Label printing software how to print clothing tags in batches

When it comes to clothing tags, many people are not unfamiliar. Common clothing tags are as shown in the figure below. The label information such as product name, price, barcode, size, ingredients, color, etc. should be included on the tag. These contents are not completely fixed. Due to its diversity, the content of clothing products will change the content of the tag, such as size and ingredients. It is unrealistic to manually make such a code for batch printing. At this time, it can be implemented in batches with the help of batch printing software.


Before making a clothing tag in Zhonglang tag printing software, you need to put the tag content in order to save all in the excel. One column is one content, and one line is the complete content of a clothing tag:

In addition, the water washing label on the tag or all the pictures used can be saved in the folder of the computer, which can be called directly.

Then you can open the Zhonglang tag printing software, create a new label paper with the actual tag paper size, and then click the “Database Settings” in the toolbar above to select the Excel data source, click “Browse” in the pop -up window, import the database content into the software into the software , Then click “Add-Close”

Let’s take a look at the method of adding various contents on the clothing tag:


1. Add the fixed text content on the clothing tag and add the “A” in the left toolbar to draw ordinary text on the canvas, double-click, click on its “graphical attribute-data source” in its “graphic attribute-data source”. Modify, add text content in the manual input box. (Each text box in the figure below needs to be drawn one by one and uses manual input to add content)


2. Add the label printing software in the variable text information on the clothing tag. When adding variable content, you can use the same method to draw ordinary text first, and then use the “database import” method in its “data source” The field column can::

Other variable content can be added in the same method.


3. Add clothing tag water washing identification diagram. Because the washing icon has been placed in the folder of the computer in the early stage. When adding a picture, you can click the picture icon above the left toolbar, draw the picture style first, and then click “Browse browse “Select the picture import. When there is a picture path in the input box, click” Add-OK “to see the imported picture. Other pictures are added in the same way.

4. Add a variable code clothing tag because the barcode is also variable, so you can first click the barcode icon on the left to draw the barcode style, and then add the barcode data to the method of database import in its data source:


At this point, the contents of the clothing tag have been added, and then you can directly preview the effect of all data that automatically generate the clothing tag. After checking it, you can click the printer icon to connect to the printer to print:


When making a clothing tag in the Zhonglang tag printing software, you can directly print it to the printer, or you can output it into a PDF document, get other devices and print it. In actual production, you only need to make the first tag content. The automatic batch is generated. No matter how many batch of goods are, it can be generated and printed at one time.

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