The cotton pads on the headset are damaged, and several small steps make it recover again

When we use the computer, we will bring headphones in order not to disturb others.However, if the cotton pad on the headset is damaged, it will cause the ears to become very painful for a long time.Therefore, next, I will share with you how to restart the headset of this losing cotton pad. Let’s take a look now.

First of all, we need to use the tool to remove the part of the headset that loses the cotton pad.


Then put the headset on a bubble sponge and cut out the appropriate size with scissors.


Subsequently, cutting out the scratches similar to the headset with the side of the bubble sponge.


Finally, just foster the bubble sponge on the headset and sew it with a needle wire, and the headset has been repaired.If you think this method is helpful to you, then share it.

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