Karcher Kelich’s sadness of a German product loyalty

I am a loyal fan of German products. For personal reasons, first of all, I graduated from college. Later, I went to Germany. When I was pushed away from the heavy door of the supermarket, I always said that silly Germans The gate is so heavy, can I save some materials, scold and scold, the impression of good quality of German products is deeply imprinted in my heart. In the future, my priority of choosing goods has always been the first German brand. As for the home appliances at the time of marriage, the first cars in life were German descent.

Later, I was slammed. These were personal experiences, and I could write a continuous novel. Today I met a bad thing again. I broke out a bit. I picked up my pen and I wanted to write a series.

The matter is very simple. One year ago, I bought a new car, a compact SUV. For the rising car washing fee, I thought I bought a car wash machine. I have high requirements for the quality and accessories of the motor. I did not choose the domestic brands. Of course, Kaichi, the price is very distressed, but for a long time, I comfort me from my heart.

The nightmares started today. I still use it very carefully this year, but today, the joints of the spray high pressure tube and the motor burst out. I put my legs out of a big bag, and I thoroughly stunned me. Is it? This is the quality of German products that I pursue like stars. After calming down, I carefully observed the connector. The motor connector thread is still intact. The high -voltage pipe connector is a bit off. Look at it. The heart of the heart is flying around, a fast -connected high -pressure tube head that is often disassembled, you actually use plastic. Isn’t this too deceiving? I bought it for a long time. I can’t use it for a year. Also, I still hurt my legs, this is the quality of Germany.

Unwilling, I want to complain, I have done it in a German company, I will Germany, I want a fairness. After the complaint call is called, my fire is not expressed by a few grass. First of all, the family is very polite. The gentle language of the customer service makes you confused, but it does not solve the problem. The plastic material is to seal it. In short, they have no problem. All the questions are why you buy our products, hurting your legs as if they are not their products, you deserve it.


I ca n’t get off the stage. You complain, I am not afraid. First of all, you have no complaints, where do you go to complain, what can complain, and who can solve it. Moreover, they have a legal department and you can fight with you. What capital do you have? If it’s too small, you will suffer. Technically, you say that changing the connector is plastic, but people will get out of the country. The big cake of painting, plastic, is enough, metal, huh, what do you make for so long, you can’t be broken or updated, we can reduce costs, you have to buy our accessories, you don’t have to choose, you don’t have to choose. We do business.

It ’s so desperate. There are a lot of similar things in life. What should we do? I suddenly have a clever move. Our omnipotent netizens have God’s wisdom. Please give me a master. I will try to write this story novel.

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