Can electric vehicles be equipped with aushed? The official reply is here, the owner: although the rain shed is practical, it is not safe

The owners who often use electric vehicles know that going out with electric vehicles in rain and snow will be very troublesome. Rain and snow will not only wet clothes, but also affect normal driving. The standardization of vehicle management is standardized. At present, electric vehicle management is becoming more and more stringent. Many cities are prohibited from installing aushaw. Electric vehicles that are found to be installed in aushed can be demolished and punished for fines. Many car owners support the dismantling. Although the canopy is practical, it is indeed unsafe.

Someone asked online whether it can be installed not to be confiscated by the traffic police. It also received a clear answer. All electric vehicles could not be installed to install aushed. At the same time Most cities’ requirements are installed with rails to electric vehicles. Although it can block the wind and rain and has its practicality, there are indeed a lot of hidden safety hazards.

Installing the canopy is indeed very practical for the owner


After installing a rams to the electric vehicle, it can indeed play a role in windshield and rain, especially in the rainy sky canopy to prevent the clothes from being soaked, but also to prevent the rainfall from the car owner’s glasses. For parents who pick up children, it is more convenient to pick up children to school on rainy days and improve the comfort of electric vehicles. For electric vehicle owners, Yu Peng does have its practicality. This is why the traffic management department strictly manages the rain. The main reasons for the sheds are repeatedly banned.


Hidden safety hazards existing in canopy


Fragments do have its practicality, but the hidden dangers of the sacrifice cannot be ignored. Although the probability of problems is relatively low, when a traffic accident occurs, the rams are very harmful to the owner of the car owner. The following points.


1. Block the owner’s sight

: After the electric vehicle is installed, the owner’s attention will be blocked, especially when it rains, rainwater is immersed in the outside of the rigidity, and it cannot be cleaned in time, which seriously affects the field of vision of the owner and reduce the safety of electric vehicles.

2. Increasing the risk of scraping

: After the electric vehicle is installed, the volume of the electric vehicle is larger. The owner will easily touch other vehicles or pedestrians in the process of riding an electric vehicle. Sometimes it will even scratch other objects on the crowded road. This may cause the electric vehicle to fall and bring great harm to the owner.


3. Fragments will change the wind direction, and even blow the electric vehicle down

: Since the electric vehicle is installed on the rams, the volume of the electric vehicle is larger, and at the same time, it is not air -transparent. In this way, if the owner is driving, if you encounter heavy winds, the rangers will change the wind direction, and it will even be directly blown down by the wind. It will cause serious damage to the owner.

4. Develop secondary damage:

We know that the rams of the electric vehicle are supported by the wire as the skeleton. When the electric vehicle falls, the wire of the rams may cause secondary damage.

5. Modification is illegal act


: Installing a rails for electric vehicles is the structure of changing the motor vehicle without authorization, which is an illegal act. According to Article 16 of the Road Traffic Safety Law: No unit or individual may assemble motor vehicles, or change the registered structure of the motor vehicle without authorization. Construction or characteristics.


Although the canopy can bring practical functions to the electric car owner, it has a number of hidden safety hazards. It is more harmful and is also an illegal act. Others have caused damage. Although the canopy has its advantages, its disadvantages are more disadvantaged, and the disadvantages are greater than benefits. The owner should not use or actively demolish the installed canopy.

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