One top three! The German velvet heating bottoming shirt, instantaneous heat for 2 ~ 3 degrees, high -necked windshield and cold, making you thin into a small fairy

These two days have cool down again! The cold wind hurts the face,

The weather forecast has always been to intimidate us these days,

What the cold current of Siberia is coming to torture us again,

It’s really unclear why Siberia is so much cold,

What do the locals rely on the cold, the cold current comes,

Our small body is frozen into cold -blooded animals.

Every day in the hospital hanging water, people are full of people,

Most of them are cold and fever,


Heating the nose water in the headache, the taste is really uncomfortable,

This season is every year,

Just thinking about one thing: Don’t catch a cold!

The taste of being frozen is not comfortable,


Although there are always short skirts worn by “frozen people” on the street, walking on the street,


Show a small waist and long legs,


100%of the proper return rate,

We dare not try “cold” with him,

Three layers and three layers of Ningchen inside wrap themselves,

Live like big dumplings.

Wore a thick down jacket and cotton coat,

A warm underwear is absolutely indispensable,

But think about the warm clothes worn on your body, you can get angry,

Many called high -tech materials,

It seems that I can wear it in Antarctica and play with the penguin.

In fact, many of them are crudely made,

Put on the whole body itching and stabbing,

There is no warmth effect, the cold wind constantly pierced it,

Small and torture our small body, frozen to death!

In terms of design, many warm underwear is straight, and


Put up from top to bottom,

It looks extremely bloated, ugly!


Regardless of our original small waist, willow waist, Chu waist. Essence Essence

Unified Copy became water! bucket! waist!

This kind of warm underwear is still “weak”,

Choose low round neck or chicken heart collar, the neck is frozen to death,


The cold wind just likes to pour in from the neck,

Let the whole upper body instantly enter the “Antarctic Ice Cold”,


I have to put on a scarf when I go out, which is very troublesome.

If you choose a high -round neck, you will meet with friends,


When you see the warm underwear on the neck from a distance,

They will definitely have fun in their hearts:

This silly girl is also so on!

Frozen cold,


Want to be beautiful again,

Be better and warm again,

This requirement is a bit high!

But as long as you put on this Skiwi German velvet heating bottom shirt,

Can meet all your requirements,

Use diamond virtue fever fiber as a material,

It can heat up 2 ~ 3 degrees in 10 minutes,


Dry spinning ultra -fine section of section technology, so that the cold wind cannot invade,

360 -degree heat storage lock, very comfortable to wear,

It seems that the skin of the baby is soft,

According to the proportion of Asian women’s golden figure,

Instantly show the sexy and graceful devil figure, proper!

Fashion tall collar, windshield and cold are also small Case,


Even if the cold air is fierce, it can’t get drilled in,

What I want is this coolness!

Throw two photos of the model first,

Let her pull her high collar,

Show elasticity is very powerful, no restraint,

It also achieved the role of 100%to resist the cold wind,

Look at this sexy curve!

It is worthy of the masterpiece of Asian design masters,

Chest curve, waist curve, beautiful neck curve. Essence Essence

One cannot be less!

I can’t stand it!

Xiao Bian can also press the desire that constantly stimulated,

As soon as the sample arrived, put it on,

Turn a show show,

I also find the feeling of modeling! hey-hey!

Use imported diamond virtue as warm materials,

It is characterized by cycle spontaneous heating,

Transform the humidity that the human body is constantly discharged into thermal energy,

Human body heat is also stored by the ultra -fine fiber on the surface of the virtue,

The warmth effect is 2 to 3 times the ordinary fabric.

A lot of moisture on the surface of the human body every day,

German velvet fabric has a water core suction function,

Fully absorb and eliminate moisture,

Keep the skin surface dry and comfortable,

The heat is locked,

A lot of calories are stored in short velvet,

A layer of locking layer is formed,

It seems like the regulator of human skin heat,

Make the skin surface warmer.

Observe the changes in human heat after putting on a virtue bottoming shirt.

You can see clearly, but in just ten minutes,

A large amount of thermal energy is stored on the surface of the skin,

Realized the rapid heating of 2 to 3 degrees.

Ordinary veil fiber gaps are large, and cold air is easy to invade.

In a low -temperature environment outdoors,

The body feels cold, and I always feel that there is a cold wind blowing,

The outer layer of the heating virtue bottoming shirt

With dry spinning ultra -fine -specific section technology,

The fiber gap has reached the micron level,

Cold air cannot penetrate at all,

Reduce the flow of skin and external air,

Protect the skin from cold.

The weather is cold, the temperature difference between day and night is very large,

Go out in the morning, freeze cold,

Forced to wrap it tightly,

At noon, suddenly the temperature is outrageous,

It seems that I have arrived in Africa all of a sudden,

It’s all sweaty, sticky,


Take off your coat? A small wind blows, you may catch a cold!

Heat the bottom shirt

With 3 times the moisturizing ability of ordinary cotton products,

Can quickly absorb humidity and discharge from the body,

It is dry and itchy.

Wrap the heating virtue bottoming shirt on the humidifier,

Look at the exclusion form of water vapor,


It seems to be empty as nothing,

The moisture is so strong!

SKIWI specially hires Asian clothing design masters to participate in design,

Tailored according to the golden figure of Asian women,


Chest line, waistline, neckline,

All three lines must be “sexy”,


It can be thinner 5 ~ 8 catties to wear,

The proper small waist is exposed,

There is also a proud curve on the chest,


The neck care of the high -necked neck

It has made us younger, cool!

The heating virtue bottom shirt brings us,

Not just more fashionable, it is not an ordinary high -necked neckline.

It is the “pile collar” that the design master brings us.

And tolerate the neck skin at 360 degrees,

Eliminate the entry of all cold winds,


There is no cold feeling around the neck!

Fusion of high elastic fiber,

Double elasticity,

Fatty thinner can perfectly integrate your body!

SKIWI heating virtue bottom shirt not only sells 4 million sets in China, but also

Also exported to Japan, South Korea, Europe and the United States,

In Japan, it has become the darling of fashion magazines,


Whether it is paired with trench coats, long skirts, down jackets. Essence Essence Essence

It can make you more young intellectual,

No matter how cold the sky, you can’t stop your good figure!

Each original price 128,

New thing surprise member price is only 88 yuan,

If you buy two at a time,

Only 156 yuan,


It’s time to take off the bloated and ugly warm underwear!

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