How to choose the mosquito net ranking of mosquito nets

In a blink of an eye, summer has entered our lives, and mosquitoes have also come out to march and walk. What should I do? What brand of mosquito nets is better, so that family members can have a good sleep. Today, I ’m better about what brand of mosquito nets, and give you a detailed explanation of the ranking of the mosquito net brand and how to choose the mosquito net.

Mosquito net bidding

NO1: Yuanmeng Yourmoon

In 1995, many products have been honored for many years. In the past 20 years of careful maintenance, brand assets, image and value have been continuously improved, and it has become a kind brand of consumers. In 2013, Yuanmeng made brand upgrades, becoming the first choice for consumers, and brand value improvement.

NO2: Mengjie Home Textiles Mendale

In 1956, it was successfully listed in Shenzhen in 2010. In the past half a century, focusing on the dream of high -quality home furnishings, based on “character first”, “servant leadership” as the driving force, covering the product research and development, service system, and brand building, it is a leading position. In 2009, Wen Jiabao came to inspect his work and gave a high degree of affirmation, and presented the reputation of “cleverness” to the employees.

NO3: Mercury Home Textiles Mercury

Mercury Holdings is the founder of modern home textiles. After more than 10 years of development, focusing on the textile industry, the comprehensive strength ranks among the top three. The company is located in the Shanghai Development Zone and has the two major brands of “Mercury and Belles”. The product covers more than 300 varieties such as quilts, cushions, and blankets. Close to the needs of consumers, the bedding has entered millions of households. More than 150 models are launched each year, and more than 200 intellectual property rights have been launched.

NO4: Mini House miniw

蚊帐品牌排行 蚊帐如何挑选

Founded in April 1999, it owned three companies, with the mission of “comprehensively improving the sleep environment”. He has obtained more than 20 patents, breaking through decades of disadvantages. It has functions and advantages such as harmless, dustproof, good -looking functions. It has led sales for 12 consecutive years to relieve sleep troubles.


Established in 1995, it was dedicated to textile production and sales, and took the lead in proposing the concept of “home textile”. It was the first textile brand in China to enable spokespersons. After 20 years of development, it has owned billions of assets and more than 16,000 employees, involved in family textiles, real estate, tourism and other projects, and its comprehensive companies with more than 30 companies.

NO6: Luolai Luolai

Established in June 1992, it is a professional textile company; it is the earliest domestic textile company in China and forms a unique style of home textiles. With the brand style positioning, the innate temperament is loved by thousands of consumers, and its quality and image are unique in the market. In 1999, the headquarters was moved to Shanghai. At the same time, the after -sales service team is established to open 800 free service lines.

NO7: Gao Rui

In the late 1990s, it was engaged in electronics and trade operations, relying on good markets, continuously expanding the market’s business concepts, from raw materials to finished products, and strengthening enterprises. In 2011, the company invested 15 million yuan. The construction plant is 3,000 square meters, 10 new KS218-B machines, with an annual output of 10 million yuan and an output value of nearly 300 million yuan.

蚊帐品牌排行 蚊帐如何挑选

NO8: Fuanna Fuanna

The top ten brands of home textiles, a well -known trademark in Guangdong Province, are a comprehensive home textile leading enterprise. Established in August 1994, it was listed in Shenzhen A shares. The products involved jewelry, home supplies and other series, leading consumers a unique lifestyle.

NO9: Southern bedding

In 1981, well -known domestic enterprises, with the reputation of “Festive Dedication”. In 2010, the “Macary” Mancale was launched to make the domestic gift market. Based on the brand as the flag and tradition, it has become a comprehensive brand for consumption in urban women. It has 5 major categories, covering more than 300 varieties of more than 10 series including quilt, pillow, and cushion to meet consumer shopping choices.

蚊帐品牌排行 蚊帐如何挑选

NO10: Knowing looks

Top ten brands of mosquito nets, Hangzhou prestigious products, have cooperated with many chain supermarkets to focus on home textile companies. Headquarters is located in Hangzhou. It has 15,000 square meters of modern industrial parks and has two major brands of knowledge and Faman. Have a mature sales and service system.

How to choose mosquito nets

1. In terms of brackets, it is necessary to choose convenient installation, simple operation, fast -moving mosquito nets, good stent quality, and easy maintenance.

蚊帐品牌排行 蚊帐如何挑选

2. In addition to choosing the favorite mosquito net style of mosquito nets, you should also pay attention to the texture of the mosquito net cloth. It is best to gently pull the mosquito net cloth with your hands. Pay attention to whether there is a jump of needle jump in the sutures of the mosquito net, whether the fabric is broken The phenomenon of holes, stems and anxiety points, mosquito nets with good mosquitoes; secondly, depending on the size of the internal space of the mosquito net, the internal space is large and the breathability is good, and it feels more comfortable during sleep. The selected mosquito nets will not only facilitate heatstroke prevention, but also avoid mosquito bites.

蚊帐品牌排行 蚊帐如何挑选

3. It is important to choose a mosquito net brand. Good brands will naturally pay attention to quality, and have good after -sales service, so as to avoid easy purchase of mosquito nets, inconvenient operations, and difficulty in maintenance, then regret it.

4. When choosing a mosquito net, you must know how wide your bed is, usually 0.9 meters × 1.8 meters, 1.2 meters × 2.0 meters, 1.5 meters × 2.0 meters, 1.8 meters × 2.0 meters. The height of different styles of mosquito nets is different. Generally, there are several types of 2.3 meters, 1.95 meters, 1.5 meters, and 1.45 meters. If the house height is relatively low or has done ceilings, you must pay attention to the height of the mosquito net when buying.

5. Price of mosquito nets: The price of square -top mosquito nets and four -sided arc mosquito nets should be higher than the top mosquito nets. The price advantage of the dome mosquito net is still obvious. The prices of dome mosquito nets are generally lower than the top mosquito nets and four -side arc mosquito nets.

The above is the relevant introduction of the mosquito net ranking of the mosquito net compiled by Xiaobian. I hope this article will be helpful for your purchase.

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