All cotton era: star fashion matching with careful machine, bottoming underwear like this super high -level

A autumn rain and a cold, suitable for overlapping autumn and winter is coming. Speaking of autumn and winter wear, it is indispensable for bottoming underwear. Whether there are amateur or stars, they love it. Yang Mi, who has contributed a lot of high -quality street shots, and Zheng Xiujing, a walking clothing textbook, etc., has brought us a lot of fashion wear for underwear. How to wear underwear is fashionable, let’s take a look together.

Matching one: Small accessories+bottom underwear


For the basic items of the basewear underwear, wearing itself will not be very obtrusive. However, most of the bottom underwear on the market is mainly monochrome, and it is inevitable that wearing it is inevitable. Therefore, using some small or unique small accessories for embellishment, you can add visibility.


When choosing a single underwear, you need to pay attention to the fit of the fabric and the skin. Too loose bottoming underwear will look unhappy, and the right slim can show the refinement. Recently launched the cotton -free cotton bottom underwear with 100 high -chip cotton cotton. The fabric is light, skin -friendly and breathable, and it is very comfortable to wear on the body. Moreover, the neckline, cuffs and hem of the bottoming underwear are not stitched. The direct cutting process improves the quality of the bottom underwear and looks more advanced.

Match two: shirt+bottom underwear

The matching of shirts+basewear is mainly to highlight the sense of fashion by creating a sense of layering. In terms of color selection, it is better to use low saturation color, or wild color such as black and white, which is conducive to creating a simple and capable effect, suitable for workplace white.


However, when choosing a bottoming underwear, pay attention to the length of the sleeves. Too long sleeves can easily accumulate the fabric of the bottom underwear in the cuffs, and weaken the sense of capable. The grass cotton bottom underwear launched in the cotton era uses a round neck and 9 -point sleeve design to avoid the procrastination caused by the long sleeve. And the straw cotton has antibacterial effects to protect the health of users. Combined with the advantages of natural degradation and external seams, this new product can be said to be well interpreted the concept of “comfort, health, and environmental protection” in the cotton era.

Match 3: knitted vest+basewear

In the autumn and winter seasons, knitted vests can interpret a lot of high -quality wearing, and matching underwear can not only show thinner but also achieve the effect of age reduction.

Different from shirts, knitted vests and bottom underwear can try some contrasting effects on color selection, such as red, blue, yellow and green color matching to highlight personality. However, contrasting dresses may also cause aesthetic fatigue. At this time, you can use some dark -colored items for balance treatment to make the whole dress more harmonious.


Of course, there are still many matching underwear, such as matching sweater, creating fakes with sweaters, and so on. An ordinary bottoming underwear can create a variety of dresses. The key is to dress with carefully and carefully.

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