Snail mask, snail spa, do you dare to enjoy?

As the same female compatriots, I saw a lot of snail masks on the cosmetics market, and some people deliberately made snail SPAs. They were very curious and deeply admired. On the one hand, the sticky secretion of the snail can also be used for maintenance on the face, and on the other hand, it deeply sighs that the human imagination and exploration ability as the top of the biological chain is so powerful.


At that time, snails were difficult to survive in our village. There is a bear child like me. This guy has been caught by us for various uses, feeding chickens, fishing, and competitions … It can be said that there is no the same ones on the stage. exist. Who has thought that it has not been a few years, and it has changed its development route and ran to the beauty industry to find another way.

The name of the snail, in fact, does not refer to a certain classification, generally refers to all the categories of the abdominal feet. They all like more humid places. Although they are not at night, they will also avoid bright sunshine. Snails living in cold or arid areas will also secrete mucus to form a dry film with closed shells. The whole body is hidden in the shell to sleep, and it comes out when the temperature and humidity are appropriate.

Snail pride

As a software animal, although the snail has a shell, it is still not comparable to other animals, but the most proud of the snail is his teeth, which is said to be the most teeth in the world. Therefore, you can say that, the number of snails with the number of teeth, the strength of the dried rice people.

Not easy

The life of snails is about 5-10 years, but there will be almost no snails. It is too fragile, so that almost all animals can become its natural enemies and eat it.


Of course, in order to avoid the destruction, the snail believes that “quantitative change produces qualitative change.”

Snails of male and female, all sides of the body, after 10 days of conception, both sides can lay eggs, and small snails can be hatched after 8 days of eggs.

A snail produces about 6 times a year, nearly 100 each. Little snail matures two years later. Therefore, in the world of snails, dads are mother and mother.


Snail value


I don’t know when the snail has enjoys the reputation of “soft gold” internationally internationally. The reason is that its protein content is very high, but the fat is extremely low. Its meat is tender and nutritious. Just ask if you dare to eat it?

In addition to eating, people’s use of snails is really thorough. Although no scientific research has proved how the mucus secreted by snails has a effect on the skin, mucus produced by snails contain nutrients and antioxidants. It is said that the doctor in the ancient Greek period, Hippokrada, used smashed snails and yogurt to treat skin inflammation. In recent years, the French have used snails into various creams and emulsions.

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