A 4 -month -old baby will climb? Jiang Chao’s son wearing sunglasses opened a big G, Madina squatted beside him carefully to support

Babes who have a 4 -month -old baby know that the 4 -month -old baby will definitely not sit down, let alone climbing. It usually takes seven or eight months to crawl. Of course, it is not ruled out that there are babies with a relatively rapid development. If the baby is often put on the crawling pad, the baby will definitely climb faster than his peers.

Today we are talking about Jiang Chao and Madina. Madina gave birth to a son on May 20 this year, named Daniel. Daniel’s baby has been more than 4 months old, and it is about 5 months. During this time, Mother -in -law Mother -in -law was responsible for bringing babies. Madina and Jiang Chao were responsible for making money to work. The mother -in -law also thought that her son and daughter -in -law had a two -person world after having a child. Such mother -in -law is really a good mother -in -law.

We did not talk about the 4 -month -old baby. Generally, the four -month -old babies can only turn over and have unstable sitting. But Jiang Chao’s son Daniel is different. Jiang Chaoyu proudly mentioned that his son Daniel had crawled because of the genetically strong gene. A 4 -month -old baby will climb? The answer is, you don’t read it wrong.


How does Jiang Chao feel a little praise? Maybe the crawling in Jiang Chaokou is different from the real hand and knees we think, Daniel should just crawl. After all, the hands and feet are not strong enough for 4 months, and it is impossible to wake up on the knees. Of course, every child is the most perfect in the eyes of parents. Jiang Chao is another narcissistic father, so we listen to it.


Jiang Chao had previously bought a big G car for his son. He hadn’t sat yet, and he had already sat up and tried it. When his son was about to reach 5 months, Daniel’s children finally sat on the first or four rounds of “luxury cars” belonging to his life. Daniel’s children wearing sunglasses opened big G, so cool. Mom Madina squatted beside her carefully. Madina also stepped on, for fear that her son would not be safe.

It should be said that such a small car should only be walked in the villa area. Have you found that Jiang Chao is really narcissistic, and he also started a luxury car with his son. Jiang Chao and Madina looked at each other with a smile, and their eyes were full of love. Unfortunately, his son Daniel did not care about his handsome dad, and he was seriously studying his car. It seems that it will also be a copy of Jiang Chao in the future.

According to Jiang Chao’s words, the son’s waist pole of more than 4 months is quite straight. He doesn’t like to lie down and prefer to sit. The most important thing is that you don’t like to stay at home and like to go out to play. Unexpectedly, Daniel, who was only 4 months old, was yearning for the outside world. Sure enough, it is the second generation of the star. Jiang Chao also lamented that his son was growing every day, and he was really old.


Our Daniel Baby is also a rich second generation. Dad Jiang Chao has bought a large villa before he was born, with a large garage and karaoke hall. Jiang Chao can also be regarded as an invisible rich, and his parents are open -minded. Madina is really married to the right. When Madina gave birth to a child, the father -in -law cried. The details can be seen in the relationship between them.


It is said that her husband can choose, but the in -laws are accompanied by, and the good in -laws are a blessing. There are two people in life, three meals and four seasons, plus children and enlightened in -laws, this is the best happiness, isn’t it?

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