Pain! The heavy objects hit the steel head shoes, and the steel sheet was embedded in the toes. The doctor said that if infected with amputation

At 3:53 pm on November 3, the 119 Command Center of Yiyang City received a special call. The phone was called by the People’s Hospital of Yiyang City. The famous male patient was stuck at the gap between the steel sheets. The firefighters needed to help handle it.

“We came to the 15th floor of the hospital surgery building and found a man lying on a bed of the corridor. A male doctor squatted beside the hospital bed and tried to use the surgical tool to clean up the steel sheet.” Firefighter The staff noticed that the man’s expression was painful, and his body was shaking, and he still made the pain of “咿咿 呀” from time to time.

It is understood that the man was wearing a pair of shoes for steel structures at the time, and was accidentally smashed by heavy objects, which caused the steel sheet to press the right foot large toe in the shoes. Due to the hard steel sheet, the doctor could not surgery at the scene. She cut it, and helplessly had to ask for help to do professional disassembly.

“If you do n’t take it for a long time, the blood is not smooth, and the bacterial infection will face the risk of amputation,” said a doctor at the scene.

For these rescuers, there have been rescue experiences such as helping the ring before, but in this case, they have encountered it for the first time. Firefighters joined for doctors to clean up the steel sheets a little bit with pointed tools such as sharp corners, scissors, and surgical knives. After 5 minutes of careful cutting, the steel sheet was completely disassembled.

The man was relieved, and his tight body relaxed. Subsequently, the doctor processed the man’s right foot.


Xiaoxiang Morning News reporter Luo Yige correspondent Chen Can

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