The disability of life is a diamond that angels are worn on the pearl necklace

In order to see the sun,

I came to this world,

So I want to be born to the sun,

Waiting for the sunrise in the long night.


I choose optimism, kindness and integrity,

Want to make my heart always live in the sun.


Because there is a sun in my heart,

The world is light.

Improper is true,

Improper is life.

Accept your imperfection,

It is also the only existence in the world.

Appreciate the disabled beauty,

It was a surprise of fate.

When it is an angel preparation gift,

An accidentally worn on a pearl necklace.

Don’t hate it to abandon it,

Don’t abandon it,

It’s just that you don’t know this is an unexpected surprise.


Even if I feel like I have come to despair,


Don’t be afraid,

Don’t give up lightly.


Look at it,


It turned out to be another lucky fork,

It’s just strange.

Everything is the best arrangement,

Because there is no regret, it is perfect.

Cherish every calamity of life,

Because it was the opportunity of my Phoenix Nirvana.


Life is a lonely practice,

A long way of cultivation.

As long as there is light in my heart,

Fearless of the road.

The direction of the heart,

All sunlight.

(Qizhi Note 4



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