Lin Zhiling is smart this time, wearing a black split dress, the waist and hips are amazing, too beautiful

If you want to wear a high -level sense when you are wearing, you must know how to use the advantages of the body to avoid the strengths and avoid the strengths of the small shortcomings. Extremely simple items wear unparalleled fashion sense.

Lin Zhiling’s styling analysis:


Basic color dress -simple and practical


Lin Zhiling was clever this time. She wore a black split dress, and her waist and hip ratio was too stunning. Lin Zhiling’s dress is very simple in color design. It is very simple to wear low -key and practical black on the body. It is not public at all. This basic color is very adaptable to the occasion. Whether it is a stage or daily leisure wear There is no need to worry about wearing a sense of violation and shaking at all, but just on the stage, you need to reduce the lightness of color matching through personalized dressing methods or unique tailoring.


High Capricorn Design -Increases the effect of leg show

Lin Zhiling’s black dress on the skirt on the skirt with a high split to boldly show her beautiful legs. This high -cut dress is very suitable for Lin Zhiling with tall and long legs. The advantage of long legs can be more attractive to make the stage wear through the moderate exposed effect.

Tips+deep V -neck cutting -increase sexy value


Lin Zhiling’s dresses on the collar style of this dress use the design method of the suspender with the tailoring of the upper body V -neck. The combination of the two necklines can show the skinny and slenderness of the background. Design can also show the sexy of mature women.


Same color matching -reduce matching difficulty

For many temperament women, when wearing, we must know how to reasonably reduce the difficulty of matching, and use a basic way to wear the same color to reduce the difficulty of color matching. Avoid the effect of wearing flowers and branches.


Walter long hair -gentle and atmospheric

Lin Zhiling was paired with a shawl long hair when wearing this black dress. The long hair style of the shawl was very simple, but the gentleness was very strong, which was very suitable for Lin Zhiling. Exquisite styling, both sweet and mature women’s style.

Analysis of other styling of Lin Zhiling:

Sequenant short dress

The short dress is a weapon for showing the body with large long leg lines. When wearing, you can show the charm of the leg shape to the extreme. Tailoring shows a moderate sense of outline, and highlights the curve of the body perfectly.


Pink cape+black pants

In the color matching of the body, the same color matching can be used to present a sense of visual harmony and stability. It can also use a complementary combination of color to present the neutral combination effect. It can show the right age reduction effect. The lower body is paired with a slim -style black pants, and the pine -lowering sense of the slenderness on the leg shape is tightly put on the leg shape.

White T -shirt+blue cardigan

Basic white T -shirt is a very versatile item. It is completely no problem in whether it is inward or directly. Lin Zhiling uses simple print white T -shirts as an inside, with a blue long cardigan outside. You can wear the free and easy field of long cardigan and the air field, but you can use an open dressing method to present the matching effect of high waistline. The gown uses a slightly perspective design method on the color design to present a little sense of perspective. Use it. Microlytable fabrics to increase femininity.

Lin Zhiling is really worthy of fashion fairy. In addition to having the good value of everyone’s envy, she also has the good figure that everyone envy, the superiority of the face value and the perfection of her figure. Advantages, having such a fairy body and face value, what can you wear?

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