Entering the fashion industry! 999 cold push 4 high -waisted autumn pants netizens: Gao Cheng has a tube top

Can you imagine? 999 Cold Spirit made autumn pants! On the morning of the 2nd, the 999 cold announced on its official Weibo that “officially entered the fashion industry”. They designed four high -waisted autumn pants, namely not cool teenagers, wearing Jiu Po ​​Ling Edition, Health Punk Edition, and Kneel Licking Customer Edition. Essence Some netizens joked, “Put on this autumn pants, you are the most beautiful!”

Source: 999 Cold Spirit Weibo

The topic of the 999 Cold Spirit’s autumn pants 666#has exceeded 22 million reading on Weibo. After watching the design of these four autumn pants, did you start a chin? The so -called “high waist” autumn trousers have become tube tops, but netizens have said that “the tide” and “want to buy”!

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However, there are also many netizens who are worried that it is inconvenient to go to the toilet; some netizens said, “You can have another ibuprofen sustained -release capsule shoes” “duck panties” and “loxacin hats “; After that, the whole person is not good “; who is not a classic IP.”

进军时尚界!999感冒灵推4款高腰秋裤 网友:高成了抹胸

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999 This Weibo, which has a cold, even caused “attention” by the SASAC. The official Weibo of the State -owned Assets Commission said: “Do you want to participate in our state -owned enterprise’s New Year’s Eve and send it to netizens autumn pants?”

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进军时尚界!999感冒灵推4款高腰秋裤 网友:高成了抹胸

After watching the live -action version, do you want to buy such autumn pants?

进军时尚界!999感冒灵推4款高腰秋裤 网友:高成了抹胸

This cross -border development is not new, and the Forbidden City can be described as an excellent model. From the Emperor Yongzheng who set up scissors to the theme of the Forbidden City, to milk tea, the Palace Museum’s cultural and creative products completely subverted the solemn image of the Forbidden City itself in the minds of everyone, and the Forbidden City also became a super IP. According to the Palace Museum, in December 2018, there were 11,936 cultural and creative products of the Palace Museum. In 2017, the total annual income of all cultural and creative products of the Forbidden City reached 1.5 billion yuan.

People in the industry believe that they are idle and unwilling even if customers buy them out of fashion, and they cannot promote secondary consumption. The best cultural and creative products must combine tradition with fashion and practicality, and also take into account market demand.

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