Coat + thick skirt = foreign spirit! It should be worn like this in winter

Time has passed so fast. In the blink of an eye, it has only been more than a month left in 2021. There are too many surprises in the next, Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Year’s Day, New Year’s Eve … It makes people look forward to it all at once.

Of course, all kinds of gatherings are indispensable for this holiday, and the party is said to be like a battlefield. If we can’t fight “hard goods”, then

You must pull back 10 % on it!

To say that this is the best product that can support the field, non


It is.

However, the skirts that are sent on different occasions will be different. For example, the company’s annual meeting, with a high -level velvet skirt, is the first choice, making you a crowd C position at once.

CR: Red oolong sheep

大衣 + 厚裙子 = 洋气!冬天就该这样穿

For another example, to walk relatives in the New Year, it is definitely the most important thing at this time. The soft and glutinous knitted skirt is more suitable.

Today, I took a look at the next important festival and prepared 4 king fried skirts for everyone,

You have flashed you in all kinds of gatherings! Bright!


Romantic New Year’s Eve

/// Sequenant skirt

大衣 + 厚裙子 = 洋气!冬天就该这样穿

How can there be less sequ consisted in this romantic occasion in the New Year’s Eve. Think about the end of the New Year’s Eve countdown, the fireworks are put on, shining on the skirt, reflecting the luster of BlingBling, it is too atmospheric!

Because the sequins are enough to be eye -catching, choose a too exaggerated style, and accidentally wear it into the best Disco Ball in the audience, so

In terms of style, color and other aspects, you need to do subtraction appropriately.

For example, this one worn by Yang Caiyu, the dark background suppress the arrogance of the sequins. The two are just right, and the seemingly basic style actually hides a lot of careful machines.

This is more suitable for small and cute figures. The sequins are equipped with a beautiful figure, which is spicy and cool. It is definitely the best in the audience.

Of course, not all the sequins are so hot and sexy. Relatively speaking, this

Sequenant skirt

大衣 + 厚裙子 = 洋气!冬天就该这样穿

The threshold for control is lower, not picking people or picking items.

CR: Red is Jia vivians

The weather is too cold. It is recommended that you wear a hairy jacket, which is warm and fashionable, but it is a Miss Miss Miss Man.

CR: red hey deep


Annual Conference Focus

/// velvet skirt

I do n’t need to say more about the charm of the velvet skirt.

There is no place where it can’t stand!

I recommend black and red most, luxurious fabrics with texture colors, which are lower -key and beautiful than heavy workers and grand dress skirts.

大衣 + 厚裙子 = 洋气!冬天就该这样穿

And these two colors are the least picky people, and they are thin and white. Most people are easy to control. When applying red lips, they can kill the Quartet.

大衣 + 厚裙子 = 洋气!冬天就该这样穿

But the effect of velvet skirts often differentiated. If you do n’t wear well, you are old and fat; picking the right style is the cold beauty.

大衣 + 厚裙子 = 洋气!冬天就该这样穿

Because the velvet fabric itself is a material with a large sense of volume, it is best to choose a small measuring style on the version to balance it.

Similar to the X version or A -shaped models are very good.

大衣 + 厚裙子 = 洋气!冬天就该这样穿

In addition, the design of the large V -neck can also reduce the thickness of the velvet material.

大衣 + 厚裙子 = 洋气!冬天就该这样穿

Similarly, it is a gorgeous item with the flashing skirt. It is also best to choose a simpler style, otherwise it will be too drama.

If there are some girly details,

The feeling of pure desire will be stronger

大衣 + 厚裙子 = 洋气!冬天就该这样穿

Essence For example, choosing Peter Pan in the collar can not only modify the head and shoulders, but also the pure desire and sweetness.


大衣 + 厚裙子 = 洋气!冬天就该这样穿

New Year’s Eve relatives

大衣 + 厚裙子 = 洋气!冬天就该这样穿

/// knitting skirt

Many people spends on the New Year and Annual Meeting with friends and boyfriends. They can be clever in dressing, but they can converge in front of their elders during the New Year.

The thoughts of the elders are relatively conservative. At this time, the two skirts with a certain sexy color are not suitable.

大衣 + 厚裙子 = 洋气!冬天就该这样穿

In front of the elders, of course, to create an image of a good girl, so I recommend it more

Comes with a gentle buff knitted skirt

Wen Jing and well -behaved, adults like this! Seeing parents in the New Year is also a good choice!

大衣 + 厚裙子 = 洋气!冬天就该这样穿

And the warmth of the knitted skirt is also nothing to say. See who said “as long as you don’t want the temperature”!

大衣 + 厚裙子 = 洋气!冬天就该这样穿

For girls with slightly fat, I recommend choosing this H -type style.

It is even thinner with the belt.

In addition to cautious in style selection, the matching of knitted skirts should also be spent. If the whole body is very soft, it is easy to produce a sense of cheapness.


Match with the tough coat

, Judging the texture of the knitted texture, it looks three -dimensional and temperament.

Or start with the accessories, such as with hard small leather shoes or bags, both hard and hard, which greatly enhances the texture of the shape.

大衣 + 厚裙子 = 洋气!冬天就该这样穿


Girlfriend opens to party

大衣 + 厚裙子 = 洋气!冬天就该这样穿

/// Printed skirt

A party with girlfriends is indispensable. At this time, if you want to stand out in a photo, you must print the skirt!

The most common is the floral skirt, but don’t think that the floral skirt is exclusive to spring and summer. It is more special in winter.

大衣 + 厚裙子 = 洋气!冬天就该这样穿

Can be stacked with various items

大衣 + 厚裙子 = 洋气!冬天就该这样穿

, Make winter wear full of possibilities.

If it is a V -neck style, the most smooth match is to wear small high -necked necklines, and the gap between the different collar ports is beautiful, and the fashion index is directly full.

Because of the thinness of the material, it is also very suitable for neutralizing some thick coats, such as a coat on the outer cover, exposing a floral skirt, adding a sense of agility to the shape.

大衣 + 厚裙子 = 洋气!冬天就该这样穿

If you are a little girl, I recommend wearing with short cotton clothes. Even if you wear a floral skirt in the inside, you can bring your own high waistline.

Divide 3 :: 7 gold ratio

, Show high legs.

To say that it is more autumn and winter charm, you can also choose a plaid skirt. When the skirt encounters a plaid element, the retro and stable plaid also become vibrant.

Student party little cuteness may wish to try the style of pleated skirt,

More age -reducing effect

, Match with a proper college style.

The charm of the small skirt is really unstoppable. No matter what season or occasion, as long as you wear a small skirt, you will feel delicately up.

In winter, the skirt is even more practical and durable.

大衣 + 厚裙子 = 洋气!冬天就该这样穿

It can not only work hard, but also easily modify body lines.

大衣 + 厚裙子 = 洋气!冬天就该这样穿

Today, I will share with you four suitable skirts that are suitable for different occasions.

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