The jam sandwich biscuits that let the diners break through the threshold, you can learn if you learn it

BY Kuman Calendar [Official Certification Master of Douguo Food]



60 grams of butter

30 grams of sugar powder

1 egg

Vanilla essence 1/2 spoon


Low gluten 145 grams


1/4 spoon of salt

An appropriate amount of sauce


Practice step

1. The butter after the room temperature is softened.


2. Add 1 egg, vanilla, salt, and continue to use the eggbeater to be evenly beaten


3. Sieve in low -gluten flour


4. Mix mixing until the state without dry powder

5. Use plastic wrap to hold the dough up and put it in the refrigerator for more than 30 minutes


6. The refrigerated dough is placed on the oil paper

7. Put another layer of fat on it, and roll the dough with a rolling pin, about 3mm thick

8. With the help of biscuit molds, cut into a favorite shape, put on a baking sheet with tin foil

9. Set 180 degrees for the bear oven and bake for 30 minutes (you can preheat 10 minutes in advance)

10. Put it in the bottom layer of the oven for baking, and observe the color of the biscuits in the last 5 minutes.


11. Remove the dry biscuits and dry it. Sprinkle a thin layer of sugar powder on the surface of the hollow parts


12. Apply your favorite jam for circular biscuits, just assemble two parts



Recipe comes from: Guoguo


The nutritional effect of butter

Health and life -long life anti -aging, blood circulation and stasis, antibacterial and anti -inflammatory effects.

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