fear! South Korea’s 20 -year -old woman was cut off after being drunk in a nightclub

This is too scary …

On the 10th of this month, a 20 -generation female ears were cut in a nightclub in Jiangnan District, Seoul, South Korea.


According to the police, the victimized woman A went to a nightclub located in Luanxian Dong, Jiangnan District on the 9th of this month. Later, the nightclub -related person found that her ears were bleeding, so she called the 119 alarm call, but A refused to receive treatment. After a simple wound treatment, I went home.

At 4 am the next day, A found the wound on his ears, and then went to the emergency room for treatment and reported the police in parallel.


A took a picture of his ears and uploaded it to Instagram. She said: “My ears seem to be cut off”, “I cut it horizontally, not even the cartilage.”

It can be seen through the photos uploaded by A that her left ear is about 3 cm suspected of being cut away.

She also said: “The doctor and the police said that the wound must be made by a sharp weapon. If it was a fall, it would not be possible to have such a wound.”


“Now my ears need to undergo cosmetic surgery. I should be beaten in the nightclub. If anyone knows the situation of the night, please contact me. Relevant persons of the club have a blind eye to me and have not taken care of me at all. “

The nightclub issued a formal position today, saying: “A’s proposition is not true, and we have not ignored the injured A.”

“On the day of the incident, A did not know that her ears were bleeding after walking out of the nightclub. It was what our guards told her that she also called the police. But at the time, she said that she wanted to go home, so she was filled in the” ambulance car. After refusing to take a book “, I went home with my companion.”


The nightclub said that monitoring was set up except for the bathroom except the bathroom, and there was no monitoring dead ends.

“The result of the surveillance video many times is that there is no picture of a certain injury or someone who harms A.” “Of course, it does not rule out the damage that A is in the women’s bathroom”, “We have seen how many we have seen how many we saw Scenes that fell on the table for the second time. “


Regarding the case, the police stated that they were investigating the surveillance video and asking the nightclub -related persons, 119 emergency players and a companion to investigate the incident.

A wounds were very scary to see the photos. She was not aware of it when she was injured. In addition, there is a companion on the side, and her companion does not know how she was injured and when it was injured at all. Presumably her companion was as drunk as her …

Here are reminding friends that you must be moderate to drinking outside, especially in a nightclub, you have to play twelve points of spirit. It is the most important safety!

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