Peking University Wild Honey | Heilongjiang Farmers’ Northeast Black Bee to help agriculture poverty alleviation

“It is better to grant people to fish by fish.” The development of Heilongjiang Northeast Black Bee Development Co., Ltd. has also witnessed the history of growth in Raohe’s poor farmers from poverty alleviation.

北大荒蜂蜜 | 黑龙江农垦东北黑蜂助农扶贫那些事儿

Yang Shaowu, chairman of Heilongjiang Northeast Black Bee Development Co., Ltd., has been paying attention to bee products since long ago. The Raohe County, located on the Wusuri River in the northeast of China, is the birthplace of Black Bee in Northeast China. Northeast Black Bee Natural Reserve in Raohe, Heilongjiang Province, is the only national bee species species reserve in China and even Asia. Not only the ecological environment is good, the honey source plants are abundant, but also the mountains and water on three sides. It has the unique and good natural barrier isolation conditions. Most of the landforms still maintain the original state. This is undoubtedly the best honey source place for bee products.

北大荒蜂蜜 | 黑龙江农垦东北黑蜂助农扶贫那些事儿

In the early years, beekeeping in Raohe area was mostly carried out by families. It was often a household and dozens of beehives. The beekeepers wandered all year round. Following the flowering period of various places, it was both hard and meager. Beekeeping is easy to be affected by the climate, and it is the act of eating by the sky. Yang Shaowu was determined to change all of this. He devoted herself to the bee -growing cooperative model to start the road of beekeeping in Raohe.

北大荒蜂蜜 | 黑龙江农垦东北黑蜂助农扶贫那些事儿

In 2008, Li Dahai, a local beekeeping professional account, officially established the “Xinhe Northeast Black Bee Breeding Cooperative” to organize the local scattered bee farmers to provide them with supplies such as bee premiums, bee medicines, and carry out bee farmers. Technical training has comprehensively improved the level of black bees. The production of honey has been greatly improved, and the management of bee farms has also entered the scientific track. The Nongke Black Bee Group concentrated on the honey products of the cooperatives, providing a stable purchase price guarantee for bee farmers, and truly lifting the worries of the bee farmers. With the continuous expansion of the bee farm, more bee farmers have become workers in the bee farm, and they no longer need to take on their own risk.

In 2010, it started selling Raohe Northeast Black Bee products in Jingdong Mall. By selling the bee farmers who drive local beekeeping cooperatives, the bee farmers and honey poverty collection work. Selling high -quality mature honey on the crowdfunding platform, a certain percentage of public welfare costs are used to support poverty -stricken bee farmers for bee -breed and increase the income of poor bee farmers. The target of poverty alleviation assistance; in 2017, received many attention. In the Southern Weekend, the 21st Century Business Herald, the CCTV national brand camera team went deep into the bee farm in Raohe Reserve.

With the improvement of the popularity in the field of e -commerce, the company’s market driving and publicity in the field of e -commerce fields, the company has carried out various means such as the marketing and publicity of Jingdong Mall to carry out order guarantee, industrial development and absorption of migrant workers, contract leasing, and financial support to drive poor households Go on the road of industrial poverty alleviation. At the same time, in the establishment of the Peking University deserted farmers reclamation of honey processing plants, production and processing are carried out in accordance with organic operating procedures, while ensuring the quality of the company’s bee raw materials, it also effectively improves the production capacity and income level of bee farmers. The entire process of Peking University Wild Honey from beekeeping, collection, storage, transportation, and processing is based on the international quality management system to ensure that the quality of all links has reached high quality standards!

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