This is the real reason why the tires in the motorcycle are often tied. The master teaches you how to solve it easily

Some people’s motorcycles often tie their fetuses in cycling, and the same is true of changing new tires, which cannot be repaired. Repair time inspections are no obvious scars, no objects that are tied, and the inner tires will still be broken.


A car owner has been supplemented several times. Each time he was repaired, he checked that there was no tire on the tire. There was no obvious tie in the inner tire, nor was it a scar under the tire. After changing an inner tire, it has been supplemented twice. The inner tire of this car is always broken, and the specific reason can be found.

When you encounter such a problem, you want to know where it is? Today, I will share the actual experience in this area, and then encounter this situation and easily solve it.


01 The reasons why the internal fetus in the motorcycle is always broken

One day, a car owner rode a 10,000 motorcycle. He reported that his inner tire was always broken. After several times, he could not find the reason. Check that there are no objects on the outer tire, and the inner tires are not tied with scars, and there are no places. The reason for this breaking tire is that they cannot be found and cannot be handled. After changing a new child, it is often broken, and he can’t help it.

Tire clumps are caused by several factors, and the most occurred, for example, the first type of tires have sharp objects such as nails.

The second tire has a glass of glass and tied inside.


The third is a very sharp steel filament. It is tied inside. Because the outside tire crushes dry grinding for a long time, it has been smoothed out of the outside.

The fourth type is that the external tires have been used for a long time, and the outside looks very good. The hand is squeezed a somewhat division. In the mouth, there is a broken line, and the inner tires will have a scar.

The fifth type of internal tire is not good, and there are black and dark end, which often breaks the inner tire and cannot find the cause. This is a place that many people and repair workers may not pay attention. It is also a kind of difficulty check.


02 The reasons and solutions that often break when the inner tire is found

Whether it is a motorcycle electric car, the above points are the factors of the inner tire duration. It is also some of the experiences summarized by some repair workers and some problems encountered.

The reasons for finding motorcycles or inner tires of motorcycles or electric vehicles, or when repairing inner tires. The first is to check how the inner tires are broken. At this time, some commonly used methods are adopted, and the cause of the often break when the inner tire cannot be found.

The inspection is a few points caused by the sharp objects of the nails, the glass residue and the inner tire break line. In the last method, there are many blacks around the inner tires and the outside tires. This is the general tire that replaced the inner tire. When it takes a long time, it will wear some gum, so that there are inner tire scars. The phenomenon of qi will be sprinkled where you can’t see it with the naked eye.

These grinding gums will form some small plates in crushing, and the inner tires will be injured. Or in some places to fall, the inner tire wall will become thinner. After a long time, there will be small eyes under squeezing pressure.


The naked eye is not visible, and it is usually not found during inspection, so that your inner tire will often breathe, even if you repair it again, it will not be used. The best way is to replace it.

At this time, this is the reason,

We replaced a good -quality tanoma tire with experience. And when changing the inner tire, check whether there is a disconnected line in the tire, and you need to replace the tires if there is a disconnection. If there is no disconnect, you must check the outside. To clean up. In this way, it will not be broken in the inner tire, which will reduce a lot of trouble.


03 The precautions of motorcycles in use

As long as they are some old drivers, they all have a good habit. Ride motorcycles or electric vehicles for a while, stop to check whether there are crushed stones, glass residues, or some sharp objects on the tire tires on the front and rear tires.


It is found that these sharp things are picked out, and they are all cleaned up, so whether there is an inner tire or a vacuum tire, it will not often break.

Because you often have these objects on the road, when you don’t pay attention to it, you will be tied up. Some people will not break the tire ride for 1 year, so he uses these methods to deal with it. Some people are often broken, and some even pierce a few inches of nail objects. When you are inserted inside, you do n’t pay attention to it. The inner tire is pushed to the repair place, either to pull the mouth out of the mouth, or it must be replaced with a lot of holes in it.

This is not to use some simple and easy -to -use methods, it will make the tires that riding on the ride often break. I usually do n’t pay attention to the road. Marketing cars. When you encounter such a few times, I think you will be upset. Therefore, these simple and easy -to -use methods usually use more, which can ensure that your tires are not easily broken.

Another point is that when changing tire changes, some people will choose cheap internal and external tires for replacement. In this way, the tires with bad materials will be used for a short time, and they will be crushed on objects. The membrane will be poor in nature, so that your tires will often occur soon.

Therefore, when choosing to replace the tire, you choose some tires of a good quality brand. This will be used for a few years, the tires are not easy to break, and it will also resist it, wear resistance, and it is very cost -effective for long -term calculations.

I will share with you today. Motorcycles and electric two -wheeled tricycles cannot find the reason. Some of the methods and methods we use and processing do not often drive on the road. And teach you to use light bulbs. Good quality tires will reduce the tires often, and can extend the tire for a long time, so that we use it to use it more cost -effective.


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