Why do most companies like to use canvas fabrics for work clothes?

The current enterprises are usually customized for employees’ work clothes, because their fabrics are thick and strong and wear -resistant. The effect of making work clothes is also very good. It is comfortable to wear, wear -resistant and anti -wrinkle. In fact, there are many kinds of canvas work clothes, so what are the characteristics of them? Let me explain it to Xiaobian!


The double -layer canvas use high -grade thickened polyester cotton fabrics on the two layers of the workwear. The double -layer fabric is for the three -dimensional sense of the canvas workwear, and it is both wear -resistant, wears, and washed. It is generally customized in autumn and winter. In addition, double -layer canvas also have options, such as double -layer cotton canvas, double -layer polyester cotton canvas, double -layer all -cotton canvas, double -layer encrypted oblique canvas.

Fine canvas, with fine yarn, high density, low -weight polyester cotton or cotton canvas. The fine sailor latitude is generally 28 to 6 shares 28. It can be used for labor work clothes. Line, the weight of the fine canvas work clothes is not too high, and it is refreshing, suitable for customization in spring and summer. Relative to the rough canvas, the corresponding fabrics must be selected according to the needs of the industry.

Pearl canvas, also a fabric of the canvas, divided into two categories: thick bead sails, elastic bead sails. The version is stiff and has a thick and thick -looking characteristic. There are many cases in the full polyester, or polyester cotton, and polyester cotton, which can be 90%polyester plus 10%cotton, or 80%polyester and 20%cotton, which is suitable for customized in work pants and jackets Working and so on. Canvas work clothes are very suitable for industries that are often friction, such as machinery, logistics transportation, warehousing packaging and other industries. Canvas work clothes are the best choice.

The above is the content of the editor of Yi Yuan. While making a workwear, you can consider the above fabrics. In this way, you can feel comfortable when wearing work clothes, making people feel relaxed and not suppressed.


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