Yang Mi won the lawsuit, this reputation battle was beautiful, no matter how much you said, it is better to act

At 15:32 on April 14, the official fan group of Yang Mi released the news that Yang Mi’s reputation portrait had won the lawsuit and punished the person who maliciously slandered Yang Mi’s image. Yang Mi recently caused malicious slander news due to divorce incidents:

1. Yang Mi derailed XXX, leading to divorce;


2. Yang Mi tuning xxx, ambiguous eyes;

3. There is no shortage of small fresh meat on the side of Yang Mi, and Liu Kaiwei cannot tolerate divorce;

Wait, similar messages are often revealed, but Yang Mi did not refute all kinds of slander on Weibo, and did not hold a press conference to clarify.


Yesterday I learned that Yang Mi had been prepared for a long time. He used legal means to directly maintain his reputation and punish those who want to make rumors. This is more persuasive than any clarification.

She did not waste her tongue with any media or any netizens, acting directly, and gave a heavy blow to the Internet violence.


There are more important things to do in life. She is too lazy to waste her tongue and spend energy in this kind of thing, but focus on her career.


From Yang Mi to become a popular star, she was hacked all the way. Surrogacy, divorce, care of her daughter, and derailed various black materials continued. However, she never justified, let the rumors fly all the way, and solve various problems rationally.

When he was the most popular, he resolutely announced the marriage with Liu Kaiwei and gave birth to his daughter Xiao Nuomi. Because I work as usual during pregnancy, because her body has not changed much, she has not explained too much by netizens.

Friend Deng Chao said that Yang Mi was working hard. He still worked on the set when he was 7 months pregnant. The sisters of the small era said that Yang Mi would use a radiation -proof mobile phone bag with comparative soil during pregnancy. Maternal love burst.

Friends in the entertainment industry intentionally or unintentionally explained that Yang Mi is not a surrogacy, and I do not believe that Yang Mi is a surrogacy. She and Liu Kaiwei have a certain relationship with pregnancy. Essence As a woman, as long as she has fertility, she will not choose surrogacy. This is simply nonsense.

After marriage, Yang Mi was often spit out that he did not care about his daughter, did not care about her husband, and the relationship between mother -in -law was not in harmony. But these words have never been from Liu Kaiwei’s mouth, or the mouth of her in -laws. Yang Mi was very busy, but Liu Kaiwei also said in the interview that Yang Mi paid a lot for her daughter, and as long as she had time, she would return to Hong Kong to take care of her daughter.

At that time, Liu Kaiwei’s luminous incident set a wave of the script, but Yang Mi just said that Liu Kaiwei was overwhelmed by Liu Kaiwei and never mentioned it again.


After the divorce, Yang Mi was often spit out because of derailment, and she was still silent. However, her ex -husband Liu Kaiwei never said a bad thing about Yang Mi. Even the two were still friends. Liu Kaiwei also helped Yang Mi to propagate that the two never had evil.

No matter how big it happens, even if the black body is not finished, Yang Mi did not cry in front of the media and fight for sympathy. Yang Mi did not have a confrontation with netizens. It just showed nonsense on the Internet in a self -deprecating way.

It is not that Yang Mi does not care about the evaluation of others, not Yang Mi likes to listen to others scolding herself, just because she knows that no one can make everyone like herself, she cannot control the mouth of others, so only to control her heart.

As long as you don’t care, no more rumors can’t knock yourself down.

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