These two electric vehicles have good appearance, energy saving and power saving, with a battery life of 100 kilometers and only 1 yuan

As the carbon peaks and carbon neutrality are getting closer, the awareness of energy -saving and environmental protection has gradually become popular. Power saving has become an important standard for electric vehicle manufacturing. In the electric vehicle industry, the two major brands of Thai Ling and Xiaodao have paid more attention to electric vehicle power consumption. Recently, 2 electric vehicles have been launched, and the electricity cost of 100 kilometers is only 1 yuan.


Ta at Ling recently launched a new car N7, which belongs to the classic turtle king series. The car is playful and cute, the paint is bright and full of fullness. The ring -shaped LED headlights decorated with chrome -plated decoration on the front side look very beautiful.


The vehicle adopts a large space design. The length of the front pedal is 350mm. Compared with the ordinary small turtle electric vehicle, it can be increased by about 15%. It can stretch your feet freely. The storage performance is also very eye -catching. Essence

The Taoling’s N7 ultra -energy version uses ED8 high -efficiency motor, a large -capacity battery of 96V20AH, and a maximum battery life of more than 150 kilometers. 100 kilometers, only 1 yuan

The little knife has recently moved frequently and launched a ultra -voyage series car. This time is a new turtle electric car K5 pilot version that focuses on the women’s market.


In terms of appearance, this car uses dark green and golden yellow stitching, which looks simple and stylish, and is full of young atmosphere. The paint uses the PU800 paint+9 spray milling process to enhance the brand and create the ultimate visual aesthetics.


In terms of power, the knife K5 pilot version uses high -efficiency motors, which can be transformed into power more efficiently through the coil winding arrangement. With the intelligent algorithm optimizing the upgraded pilot version controller, it can achieve the goal of power saving. Real -time monitoring of electricity use information to achieve the purpose of accurately control energy efficiency.

Small knife K5 pilot version also brings an EPS intelligent patching system, which adopts high intelligent segmentation electricity management technology to achieve one -click intelligent patching, and easily achieve the standard of 2 kilometers per degree of electricity.

In terms of comfort, the knife K5 pilot version uses 650mm ultra -long saddle, waterproof, high bomb, and more comfortable. According to the most comfortable sitting position when driving, long -term cycling does not feel tired.


In terms of economic practicality, these two cars performed well. If you abandon your driving and switch to electric vehicles, you can save a lot of fuel money in one year. What do you think?

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