8 types of fake meat and velvet leggings, autumn and winter fashion cold -proof BI preparation!

In autumn and winter, one of the most popular fashion items is leggings. Black leggings have always been popular and loved, and they are classic. However, I personally think that ZUI is now sexy and stylish. Wearing it, it will make people around you think you only wear thin stockings. More and more women are now devoted to wearing beautiful penetrating pants in autumn and winter.


The pants through the meat are also very versatile, especially with various boots, which are very eye -catching. Your dress is surprising because of personality and beauty. Isn’t this an advantage?


1. Autumn thin -type fake meat leggings


This one is a single layer and seamless without velvet, 140g, suitable for the waist circumference of 1 foot, 7-2 feet 5, the average code and the increase are available, the northern body size is suitable for wearing Thick point, suitable for temperature 15-25 degrees, the wearing experience is a large elasticity and slightly pressure, which is a fabric for anti-hook silk. But to say a little, you still have to pay attention to it when you wear it.

2. Thick fake meat leggings in autumn and winter

This is integrated seamless anti-hook silk in the thick model, 200g, suitable for the waist circumference of 1 foot, 7-2 feet 3, thick in late autumn, smooth inside, strong anti-hook silk, shaping skinny legs, skin transparent stepping on stepped on, sprouting stepped on, sprouting stepping on Setting Step, Two types of caves and pants are available, suitable for temperature 12-22 degrees.

3. In winter, add pseudo -mounted meat leggings


This is a single-layer integrated anti-hook lush velvet model, 320g, suitable for the waist circumference of 1 foot, 7-2 feet 3, shaped skinny legs, and the foot mouth is not layered inside and outside. It is very comfortable. Alas, the velvet is very warm in the inside, and it is easy to protect the cold at minus 10 degrees. You know, the beauty in winter is not cold.


4. Add fluff and thickened double -layer fake meat leggings

This is a double-layer anti-hook lush velvet and thick velvet, 450g, suitable for the waist circumference of 1 foot, 8-2 feet, anti-hook wire, the foot mouth is stitched and stepped on, the cold resistance is 20 degrees below 20 degrees, in the cold north Don’t worry about the loss of the demeanor, you can still be so beautiful and not frozen, without a sense of restraint and bloated meat leggings, it is worth your start.

The leggings are really good -looking and practical. Seeing that I have said so much, I still worry that it is easy to hook up. Sometimes I even wear it once. As soon as the nails are hung or hung to other pointed objects, I accidentally break it, and then wear it. Then we wear it. It’s not good, it’s a pity to throw it away? Then, after buying the pants through the pants, do so a few things to prevent hooks.

First, put the pants with a sealing bag in advance, and then put it in the refrigerator for at least 24 hours. In this way, the fiber will be more tough. Secondly, when the first washing of pants, adding a small amount of vinegar will make the silk thread slowly and extend the life. In the end, if you accidentally scrape it with your nails, you can apply it with transparent nail polish, but it can be continued, but it is limited to breaking a little. In fact, if you are willing, cutting your nails can effectively prevent scraping leggings; and if your hands are too dry in autumn and winter, you can often use hand cream, so that you will not accidentally cut your pants.


Then it’s time to turn on the mode of fake meat leggings! Wear a leggings suitable for you to welcome the winter!

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