30 TV background wall design, there is always one suitable for you, the living room is beautiful and practical

The living room is the center of home life, and the TV wall is the visual focus of the living room.

So as long as you talk about decoration, the TV background wall is the focus of design.

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It’s just that the current life is no longer a necessity, but decorating the TV background wall is still needed. Essence

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Therefore, if you are planning to help the TV wall change, then the following DIY layout techniques and classic design cases may be referred to it first, and you can also have a background in your heart.

TV -centered DIY approach

If the TV is still the focus of your daily entertainment, moderate decoration can help eliminate the ugly feeling of the body, and to avoid the visual focus of the living room falling on the black body. As for the practice, you can use DIY arrangement by yourself, and use photo frames, wall decorations, etc. to achieve beautification effects. There are several common methods.

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Use a word -shaped rack


One of the easiest ways to beautify the TV wall is to install wall -mounted standing racks; decorate the “shape shelf” about 12 to 15 cm from the TV (upper edge), and then make your favorite ornaments, photo frames or artworks Putting into a row to achieve the purpose of decorative walls.

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In order to allow the visual focus to effectively move from the TV to the shelf, the length of the shelf should be the same or larger as the TV cabinet, or use two small shelves to achieve the same effect in a wrong layer.


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Symmetric layout decoration method

Whether you plan to help the TV wall installation frame, wall decoration … and so on, please centered on the TV and arrange the decorations in the “symmetrical” method. In order to avoid confusion, try to use the same size and the same appearance (or similar appearance (or similar appearance (or similarly. ) Decoration.


It is also reminded that it is best to place decorations above the TV to achieve a balanced role and can also resolve the proportion of the white wall area. Okay, you can also inject natural atmosphere into space.

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Collage decorative method

If you feel that the symmetrical decoration is some of the rules and insufficient exquisiteness, then you can try the “collage” layout. Through various shapes and size accessories (such as the photo frame), the entire TV wall is richer, as if it seems that, it seems like The art gallery is the same.

However, it is necessary to remind that in order to avoid appear messy, it is recommended to draw a rectangular area and arrange the decorations in the area to allow the wall to present the effect of “orderly” in chaos.

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Photo frame layout

If you feel that you want to choose a variety of decorations to collage the wall is too complicated, then you may use the “rectangular frame” to achieve the effect of beautifying the wall; The visual center of gravity is excessively tilted.

Secondly, it is reminded that under the premise of creating a sense of hierarchy, different sizes of photo frames can be used to arrange, and even the style of “black crude box” can be selected to make the effect more significant and outline a beauty of personality.


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Classic TV background wall design

In addition to the above four methods that can be arranged by yourself. By using the decoration of various building materials and wall plates, the TV wall can change the appearance and function of the change. Even if the TV is not installed, the wall can show the atmosphere of luxury. Here are 30 classic TV background wall design.


Design 01


Coating background wall

The use of coatings to beautify the TV background wall is one of the easiest ways.

It is recommended to use low -chroma to avoid dazzling, while at the same time

Use 2 to 3 similar colors to match



Make it more layered visually.

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Design 02

Wallpaper background wall

This can also be regarded as an easy -to -operate design. The wallpaper itself has the color beautification of the wall.


It’s relatively simple and easy to replace at any time.

It needs to be reminded that if it is located in a humid area,

Pay attention to the moisture -proof project of the wall to avoid the ups and downs

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Design 03

Panel background wall


It is one of the most commonly used wall materials used in modern decoration. In addition to protecting the wall, it also has both decorative effects.

Especially it can echo the needs of various styles, and

Compared to natural stone, the price is relatively cheap

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Design 04

Stone background wall


Natural stone such as marble, granite, etc.

Is the favorite building material for luxury home

Because the natural texture is like a landscape painting, and it is not worried that there will be exactly the same problem.

Atmospheric and beautiful, it is definitely the visual focus of the space.

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Design 05


Wood background wall

In addition to stone, wood is also a popular wall material, and there are many practices, such as cutting signs on the wooden board,

Or using fine wood collage is also a common approach.

Also, like


Use human character spells or wooden grille


It is also the wall decoration favored by the homeowner.

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Design 06

Background Wall

The fireplace is one of the common elements of American and rural styles, and it is usually the center of the TV wall;

It is recommended to arrange in both sides of the fireplace in the “symmetry” method

, Installing paintings, edges, table lamps … and other elements, etc.

Create an elegant beauty.

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Design 07


Bookcase Background Wall

The common approach to the TV wall storage function is to customize the bookcase on the spot.

Books, magazines, and items can be used as display cabinets.


It is recommended to design together with the TV cabinet, the overallness will be better


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Design 08


Iron frame background wall


If it is a modern, simple style home,


Then use the sharp iron bracket to create a bookcase to make the characteristics of such styles.



Partial can be installed with items or drawers

The appearance will change more changes

If you can install “indirect light” again, the beautification effect is more significant


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Design 09

Cabinel background wall

This is another design with both decoration and storage.

By combining different rectangular cabinets, a geometric beauty is outlined,


The wall shape is also more three -dimensional, the eye -catching effect is better


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Designed 10

Mirror background wall


Installing mirrors in the wall is very common in American style.

However, it is still popular to expand the area of ​​the mirror to the entire wall, and the expansion effect is more prominent.


The mirror can use diamond or irregular collage

Or switch to the old mirror with the sense of peeling, which helps to resolve the situation where it is too monotonous and boring.

Then use the effect of attracting eyeballs.

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“Background Wall Decoration Little Reminder”

Finally, no matter which kind of background wall design is planned, there are a few things to please pay attention!

1. Wall -mounted TV:

It will make the background wall look larger.

2. A large TV avoids small decorations:


If a large number of small items are arranged around the big TV, the vision will appear chaotic.

3. Light color for small apartment background walls:

It helps to relieve the sense of oppression and create an indirect capacity expansion effect.

4. Develop a suitable viewing distance:

Watch the appropriate distance of TV, based on 3.5 times the screen size.


5. Avoid the installation of TV in the corner:

It is easy to appear difficult to use.

Although the TV is no longer a must -have, the TV background wall of the living room is still worth decoration.

In order to achieve the purpose of beautifying space and storage of items, it will help home life upgrade.

The above 30 designs provide your reference, and you are welcome to leave a message to share your decoration experience!

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