Duluxerson Breathing Chunli Series is freshly launched, environmentally friendly black technology is coming

In mid -August this year, Daleros, a well -known brand in China’s coating industry, listed on the new generation milestone product in environmental protection -Dalonsen Breathing Chunli series.

Looking back at the past ten years, Delux has been committed to cultivating the field of environmental protection. From the launch of the first anti -formaldehyde wall paint to the first concept of “no addition”, to the listing of the natural implant series in 2017, with continuous products Innovate, care for consumers’ healthy life.

In August 2019, the Mori Breathe Chunli series, which has a heavy listing of Delux, has a total of 6 facial paint and 1 bottom paint. Milestone products. Dalerson’s breathing jun zero series focuses on “24 hours of peace of mind, and indoor air is like nature”. With the performance of high -efficiency air purification performance, it also introduces strict European and European IAC gold -level certification endors. Its environmental performance is evident.


Chunlang Technology, staying in peace with peace of mind, the indoor air is like nature

How does Dalerson’s breathing zero series make a promise of “24 hours of peace of mind”? What kind of environmentally friendly black technology is it?

I believe that anyone who has experienced decoration experience must know VOC. VOC, volatile organic compounds, including harmful substances such as formaldehyde, benzene, is one of the culprits of indoor decoration pollution. However, few people know or heard another type of harmful substance -SVOC. SVOC, semi -volatile organic compound, as the name implies, compared with VOC, SVOC is relatively difficult to volatilize, long -term low concentration release, can reach several months, and it is not easy to degrade, affecting indoor air quality and odor.

In order to ensure the wall effect, the past coating formula is limited by the process and has to add a series of additives, and SVOC “hides” in these auxiliary agents.

The revolutionary Chunlang Technology used in Daluson’s breathing Chunli series can eliminate the main assistant on the basis of no additional formula while ensuring excellent wall effects to achieve the second half of volatile organic compounds (SVOC). The amount of release tends to 0. The “Inner Wall Coatings Smell Test” by a third -party testing agency shows that the air odor strength of the Chunli series of products after 24 hours is “mild odor” that is second only to clean air and the odor satisfaction is 90 %.

Air purification technology, guarding the whole family


Daloson’s breathing Chunli series adheres to the excellent performance of Harasen’s breathing series in terms of air purification function. The entire series of products use high -efficiency aldehydes with active bamboo charcoal factor or precious marine diatom minerals, which can effectively purify harmful substances in indoor air.

In addition, Delossen breathe Chunlizhu charcoal full -effect children’s paint and other products with silver ions with antibacterial technology, which can removing a variety of bacteria and creating a clean, safe and healthy home environment.

Mitsu international recognition, strict testing, environmental protection pass

Delossen breathed the Chun Zero series, not only retains Harasen’s green Guardian golden -level certification, the French indoor air environment testing A+standard, but also introduced a new rigorous certification -European and European IAC gold -level certification.


European -Europe IAC Gold Certification is formulated based on the release standards of volatile organic compounds in 17 countries and regions in the world, including Finland M1, Germany AGBB, Singapore Green Label, etc. It strictly detects the release amount of more than 40 carcinogens and more than 200 volatile organic compounds (VOC) and semi -width -wave -wave -wave -wave -wave -wave -wave -wave -wave -wave -wave -wave -wave -wave -wave -wave -wave -wave -wave -wave -wave -wave -wave -wave -wave -wave -waves. European -Europe IAC Gold Certification is considered one of the most stringent certifications in related fields in Europe and the world.

For the majority of consumers, the listing of Daleruset’s breathing of the Chunli series is undoubtedly good news. In the past, we and the entire industry had not paid attention to SVOC. Now Dulux not only takes the lead in unveiling the fog, but also thoroughly solves this problem. “24 hours of peace of mind” is not only the selling point of the Chunli series, but also a solemn commitment to consumers’ healthy life.

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