I have money to wear this kind of “Mom Set”, which is comfortable and young, and I am very satisfied with four or five sets.

Choose clothes for your mother. In summer, pay attention to coolness and comfort, and pay attention to keeping warm and skin in autumn and winter. For example, clothing such as cotton and linen is suitable for middle -aged and elderly people to wear in summer. In the autumn and winter seasons, you can choose some velvet clothing. Be careful not to choose a flying shape. If you don’t pay attention to it, you will inhale the mouth, which will even block breathing, causing a certain danger.

I recommend a few sets suitable for mothers to wear, and they are young and young



Summer short -sleeved two -piece middle -aged and elderly casual sportswear

Many people still have some misunderstandings about their mothers, thinking that their mother is all old and old -fashioned clothes. In fact, this is not the case. Now more and more people pay attention to support, so the mother is full of fashion and youth. Look at it Look at the 60s woman below, wearing the “Mom Set” prevailing this summer, the foreign style is young and beautiful.



Middle -aged and elderly women’s cotton and linen set

Middle -aged and elderly women’s cotton and linen set


It is very comfortable, the version is simple and atmospheric, and the traditional dignity is combined with fashion to bring elegance into the mother’s life. The exquisite round collar modifies the face shape, revealing the mother’s neck lines, which is easy to match with jewelry, and stylish printing, so that the matching is more apparent. Fresh short sleeves, free exercise, giving enough sports space on the shoulders, echoing the overall version of the clothes.


Middle -aged women’s foreign gas short -sleeved top suits

This wide -leg pants suit combines a relaxed and beautiful mood. The design of the round neckline will bring you age reduction and versatile effect, showing the elegant and refined goddess Fan Er. Suitable for various figures, the version is not tight and not loose and lazy.


4. 4..

Grandma Kuang Mom pretend to be in summer, cotton and linen, two pieces

And to say, choosing clothes for mothers should not be too complicated as much as possible. For example, clothes such as ribbon can be avoided, it is easy to entangle, and it is not convenient for mothers to wear. Especially the position of the neckline, try to choose some V -neck or large neckline clothes as much as possible, which is more comfortable and breathable



Mom Summer Summer Short -sleeved Loose T -shirt Real silk set


Cotton short -sleeved+linen cropped pants. In the summer, hygroscopic heat resistance is better, and it is comfortable to wear. Loose cuffs, blocking the fat of the arm, the swing of the double peak lock, the superb work line. The lower body is paired with linen pants, the ultra -elasticity is loose and tight waist, the high waist is easy to design, the pockets are inserted on both sides, intimate and peaceful


Mulberry silk large size women’s short -sleeved T -shirt suit

Mom is a chiffon suit, fashionable and simple, simple decorative point design, slim style outlines your own graceful figure. The hanging style is very beautiful, and the random match is very beautiful.

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