Three ways to wear a pleated skirt, the shape of the hollow reunion depends on TA

The development momentum of pleated skirts this year can be described as very rapid. From the period of the Republic of China, it can also be seen that its popularity has been seen. How should such skirts be matched? Don’t worry, follow the pace of the bean bag, let me introduce you to three ways to wear a pleated skirt ~

[Shirt + pleated skirt]

Literary and artistic shirts, with fluttering soft pleated skirts, walking up like flowing water. The collision of the two literary articles to enhance your temperament. I don’t know where this fairy came from?


The shirt made of innocent silk fabric is soft and comfortable. Ladies lapel, adding a little smart and cute to clothes. The half -sided pattern of golden cufflinks is enough to highlight the delicate and high -end clothes. The cuffs of the cufflinking cuffs are used to make a fold design with the sleeve, which is full of highlights.

Come with the white shirt above is the cool pleated skirt below ~ The dark color -based color design gives the skirt itself a mysterious feeling. The design is very intimate, preventing the embarrassment caused by the zipper. There are bottoming trousers in the inner layer, even if it is a long skirt, you need to prevent light ~

[Short T + pleated skirt]


Unexpectedly, it can be seen on the street, and it is the most often used to match pants or skirts. It can also collide with a warm spark with the pleated skirt!


White T -shirt is the most common item in summer, but it is not easy to choose a good -looking and eye -catching tie. This phenomenon launched by Alix is ​​different from anything else. It is a knitted t -shirt, which is more comfortable and soft. Classic round neck design, simple and generous. The printing of the letter also highlights the brand’s sense of design.


Golia, who has been walking high -end luxury style, did not disappoint this year. The new pleated skirt that shot made people shine. First of all, the most different is its single -row skin buckle design, which breaks through the style of ordinary pleated skirts, handsome. The selected artificial leather fabric is very soft and full of luster!

[Jacket + pleated skirt]


In the early spring, maybe the weather is still a bit cool, so a long pleated skirt that has just been appropriate, plus a beautiful and warm jacket, is there all the temperature and temperature?


The first thing to introduce is a denim jacket! Two tilted lines under the bag add a sense of lines to the clothes, which is more organized and more comfortable. The badge patterns on the chest and back are full of childlikeness. It can be said that it is a age -cut beauty. Similarly, it also perfectly shows the brand’s creative design and highlights the charm of women.


In the end, this is a very personal skirt. Handsome girls come to see. Gold and silver’s metal luster retro attracts eye -catching but advanced and low -key. Because of its sense of metal, the fabric is selected from European top fabrics and special Japanese and Korean metal lines. The three -dimensional fold treatment, walking around like undulating waves, floating out of beautiful rhythm.

This year’s popularity is pleated skirt, because pleated skirts are super thin artifacts, irregular pleated design, giving the skirt with three -dimensional and agile, wide and detailed transition, and covering the hips well. The position of the seat is thin and thin. Having said so much, with the matching of the bean bag, you will definitely have an unexpected effect.

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