Short long -sleeved shirt with flared pants, easy to wear small waist, tall and beautiful and young vitality

Summer is a season for girls to love and hate. What I love is to wear a cool dress in summer, showing the beauty of the figure, hate hot weather, either sweating or easy to dry black skin, so It is always necessary to rack the brains. It is necessary to wear cool and comfortable, but also play a role in sun protection. Therefore, the short version is slowly accepted by young girls. For example, short -sleeved long -sleeved navel installations can easily wear slender waist, cool and show figures, and at the same time play a sunscreen role.

Therefore, it is not difficult to show more and more shirts in daily life. Short suspenders, short vests, short long -sleeved shirts, all of which highlight the beauty of the waist, showing slender Xiaoman waist, mature and beautiful, showing a figure, making beauty more fresh and young. For such models, as long as you match the next fit, you can fully wear the beauty of the figure, create a fresh and stylish and beautiful beauty, and make your summer more beautiful and attractive.

How to choose the color in a short version of small shirts, because wearing in summer not only has a coolness, but also shows temperament. So white can be said to be a color that everyone likes. The temperament, refreshing with clean beauty, good -looking and generous; secondly black color to match the shirt, which can set off the whitening of skin tone, and can show mature charm, in addition to black and white, there are light blue, pink, pink, pink, pink They are all good colors, but only white is very refreshing and durable in summer.


How to match the short shirt with a short version, because the short design is to highlight the beauty of the waist, so you can choose jeans, straight pants, skirts, etc. in the matching of the bottom. You can match it, put out the slender waist completely, this beauty is full of confidence and young vitality, and the mature and beautiful posture.


Just like this fashionable young lady, wearing a white short -sleeved shirt on the upper body. This small shirt belongs to the cutting body cut, simple round neck, and the edge is decorated with a necklace, which increases the beauty texture. The small shirt is a small shirt. Raising the temperament against the white lining, the short version of the waist is easily highlighted, creating the effect of exposed navel, mature and beautiful waist. It also modified the slender effect, so that the shirt was wearing fresh beauty, fashionable and figure.


The lower body is paired with a light blue denim flared pants. The flared pants are also a figure that shows a figure. The waist and legs and thighs use a slimming cut. The flared pants tube uses a micro -flared mouth. This style of flared pants can be better put on a thin body. At the same time, it can conceal the effect of thick legs. Create a tall body ratio visually, simple and beautiful.


Wearing a pair of white sneakers, this matching on the color and white tops to echo the white top, sneakers with jeans, full of casual style. It can be seen that the combination of Miss Sister, the waist with a beautiful body material, wears a tall figure, and the beauty is fresh and energetic. (Match the picture source network, the invasion is deleted.)

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