This winter is different! Fresh and retro bottoming skirts are wild and warm

There are many exclusive bottom skirts in winter, and wearing skirts in winter can still look less bloated. Here are some fresh and retro bottom skirts in winter.

01. Lace bottom skirt


The items of lace materials should be liked by many beauties. Like the above retro -fashioned lace bottom skirt, the version of the slim waist can divide you in addition to the perfect body curve, but also to any of them can be used for any of the body curve. The figure is very friendly, and then a simple coat can easily present a fresh and sweet and elegant temperament.

02. Red wave dot bottom skirt


The dazzling red wave dot bottom skirt is also a retro and fresh skirt item in winter this winter. With a black jacket casually, the simple ladylike style can be reached, and it looks like a woman’s charm.

03. sweater bottom skirt

Girls who know how to dress up like this fresh and retro sweater bottom skirt. The sweater bottoming skirt not only has a strong cold protection effect, but also uses it as a base in winter to highlight the fashionable fashion. Specific, can simply wear women’s soft temperament.

04. Switching knitted mesh bottom skirt

The elegant and fresh stitching style bottoming skirt, the upper body is designed with knitted materials, the lower body is a combination of the shape of the mesh. With a lamb hair coat outside, you can wear a fresh and retro demonstration effect, which is more fashionable and playful.

05. Xiaoxiangfeng bottom skirt


This year, not only the design elements of small incense winds are popular, but also this small incense breeze with a natural fresh retro style, which is also liked by many girls, the waist version, the design arc of the small lapel, the medium and long models The length can be harmonious with any coat, and it seems to have its own style of dress.


06. Striped knitted fishtail bottom skirt

Both the sense of design and the fresh retro temperament of the striped knitting bottom skirt. In this winter, it can be more fashionable to match it as a bottoming skirt. It can also make you look thinner, and a little fishtail skirt below can also add more layered wearing styling.


Well, the above is some of the fresh retro -style bottoming skirts brought to you today. I hope you all like it and thank you for your support.

Master Cat looks forward to your attention ~~

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