOBE’s parent company. Production.


After the FUN GLOBE brand was born, the traditional globe framework began to jump out of the design in the design.

Both knowledge, educational, decorative and artistic


Let more people get a variety of fun from the earth.

Among them, the most concerned is the AR 720 degrees without a dead corner rotation.

There is no light setting in the traditional globe, it is difficult to see the details in the dark light

FUN GLOBE has specially set up the lights, and it is still touching


Insufficient electricity can be charged, remove line interference when using

You can also use the night light at night, the lights are not dazzling, and you can also adjust the brightness.


Most of the traditional globes can only be autobiously, and it is inconvenient to observe high latitudes and bipolar regions.


FUN GLOBE Earth Gelast can be 720 degrees without rotary rotation.


Most of the traditional globes are mainly mapped by the administrative division


FUN GLOBE Earth Ceremony has satellite maps, terrain maps, antique map three

Moreover, after the lights are not bright and the light is large, there are two other types of display: do not turn on the light, display the normal topographic map, display the administrative division and Jingwei.com after opening the lights

The traditional globe only considers the use, and does not pay attention to the beauty

FUN GLOBE Earth Ceremony focuses on the design, and you can also make a decoration when not in use

The topographic map of the traditional globe is often plane and cannot be displayed.

FUN GLOBE Gelast has a relief process that has changed according to the ups and downs of the terrain, the global terrain, and directly experience through the touch

The traditional earth is just showing the world map simply

FUN GLOBE Earth Ceremony and new technologies are integrated to meet the growing knowledge and popular science needs of contemporary people.


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