What is the safety operation guide of the concrete vibrator of electric concrete

What is the electric concrete vibrator? Electric concrete vibrator is a dense electric tool with vibrating concrete through vibration. How does concrete vibrator operate safely? Let’s take a look at the safety operation guide for electric Shanghai -Ningxin map vibers.

Electric concrete vibrator

Electric Concrete Vibrator is a dense electric tool that pour the concrete through vibration.

Safety operation of electric concrete vibers


, Electric insertion vibrator

(1) Insert the power supply of the inserted vibrator, the leakage protection device should be installed.

(2) The operator should be educated by electricity, and you should wear insulated rubber shoes and insulating gloves during the operation.

(3) The cable should meet the length of the operation. Do not pile up pressure on the cable or squeeze the vehicle. It is strictly forbidden to drag or hang the vibrator with cables.

(4) Before use, check each department and confirm that the connection is firm and the rotation direction is correct.

(5) The vibrator must not test vibration on the concrete, floor, scaffolding and dry ground of the first condensed. When the maintenance operation is intermittent, the power should be disconnected.

(6) During operation, the curved radius of the vibration rod hose must not be less than 500mm, and no more than two bends. When operating, the vibration rod should be sinking into the concrete vertically and lowly. The head must not be inserted into the concrete, and the insertion depth should not exceed 3∕4 with a rotten length. It is not advisable to touch the steel, core tube and embedded parts.

电动混凝土振动器是什么 混凝土振动器安全操作指南

(7) The hose of the vibration rod shall not break. When the hose is used for a long time, it should be repaired or replaced in time.

电动混凝土振动器是什么 混凝土振动器安全操作指南

(8) When the operation is stopped to move the vibrator, the motor should be turned off first, and then the power should be cut off. Do not drag the motor with a hose.

(9) After the operation is completed, the motor, hose, and vibration rod should be cleaned up, and the maintenance operation should be performed in accordance with the requirements. When the vibrator is stored, the pressure pipe must not be stacked. It should be placed straight and should take moisture -proof measures in response to the motor.

电动混凝土振动器是什么 混凝土振动器安全操作指南


, Electric adhesion, electric flat vibrator

(1) Attachment, flat -flat vibrator bearings should not withstand axial force. When used, the motor shaft should be kept horizontally.

(2) When using multiple adhesive vibers on a template at the same time, the frequency of each vibrator should be consistent, and the vibrator should be staggered in the same face.

(3) Before the operation, the adhesive vibrator should be checked and tested, and the trial vibration shall not be carried out on dry hard earth or hard objects. The vibrator installed on the mixing station should be placed in rubber pads.

(4) During installation, the position of the stub holes of the vibrator’s bottom plate should be correct, and the bottom foot bolts should be prevented from installing twisting and damaging the case. The sole bolt should be fastened, and the tightening level of each bolt should be consistent.

(5) In use, the cable must not be tightened or broken. During the operation, you should observe the leakage protector and ground or zero device of the electrical equipment at any time and confirm the qualification.

(6) When the attached vibrator is installed on the concrete template, the vibration time should not exceed 1min each time. When the concrete flows in the mold or forms horizontally, the vibration can be discontinued. Essence

(7) The component templates of the device vibrator should be strong and firm, and the area should be compatible with the rated vibration area of ​​the vibrator.

(8) When the tablet -type vibrator operates, the tablet should be contacted with the concrete conservation, so that the vibration wave can effectively vibrate the concrete. When the surface is out of the paddle, it can be moved forward slowly after sinking. Ensure that the concrete is carried out. The vibration vibrator shall not be put on the concrete that has been condensed or condensed.

What is the safety operation guide of the concrete vibrator of electric concrete

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