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Text / Zhang Lei, Liu Xiaochen

In 1896, Teremen’s inventor Lev Sergeyevich Termen (1896-1993) was born in a wealthy family in St. Petersburg, Russia. That year, Russia’s last Tsar Nicholas II had just crowned, and the founder of radio registered the world’s first telegram patent in the UK. German physicist Lunqin discovered X -ray. Essence Various drama changes in all corners of the world, humans fall into the upsurge of exploration and discovery, all this is also a sign of revolution and war. Perhaps people born in this era are destined to have a ups and downs. When Xiaolif began to show his unparalleled physical talent and the creativity beyond ordinary people, the family not only did not show surprise, but encouraged him to explore all things that were interested in, took him to meet outstanding scientists, and helped him help him Realize the wonderful ideas in your mind. At the same time, under the influence of his family, he studied the cello and laid a solid music foundation.

However, Liffe has a different view of his love music. In fact, he has never been satisfied with traditional music exercises. In his opinion, this boring practice of muscle control limits his ability to express his inner emotions: “There seems to be an insurmountable gap between music and his carrier (musical instrument), and I need to integrate them.” During the war, in the process of studying military radio controllers, he thought of whether he could control the murmur generated by radio, and invented the predecessor of Treamen -“Radio Watchman”. At this time, everyone knew that it was not a lazy word for teenagers, but the dream of running through their lives. Treamen is a pure electronic instrument made by constantly commissioning, sound -like string or management music. Its principle is to use the two inductive oscillator of the distributed capacitance of the human body and the earth due to the frequency and size changes that generate the vibration from the body of the human body, and the sound of different tones and volume is made through the speaker. This may be a musical instrument in addition to singing and truly incorporating the performers themselves into the audio system. As a variable capacitor, the performers are close to the vertical antenna tone closer to the vertical antenna, and the tone of the antenna becomes lower. The circular antenna is used to adjust the volume. The closer the other hand is, the smaller the sound, and the farther the sound, the louder the sound. Overall, it is to play the music by controlling the controller in the air.


At first glance, it seems difficult to play this instrument. Lif’s assistant also threatened that he could play Telemeng’s piano after just two weeks without learning any musical instruments. However, in fact, playing Treyen’s piano requires excellent sense of space, accurate sound, and delicate control of the body. Playing Treyen is both treacherous and elegant. The performance of the postmodern mechanical sense at the scene is beautiful and shocking. Because Treamen was in line with the world’s industrialization trend at the time, after the intention and promotion of Soviet leader Lenin at the time, it was popular in Europe and the United States for a long time. The audience who had witnessed Tel’s Lyontein piano on the spot recalled: “He looks softer, and it has changed from the inventor and became a musician. His right -handed fingers trembled freely in the air. Starting to sing, we listened tremblingly. Now it sounds like the groaning of the wind piano, the next moment becomes a perfect middle violin, and then takes the violin from the master craftsman to continue playing. Number. He used these incredible combinations to play Grieg, San-Sang … Wonderful is that the sound echoed in the space was so pure and the tone was so perfect. “Tremen piano piano It was touted as the existence of the entire orchestra.

Lif’s original intention is not replaced with this new type of musical instrument. His original intention was to fulfill his childhood wishes: let the music integrate with its carrier. His student, the violinist of Russia, Clarola Rockemore, is a musician better than him. She perfectly blends the teacher’s understanding of this new instrument into the performance of classical music. The performance that made her fame was the “Swan” that Lifer played for Lenin, and was the first time that the author listened to Tremeng’s performance. I still remember that when the familiar “Swan” piano accompaniment sounded, she had not debugged the tone of the instrument like the ordinary indoor player, and did not adjust the posture. Waiting in the air. Suddenly, she raised her hands, her arms were ringing like a ballet, her fingers began to tremble, and her quiet melody came from the air. This sound is more quiet than the violin and is more dynamic than the cello. It is as weeping than any known string music.

Perhaps because of the uniqueness of Teremen’s voices, the beginning of almost all the music performed by Clara Rockemore was hidden and dull, and the uninterrupted even made the melody more intense. For example, Chrysler’s “Love’s Sad” has weakened the breathing rhythm of the original violin work, and the feelings are endless. From low to high slippery sounds quickly and firmly, it is completely different from the emotional expressions expressed in the violin version. Essence The “Practicing Song” of Rahmaninov, which she played, can be said to be a work that brings the advantages of Treyn piano. It is impossible to imagine that there is a musical instrument that can express the unwillingness to the fate, the reluctance of the hometown, and the sentimental sensation of life so delicate, atmospheric and beautiful. Clara does not think Telemen piano is a alternative to some string or management -she has tapped different performance skills and sounds, invented the “air finger method” that has been circulating to this day, and laid the Tremen piano. Unique position in classical music.


Later musicians did not limit their attention to the existing classic music, but continued to write new songs for Treynqin. Although these early creations could not jump out of the string or solo, the songs were not worthy of preaching, but these bold attempts still pointed out the road for future generations.


It is worth pointing out that with the diversified development of classical music, contemporary pioneer musicians do have new attempts, so that Treyn piano has been renewed. For example, German musician Karolina Aike and pianist Christopher Calnov’s “Sonata” (2015) created by Treamen and piano. The characteristics of the Teremen piano are wide, diverse, and flexible. At the same time, she combined the effects, vocals and Tremelin to interpret different classical music. In the works similar to “Donbai”, Treyn piano is like Carolina’s second mouthpiece. In the interaction between people and machinery, it can achieve fair and layered dialogue in the construction and sound weaving body. In “Immortal”, Treyn piano plays multiple characters -heavy bass, stable medium sounds, and pointed high tone that outlines lace like golden silk. To a certain extent, it did realize the expectation of Treyen’s “replacing a orchestra” a century ago. At this time, there was no boundaries between the player and the instrument, and the tension between the space and the character was entangled and fused. The original thin single melody instrument and human voice constituted a brand new whole. The composer was freely painted in a huge space, and finally drawn a three -dimensional, flying butterflies.

Like Karolina Aike, Lida’s nephew granddaughter Ledia Genna also successfully opened a completely different path for Treamen, and developed from the original traditional music performers to an experimental voice. Explorer. She is not satisfied with the background sound of Treyen as an imitation of his things or any theme, but instead use Treyn piano as the subject to dig its possibility. In the album “Music from Ether”, she focused on a picture -a lonely electrical signal wandered in the empty space, jumping between the mechanical ports after another, such as the Morse code. Find an exit that can communicate. Then the notes were pulled out of the different spaces one by one, and the original shape was appeared. Under her command, the electronic music was extremely obedient, and she used the blurred bass and the bird’s wings or glowing trembling treble to interpret the charming neatness and opponent of the new Bach.

In “Touch! In this album, Lydia and Barbara Buck Holz performed another experimental performance -not limited to the choice of instruments and exploring the roles and interactions of their respective sounds. In the song “KiteJ-19”, the church bell, harp, string music, etc. show a dynamic stability after the fusion of the G minor and C7 chords under the Doria tuning. The slow, firm, near -far away slide led the audience’s senses, making it unable to lose into the scattered background sound. For example, the thin line of the kite will lead to the dark sky curtain shrouded in the clouds. In the song “The Song of the Fixed Sound”, different instruments are still in a tense and orderly chorus at the moment. The next moment, it is also scattered by birds and beasts. In response to these “touch” of the “touch”, the nervous shouts, screaming or a loud groan. In “If You Want”, Telemengqin shows its other characteristic of its exclusive electronic music -as long as the performer is willing, its voice can be changed without changes and endlessly continued, but it has never left, but has never left. Permanently running music. In “The son of Dracula’s daughter to fight against the incredible Frankenstein monster”, she uses her creepy tone to depict a wonderful drama picture, like the wrestling of humans and artificial monsters. The conflict intensified at the end of the music, but returned to a kind of uneasy harmony in the last minute, and eventually returned to silence.


Since Teremen’s invention is the perfect combination of technology and classical music, it is the crystallization of cross -border. It is not difficult to imagine that it must be widely used in movies and television. Indeed, due to its treacherous sound, it is widely used in thriller horror movies. Later, the modern “current sound” made it based on science fiction movies and became a must -use dubbing instrument such as the epic masterpiece “Star Trek”. Even the pop bands have tried to use Treyn piano, such as the Zirolin Airship Band, which successfully brought Treyn piano into the public vision. However, Treyn piano again and again from popular to obscurity, until the new interpretation of many excellent musicians in the 1990s made him recover.

To this day, some bands still define Treyn piano as “niche” and “novelty” instruments, but I do not know that it once became popular. It is ironic that Lif Tell never thought of using it for the simple expression of humor, thriller or fear, but this use often became the post of this musical instrument in some fields. Lifer once marveled: “Its music is like Olfis’s election!” He also determined to make the carrier of his favorite classical music and music dismissal because of his invention, making people contact the machine intimately. However, just like his political ideals and a diversified life, the fate of Treamen is indeed ups and downs. Fortunately, the unique symphony produced by human -computer interconnection in the world has been deeply printed in the history of music, and brings continuous and infinite inspiration and revelation to future people. The innovative attempts of Corolina Aike, Lidia Gyenna and others are far from over. In the future development history of Tremen, they will never be lonely.

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