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According to a 2015 survey report from “Smart GQ”, Chinese men wear clothes like this:

28.6% of men dress themselves to please themselves. Now people are more and more consumed for the matter of “being happy for themselves”. The largest proportion of men among the investigators chose to dress only to please themselves.

29.5% of men want to wear an elite. Among the people of the respondent, the most people choose to hope that they are daily in the suit and leather. Most of the desires are young people who are eager to quickly look like an adult. 33.7% of young people in their 20-25 -year -old want to wear like that, and 30.9 A man over 36 years old wants to wear casually.

Start the focus: “

Chinese men’s favorite pants are khaki pants (63%)


In the career relationship, the working environment is too formal, jeans are too casual, and khaki pants have become the main choice when I go to work.

A very important reason is that the trousers must be stretched and the pants line is obvious. Sitting down the office for a day, always feel that it is inconvenient to move, and you have to be careful everywhere.

And khaki fabrics are more flexible than formal trousers fabrics, more comfortable sitting, and more approachable prices.

Below I have a list of men’s khaki trousers worth starting with the khaki trousers brand and model that I have worn and recommended.

1. Dockeers Skinny Tapered khaki pants

Unfortunately, this brand has withdrawn from the Chinese market, but as a khaki NO1 in my mind, it must be introduced.

The Dockeers San Francisco brand was founded in 1986 to provide consumers with the choice of casual clothing between jeans and formal pants. Since providing Khaki pants for men, the Docker San Francisco brand has developed into a full brand with various styles of tops, casual pants, hats, and accessories for men. As a leader in the field of leisure clothing, Dockers San Francisco has been committed to product innovation and research and development, providing consumers with comfortable and fashionable products, to meet consumer work and entertainment different functional needs, while showing their own style And confidence.

The version is the previous D1 version, which is the most suitable for Asian tailoring. At present, it corresponds to the Skinny TapeRED version.

The normal purchase channel is the US official website Haitao, individual


178cm tall, weighing 68kg, waist circumference 2 feet 4

On the left and right, it is very recommended to buy a similar figure.

Recently purchased and did not take a single blue SKINNY TAPERED version of khaki pants.


178cm tall, weighing 68kg, waist circumference of two feet and four


Left and right, select 31 x 32 size, and the effect is as follows:

The classic Khaki color with white shirts and leather shoes looks good.

2. J.Crew 484 series khaki pants

J. Crew is a casual clothing brand from the United States and is very popular in the United States. The brand was founded in 1983. At first, with oblique cotton cloth and simple and exquisite T -shirts, they were awarded in the field of casual clothes.

J · Crew is the first brand of using oblique cotton in the United States as a popular sports T -shirt. Khaki pants are also usually used to use oblique cotton cloth. Detailed J.CREW is also very good.

The black I chose this time is better to wear dark pants with a light -colored shirt. The size is 31 x 30. The actual wear effect is as follows:

If you choose 32 in the trousers, you should also have 31 x 30 selected in this order. The combination of the boots looks okay.


3. G-Star raw khaw pants

Many years ago was G-Star’s loyal powder. I tried jeans and trousers, that is, khaki pants were not involved.

After buying two G-Star’s khaki pants in the early stage, I personally felt pretty good.

Especially the following, it looks wrinkled, and there is a slightly exaggerated patch design. In fact, the upper body effect and the modification of the leg shape are not bad.


The following one is a little more formal, and the solidarity is very high.

1. Bronson Slim 3D khaki pants

This Bronson Slim 3D series belongs to G-Star, which is the same series as the previous patch.

Seeing it on Meiya is not bad, just lacks a pair of light -colored khaki pants, so I bought it.

Amazon Overseas Purchase

G-Star raw Men’s slim slim cotton trousers

From 443.35 yuan

The real -time price was updated 8 hours ago



See a lot of people who have bought Chinese people, and the evaluation is also good.

The size selected this brand’s consistent 30W / 30L. The effect of the upper body is as follows, and it feels okay.

It is not casual to go to work with white shirts and sneakers. The disadvantage is that the fabric is a little shiny, it is easy to show dirty and wrinkled, which makes it not very spiritual.

2. Vetar series khaki pants

The following version is the same as the blue model in the previous list. The blue model has been worn for a while, which is very suitable for work.

Yiyi Xian-G-Star Vetar Men’s Slim Slim Pattrack Pants

Creative position statement: purchase at your own expense, real -life trial, good things sharing. Some time ago, I took a pair of GSTAR casual pants. The pants were good. I went to Amazon and searched a few brand of casual pants. The article commented in the following vetar series. It is said that it is a casual pants that resembles the pants, and then chopped his hands. 1. The reason for the purchase is pretty good, 371.40 yuan, free shipping for 300 yuan, taxes and fees are 75 yuan with another one

A cloud around

| |








check the details

Personally, I prefer this version, and I put another black one.

G-Starrawvetar Men’s Slim Slim Cotton Pants

436.96 yuan

The size is still 30W / 30L, which is suitable for light blue shirts and casual belt looks pretty good.

Change the belt with a positive belt, and the shirt is changed to a formal white shirt, which feels different.


I do n’t like to wear leather shoes, but I believe that the effect of casual leather shoes and boat shoes is also good. If the shirt is fitted and the length is appropriate, you should not need to get into the belt and look more casual.

Four, Calvin Klein

The original price of this brand is not cheap, and the main product is not khaki.

I have bought a low -discount pants in Vipshop before, and it feels pretty good.


The price of Vipshop is still attractive, that is, the broken code is serious, and interested friends can find well.

The 30 x 30 selected in the size is as follows. The effect is as follows.

In addition to being paired with long -sleeved shirts, there is no pressure with summer shirts.


5. Other brand items

The brand items to be recommended below have actually been worn, and they know more about it, but because some years have not been purchased, there are no real wearing pictures.

1. Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger is one of the American leisure leadership brands. The brand logo with red and blue and white color matching symbolizes the American spirit that advocates free release, and also constitutes the main color of clothing design.

There are many people wearing this brand shirt, POLO, and casual pants in work. The version is good, business is good, and they are not luxurious. I buy a few pieces a year. “”.


The counter has been purchased by the blue model, which is very classic and good, and the size standard. It is recommended to try it at the counter.

The disadvantage is determined by Khaki’s pants. After washing and wear many times, it faded and obvious.

2. Lacoste

The lacoste brand started in 1933. In the middle of the domestic mall, it has always been a choice of mature men around.

The brand style is low -key, but it symbolizes a comfortable and elegant attitude of life.

It was still worth buying and participating in public tests, and small white shoes are cost -effective.

In addition to POLO, lacoste is actually doing well.

Materials, workmanship, and brand awareness are good. A simple blue khaki pants must be won by these details.

3. hazzys

The status of this Korean brand in the mall has always been very strong, and I have introduced it before.

This brand’s khaki pants adhere to the superior selection and solid workmanship.

The price is good during the event, and it is recommended that friends can be used as one of the choices.


4. Gant

The GANT brand from the United States was founded in 1949. Gant’s representative clothing: Oxford spinning shirt, led by the shirt.


I felt that GANT’s popularity was not high in the counter before, and the pricing was slightly exaggerated.

After trying the khaki pants in his house, it feels good for the version and tailoring.

Brand LOGO is also relatively small, and the possibility of hitting pants around the workplace is relatively small. It can be purchased at a low price during the 618 period.

6. Summary and suggestions

In addition to formal occasions on formal occasions, the best substitute for jeans is khaki pants in semi -formal occasions. In semi -positive dressing, khaki pants are more comfortable and rigorous than positive pants.


Khaki pants can be paired with most of the upper and shoes. You can wear it in spring, summer, autumn and winter. It can be worn with a shirt. It can cover the work and life scene. It belongs to a must -have style of men.

Khaki and versatile blue

From the above recommendation, it can be seen that whether it is DOCKERS’s D1, or the 484 model of J.Crew, it is a slim style that is more suitable for Asian figures. Because khaki pants must fit,

Be sure to slim, straight

It must be in line with your leg shape, which is more personal than the formal pants.

I hope that you can buy a pair of khaki pants suitable for you during the 618 period.


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